Gemini – Verbal Chameleons

The fish market
Forsooth, this fish is friggin’ amazeballs!

One of Gemini’s most notable quirks is their tendency to pick up on the speech patterns of others. Being a mutable sign ruled by Mercury, they naturally become chameleons, matching their communication to their environment. This is why Gemini is great at getting along with other people, but boy, can it get them into trouble!

I had a double Gemini friend back in high school who we used to say had a superpower for making any situation awkward. Whenever she would encounter someone with an accent, she would pick it up so quickly that they were SURE she was mocking them. This was never, ever the case, and she was deeply mortified every time. But the thing is, that mimicry was such a fundamental part of her nature that she wouldn’t have any idea she was doing it until it was too late.

Gemini also tends to pick up slang from odd sources. Every Gemini I’ve ever met has an incredibly distinctive idiolect. Having Gemini myself, I’ve been told that my slang makes me sound like a very, very confused time traveler. It’s not uncommon to hear a Gemini use phrases from 90’s hip-hop culture, 1920’s flappers, and Shakespeare all within the same breath. “Word yo, he is indeed a supercilious cad! His girlfriend needs to get on the trolley!”

Gemini’s incredible mutability combined with their magpie-like attraction to anything interesting can definitely be more than a little disorienting and even a little embarrassing. But keeping things interesting is what Gemini does best. Hey, would you rather be bored?

Have you noticed Gemini’s verbal quirks? Give us your best example!

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  1. LOL! I’m a 3rd house Gemini Sun. This is me! ?? I adapt to my surroundings in 2.2 seconds. People laughed at Madonna a few years ago for sounding British. That could easily happen to me. My husbands family is from another country and when I’m with them I sound just like them. Total native. I know it looks/sounds bizarre to outsiders but I can’t help it. It just happens lol

    And YES! @ Idiolect. I’m all over the place with my speech. ?

  2. Moon in Gemini sextile mercury… lets say i know that you know that i know too just how that hat fits! This post was a lot of fun, Midara ?

      1. Portuguese actually ^_^ but always mixing up all accents languages and slang all the time… a lot of people get that 1st impression I’m a weirdo or show off… it’s just my thing really. I like variety and a colorful vocabulary, full of figures of speech and such. At some point and with some friends we’d actually communicate through lyrics quotes hahaha.. I get that it can be perceived as elitist or just plain fled up but then again I couldn’t care less! ^_^

          1. That’s adorable tho :p

            what degree is your moon? Do you have a lot of air in the chart?

            I have too much water to like south park or “offensive for offensive’s sake humor, but I love comedy a lot..

            You know James Acaster? I love his special! And also his appearances on shows like Would I Lie to You. Google “bob mortimer wilty” idk if you’d like it but he’s this gemini comic with crazy stories (the contestants have to figure out if it’s truth or a lie.) Noel Fielding has really surreal humor and was on Mighty Boosh (but I saw IT crowd.)

            1. Aww ty! Id say adorable only to those who get it (not to sound pretentious or anything but i did use to say “great minds think alike” alot! ;))
              I’ll have to check on those comedians/comedy shows since i havent heard of them really. Ty! As for South park..well its not like thats my favorite. Its quite cynical actually. More like i would watch with friends just for the unwinding/group fun. Personally im more into George Carlin’s style. MC in capricorn I guess. Heavy topics/truths dished out with a laugh 🙂
              I have moon around 5 deg conjunct chiron in gem (i say around because my exact time of birth is a mystery. I work within a threshold and found over time the most probable minute but still..will never be 100% sure… it also messes with my AC… and thats why i never really ordered any astro-reading from anyone whatsoever and decided to undertake studying astrology on my own – & what a trip this has been!). Also have master jupiter in aquarius and vesta in libra. Very wide orbs tho. 9 to 13 deg apart. And yourself? Ps, Im curious about that “would i lie to you”. Reminded me of that tv series “lie to me” which i didnt follow but found fascinating as in ‘omg im not crazy, this guy sees what I see’ – says my mercury in 12th!!

