What If I Have Pisces And Aries In My Natal Chart?

pisces aries outsider artPeople who have Pisces and Aries in their chart are interesting. They can be angry (Aries) victims (Pisces) or they can act (Aries) on their intuition (Pisces).

They can make heroic (Aries) sacrifices (Pisces) or suffer in a rage of confusion.

They can be the first (Aries) to volunteer (Pisces). They can act (Aries) with compassion (Pisces).

I am talking about Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, or Aries Sun, Pisces Moon.

I am talking about Pisces with Mars in Aries, Venus in Aries, or maybe a stellium in the sign.

I am talking about people with their first house packed with Pisces.

I mention this because we have the new moon and huge stellium in Pisces this week. Once it passes, each planet will move into Aries. As this happens, you’ll see these themes manifest.

It’s already happened to me. I ripped into some guy, voraciously, with no basis whatsoever.

It didn’t feel good, so if you’re a fellow hothead, I’d watch this tendency!

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    1. yeah he has Merc Pisces too… very interesting energy combo with the Pisces & Aries… he has a Gemini Moon though… So much mutability with fire, that’s why I think he joined the Marines. He had a tough time disciplining his energy. He’s not the nicest person I’ll tell ya that much.

      I know a Pisces with your placements exactly, but I don’t think it’s quite as hardcore with just Mars in Aries. Mars is exalted in Aries, so I’d say if you had a stellium in Aries or packed 1st house with your Pisces like Elsa said it’d be more what is described.

  1. Yeup – I have my moon in Aries (16 degrees) at the tail end of the 8th house conjunct Eris in Aries (13 degrees) in the 8th house. My moon is opposite my Pluto and NN (both in Libra 2/3). Also – I have Pholus in the 7th house (15 degrees pisces). I do tend to put myself into situations (head first) and feel like an angry victim later. Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice – mostly for my family. Funny thing is, I was groomed to be of service to others. Anyway, I kept saying – I’ll do this and take care of myself later. Has not happened and I’m 37 now. I feel like ‘running away’. I am always the 1st to volunteer ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW – this upcoming new moon will be in my 7th house.

  2. I’m pretty much the poster child for this energy. I tend to get real pissed off and then later marvel at myself. like, “did that come out of me? where did that even come from? Was i making things up? Was there really anything to get mad about?” Then I apologize to whatever poor soul got caught in the flames and I get over it- til next time. . . I’m getting better at choosing my battles though. I do fight hard for the underdog though. I also have a lot of courage to make sacrifices if they’re for the greater good, no matter the pain such sacrifices cost, i venture on through faith. (mermaid)

  3. PIsces Sun, Aries rising – Venus Aries. I definitely contend with this contrary energy and it’s a contradiction. As I’ve gotten older and have really worked on self-awareness, I’ve gotten much better at not doing the victim thing, which then means there’s no need for rage.

  4. Leo in first house. Sun, Mercury, Midheaven in Aries. Moon, Venus, Mars in Air signs. I almost attacked my supervisor violently. Now I’m studying wicca. lol. I can protect myself from that ‘almost’ happening again.

  5. Definitely an element of the sacrificial Golden Fleece, in past romances and work situations, and with triple Aries Sun-Moon-Mars and Neptune rising in Scorpio, the biggest challenge in life is directing energy, enduring boredom and routine (trying to get along with Saturn in Pisces)and achieving my personal idea of a successful life. Recently realising office jobs with their underlying politics is not for me I finally bailed out altogether (Plutonic 10th). I took your advice Elsa and struck all out for liberty, am currently working for rescue causes and earning zero money so times are hard. But Aries means I live in hope! The upside is having a super-sense of what people are about which is a good defence and a direct insight into the zeitgeist – but which can threaten to be overwhelming so I have to ration news reports. Now and then you can be duped, by sociopaths who believe their own lies. I have curbed a lot of attack response in recent years due to increasingly seeing people as sometimes just pathetic, jealous or flawed. And understanding the impact of how you can upset people, with just a look or a word. But I admit to feeling special having the end and the beginning of the astro cycle within. With an Aries father and a Pisces mother I get to have an embedded fundamental, complex synthesis and depth to life many others don’t get to experience.

  6. Me, I am just crackling with this energy…sizzling and surging and arcing! Seems like an inner strength exam or quiz. So far it is all internal, luckily not spilling out on anybody else but I am sure building some new muscles to keep it that way

  7. I have an Aries Sun (on the cusp as well) & Venus and Mercury in Pisces, and I find that it manifests in my being able to take giant leaps of faith. It’s as if I just know something will work out, and I don’t even worry about it. And in those cases, things DO work out.

