Should I Marry My Boyfriend? Venus Conjunct Saturn In Capricorn


Dear Elsa,

I have known my boyfriend for 16 years, but we just started a romantic relationship in 8 months ago. I know he doesn’t believe in marriage and is quite content to live together for the rest of our lives. He states he will marry me if that’s what I really want. But do you think I should push the issue?

I want him to want to marry me. He is a triple Gemini.

Aquarius Girlfriend

Dear Girlfriend,

The obvious answer is to marry him. He is telling you he will do this if it is important to you, and you state it’s important to you – so done deal.

But I did look at the charts and what I found was very sweet. Sweeter than you probably imagine. See, he may be a triple Gemini, which indicates a fairly flighty character. But he has Venus (love) conjunct Saturn (responsibility) and he wants to do the right thing. The conjunction is in Taurus, by the way, so love is very important to him.

So then I looked at your chart. And you have Venus in Capricorn, which is the same exchange. Venus with Saturn that is, and look at this mail. You want to do the right thing too! How sweet is that?

Do you know the O’ Henry’s story, “The Gift of the Magi?” It is about two lovers who are very poor. Christmas comes and they are desperate to buy each other something special. But they are so poor!

He wants a pocket watch. She sells her hair to get the money to buy it for him. Meanwhile, he is out buying a comb for her beautiful hair. When the holiday comes and they discover this, it’s very moving. So do you see? I don’t think it matters one way or the other. You have a real love.

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