              1. Me too, I love George Carlin. I also love Richard Pryor (I have plenty of water in my chart. Much more than air) I am keeping it secret for now :p
                (I like podcasts a lot lately.. but humor is something I can’t do without)
                My Mars is in the 12th.. causin problems..

            1. Hi kri. well your moon and all my earthy-water certainly get along 🙂 perhaps your moon sits on my ic. That should be interesting. Is the eclipse on the 16th hitting it? Pls don’t answer if you rather keep it private. I’m curious but I oscillate between that Gemini moon vibe and the 12th house mercury. Your mars is a tricky one. I have Venus 12th. People never know what I want until I actually get it. So I assume people will never know what you did last summer… a Zodiac type of killer! Hahaha couldn’t help it!

              1. oh yeah.. it’s gonna hit me 😀
                my moon feels like a gemini moon (for reasons i’ll keep private 🙂 ) and I also have chiron aspects to my lights.. we have stuff in common 🙂

              2. Lets kick the eclipse right up his arse to the that Kiss song: Ooo, we’re Kri-tures of the night! ???

  3. There are some expressions I used in childhood or words that now are being told back to me by other children and old people and it always make them laugh but that’s untranslatable here. As for mimic, neptune in 1st helps. If I watch, say an astrology youtuber for too much, I will sound like them and even have their gestures, it’s freaky. Also can’t be funny on demand and I will never appear funny to people at first sight. But when sarcasm and timing strike me at once 😉 That’s why they’re laughing to tears and didn’t see it coming. A gemini sun with a capricorn’s timing.

    1. What’s your language? (if it’s not private)

      Me too, I can’t be funny on demand. I’m usually funny when uncomfortable and angry and I want to break someone down and make them like me :/

      1. Hey! Sorry, I’d like to be on the low and not disclose much.
        A pity languages are like that, so many things can go unnoticed, hard to translate or misunderstood.
        It sounds interesting that you’re funny when angry, that’s like a skill right there. Wondering if it’s a mars or mercury thing.
        If I don’t sleep for 3 days, there’s 0 filter. But nowadays I’d rather have a nice sleep than be fun around others because of being dead tired.

        1. It’s a Seinfeld reference as well.. he says if you’re angry about something, there’s humor in there.. kind of a commonly accepted trope with a lot of comedians..

          1. Margaret Cho talks about it.. “The best expression of humor is something that comes out of suffering and comes out of a sense of alienation.” Anger and humor are deeply connected for Margaret. She sees talking about her pain, joking about it, as a way to help people heal.

            1. I tend to use insulting humor and poke people to like me if I feel they don’t and I’m not winning them over.. a lot of comedians do that.. it’s a “fuck you, like me” energy.. it comes from anger..

          2. Seinfeld and Monty Python non sense. Pure Gemini thing. Also you reminded me of that South Park episode when Aids is finally funny ??? i just try and tread lightly around over-serious or bitter old people and family members. There’s no fun in having to explain my sense of humor. It can be way too acid just for the sake of it. 🙂

  4. As a kid I picked up a lot of weird turns of phrase from 19th century novels, I used to say “he ejaculated” as in “he said something emphatically” (back when I didn’t know exactly how sex worked) and also had other quirks. A lot of words I only read/were introduced to me by my mom and she pronounces stuff wrong (i.e. Mount VerNON).

    I tend to interchange fairly large words with colloquialisms and cursing, I think. But I’m getting dumber with less reading.

    I think the tragedy of people with Gemini placements is that they feel “fake” at times they aren’t in touch with their personality or emotions (particularly Gemini Moon) and don’t know who they are. It’s a little known complexity, but I’ve heard the complaint a lot.