    The flip side of this is that Mercury in Pisces is in fall, so I also suffer from intense periods of self-doubt, worry, and fear that everything will come crashing down around me. And in most cases, NOTHING happens. My life isn’t a walk in the park, but practically none of the Judgment Day scenarios I’ve imagined have happened. So I tend to suffer from delusions of helplessness and being a victim of the Universe, if that makes sense. It doesn’t help that Saturn is one of the strongest planets in my chart being in Capricorn and conjunct my IC. Whenever I’m not doing what I know I should be doing (i.e. working hard, planning, staying organized), it’s as if my Pisces Merc goes crazy and starts fearing that the hands of God/Saturn are going to come down and smash my little world to pieces.

  8. I also agree with Stargirl that enduring boredom is extremely difficult. It’s made worse by the fact that I have a moon rising in Libra and a Mars in Gemini conjunct Jupiter. I’m impatient as hell and HATE the 9-5 life. I’m actually trying to figure out how I can start freelancing or SOMETHING so I can escape this drudgery.

    With that said, despite Pisces’ love of going with the flow, I do think that a little discipline and routine helps tame both Pisces’ and Aries’ creative impulses into something useful (that’s the Saturn in me talking ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I’ve noticed that when I have a full day to myself, it’s easy to just drift along daydreaming and doing nothing productive until it hits 8PM and I’m thinking, “Where did the day go?” As much as I hate routine, knowing that I have to be at work during certain hours and then at the gym afterwards FORCES me to get things done in the time that I have instead of frittering it away. I’m grateful to Saturn in that sense.

    1. That is so true re Saturn and there is a see-saw thing seemingly going on right now, like they are fighting for the upper hand in life! When Saturn is up its all work, a bit grim and delayed gratification, when Neptune is up its escape and then sinkage! But working for causes the Saturn is especially good, creating both a barrier and a structure. Good luck with your freelancing it’s worth giving it a go.

  9. Avatar

    I am Aries Sun, Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Pisces, and Mid-Heaven in Pisces. I go through life as the lionhearted heroine with sharp intuition and the uncanny ability to disrupt the status quo. ๐Ÿ™‚ lol.

    1. @claud, I am relieved to know that I am not the only one! Aries sun, taurus moon, mercury pisces, mars pisces, venus pisces.

  10. I just found out that I am Mars in Aries. I am a Pisces Sun Virgo Moon male and I have always found myself sexually attractive to Aries females even though I always read that Aries is not a good match for Pisces. Does having Mars in Aries give me any more hope for compatibility with an aries woman versus a Pisces that doesn’t have their Mars in Aries? This is all fascinating.

  11. I can resonate with the article. Sun in Aries. Venus, Mars and Mercury in Pisces. I only knew about my sun sign for the longest time and was taken aback with the knowledge re: personal planets in Pisces. Taken these into context, a lot of of my behaviour adds up. I am energetic (Aries), but put my energy into sacrifice. I was told by an old friend, he was afraid to share more about himself because (in his own words), I was reading him like a book. I was able to deduce certain facts about him even though he has not told me anything (and is continents apart from me). My sun is in his 12th house. The intuition factor is uncanny. I was able to foretell when he was coming to see me (at age 14), hours before the event. It was a stormy day. It was cold. I said to myself, I am taking a nap nonetheless. When I woke up, he was there. It was the last time we saw each other. The experience was so powerful, I could not forget it. (We re-connected after 23 years.) The phenomenon doesn’t happen often (or with everyone), but when it does, it is quite profound. For example, I was able to gravitate to my (future) husband, just by seeing his picture in a yearbook. Internally, I felt something that said, “this one” (age 17). Later on, when I studied his chart, I learned he has a Libra Sun, and a Pisces Ascendant and we have a ridiculous synastry/ and composite chart together. What do you do with all of these coincidences especially when you are coming from a position of skepticism? And yet, here it is… Open and manifest, under the sun.

  12. This is my son.

    He was born during the Pisces/Aries planet combos in early 2015. Aries Moon, Mars, and Venus conjunct, also with Uranus and Moon conjunct. Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (Aquarius cusp).
    He’s very helpful, on his terms.
    He can be sporadically paranoid.
    He’s very energetic.
    I’m certain this is evolve as he ages. His NN is in Libra, with is MC. Apparently selfishness with be a theme in his life.

  13. I’m Sun and Mercury in Pisces along with Venus and Mars and Midheaven in Aries! Elsa, I guess we should talk!

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