    These days I have strong problems with small, mixed groups because I prefer to be “different things to different people” and strongly focus on some people I want to “conquer” (Venus opposition Mars) and it’s hard with everyone at the same time. Maybe the issue is that I can’t possibly keep people liking me in a mixed group for that long and lose interest in everyone and energy and I feel guilty about it, but also unaccepted which I hate. It is complicated, why I hate being in small groups for a long time.

    1. (i.e. Mount VerNON) LOL I LOVE IT! i do it as well because one of my teammates comes from an island and well.. its just like a whole different dialect, so instead of just making fun of it, i incorporate it with a smile 🙂
      So is your moon in gem too? I have meditated on what you say. Ive mutated time and time again but i really came to the conclusion that the moments when i felt like i dint know myself any longer that was just a feeling and not reality. Those moments pertained, in my case, to either: transitional periods, where i got fed up with those groups of friends because they would not evolve, and so needed change because what I wanted was change/reinvention, OR, to periods where ive fallen into my SN in the 7th (although in scorpio, the libra people pleasing thing is still a thing in this house) and a close relationship was asphyxiating my sense of self. But… these conclusions are subject to scrutiny from time to time… and i still dunno exactly my purpose in life/job id like to do forever (chiron conj, perhaps? This conjunction is in my 2nd…). But maybe we’re not supposed to. Maybe gemini moons are supposed to experiment and learn from how it feels like and then move on to the next…? Its exasperating sometimes, that I do know…

  5. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Ha – my Gemini Sun son has done this all his life!! Each time he makes a new friendship and it becomes his new-for-the-time BFF, he starts to talk/laugh/use words like them. We’ve pointed it out to him but he doesn’t see it. LOL!

    Thanks Midara – now I know why he’s this way!

  6. Moon, Mars, Chiron and MC in Gemini, and yes I do pick up accents in different languages, intonations and melodies in peoples voices quite fast but if and when I implement them is Only if I “like” the person And how the accent etc sounds like. So I’m very aware and would not glide into an accent by mistake so to say.

    As a teenager I lived in Germany for a few years. German (nor English) are my languages, but I did pick up on the intonation so well that German people were so surpriced everytime when they got to know I was not a german :p

  7. Very accurate description of my quirks as a Gemini rising..I’ve always been able to mimic speech patterns and even gestures, and it’s fun for me…

  8. This explains a lot! I’m an 8th house Gemini Sun. There are times I have no idea what accent is going to come flying out of my mouth. I’ve sounded Swedish, Irish, Southern, etc…my kids get a kick out of it. I figure I’ll never be a radio DJ or be an orator so I don’t have to worry about it. 🙂

  9. Moon and Mars in Gemini here.

    Yes to having different accents when I talk (from all the places I’ve lived in.)

    Yes to absorbing accents of others at times (have a little more control now than when younger about this yet with super strong accents it’s harder not to mimicry.)

    I once met someone who also had various accents when speaking. I found it puzzling, like ‘where are they from?’. Assumed Gemini energy plus multicultural experiences…

  10. No Gemini at all in my chart, but I love listening to foreign languages & like to try to imitate.
    For example Brazilian music. Sometimes I look up the lyrics to do sing-along… having fun all by myself (would not want to impose this on anyone!!!)
    Wonder if I should try Kabuki.

  11. When I think of the dark (and deepish) side of Gemini, I think of schizo difficult to pin down creators like Aesop Rock. I haven’t seen Pi but the trailer.. the guy has a Scorpionic and frantic Gemini energy. I also think there is something weird, fake, maniacal to Russell Brand even now. I can’t seem to trust anything he says about himself. Geminis seem to pull ideas from the air. Gemini Moons are so sympathetic to non neurotypical people.

    1. You said it! Scorpio/pluto selecting Gemini is dark as fck! I think Hannibal Lecter on the bad side, and the “truthers” out there such as Julian Assange on the good!

  12. Ok.. my way of speaking is getting super weird. Cause of the people I talk to. How do you reverse this?? (I don’t wanna stop talking to anyone I talk to either 🙁 but having proper English is probs good.)

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