Aquarius Asks, “How Can I Embrace My Chart?”

aquarius-bronzeHi, Elsa

I was wondering how I could like my birth chart better. Is that a strange question? I suppose it means, how can I embrace myself better?

For instance, I have Venus in Capricorn and have not had the easiest love life. The good news is that I’ve had a varied love life because it’s placed in the 5th house. Also, Jupiter in Capricorn – the planet of abundance in the sign of restriction? Jeezus. The positive here is that Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in the 5th house, so I do love a party.

I’ve got a stellium in Aquarius, in this order: Sun-Mercury-Moon, as if Aquarius isn’t detached enough. And I have to talk through all my feelings before understanding someone. For a single mother, this isn’t always easy to find someone to do this with.

And then the Saturn in Gemini smack dab on my MC. I’ve never really understood this placement by angle or sign.

What’s more, I’ve got no luminaries or planets in any water signs, none. Just an asteroid or two. I actually would LOVE to be more watery.

How on earth do I embrace this chart?

Peace and Love,

Hi Aquarius. I think this issue is more about perspective than it is the details.  The fact that you’re asking this question with Saturn (which rules your Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) is in Sagittarius is telling! Basically, all you have to do is change your view of things.

Here are some ideas. These examples are not necessarily correct. They’re are meant to show how easy it is to see things differently…

I have Venus in Capricorn and have not had the easiest love life..”

You might say that you have Venus in Capricorn and get what your deserve and work for. Love is serious and important.

Jupiter in Capricorn – the planet of abundance in the sign of restriction? Jeezus.

I have Jupiter in Capricorn too! I one of the luckier people you might meet, especially when  make an effort. I am also fortunate to be happy, satisfied and buoyed by the smallest kindness.

I’ve got a stellium in Aquarius…

There are advantages to having a stellium. In this case, your ego, your emotions and your mind all agree. I’m not sure why this would be seen as a problem.

Saturn in Gemini smack dab on my MC…

It’s a great fortune to have Saturn at the top of your chart…he’s happy there!

What’s more, I’ve got no luminaries or planets in any water signs, none…

I know people with a lot of water in their chart who would trade places with you in a nano-second.

Bottom line, nothing you’re mentioned is a true problem. The problem is that you see these things as problems!

And who decides how you view things? You do!

Good luck!

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26 thoughts on “Aquarius Asks, “How Can I Embrace My Chart?””

  1. that’s great advice, Elsa! And for Aquarius above, I also remember doing some charts of famous/known individuals with stelliums in aquarius. One is Tiffany Thiessen, 5 planets in Aquarius, with mars in taurus and i see no water planets at all. Not even water houses; she is married to a man who is a Capricorn sun/Gemini moon/Aqua Venus with two children (he’s airy too, to understand her) Also, there is Sarah Palin: she does have water houses and water placements, but she does have 5 planet stellium aquarius too like Thiessen. And her personal planets are in 4th house and 6th, so it seems to mesh well with her cancer and virgo dominant husband. The talking through emotions sound very typical of air dominant/air moons, i’ve even read that here on this forum with those who talk through their emotions to understand others. 🙂

  2. I get what Aquarius is trying to say. I have an Aquarian moon and sometimes I wish I didn’t. Though as I’m getting older I am definitely more emotional but for a long time I hated that I felt so cold and could detach like I could just flip a switch. Not surprisingly, I am surrounded by watery types and though the emotions overwhelm me at times its what breaks me down every single time.

  3. You’re the first place I go … right out of bed:) My totally logical mind is not cemented (Capricorn) and after reading this question and answer the general theme of perspective soothes me. “I feel embraced.” It’s the way you took each challenging view and offered another with a quality to appreciate.

    Thanks, Elsa for sharing the practice of angels, or is it angles.

  4. I was going to suggest that the question ought to be You have certainly put that in perspective, Elsa. we feel as we are by understanding our natal chart, but that is not all! Your relationships, your own work on self to really transform your life (transits and progressions)will change the way you see yourself and your chart. Your natal chart is just the beginning!

    1. Thank you. I may have written my reply too quickly. Sorry about the incongruities,everyone. I thought the question was very nice and it gave me, well a heart for the concept of astrology and a chart as something to embrace. I didn’t mean to suggest any negativity about that. So often people get a hang-up about a sign or planetary placement. I have Saturn and Pluto in Leo in my 5th, so it does make enjoyment of pleasures problematic.

      I never thought of embracing my chart, so maybe I should add that concept to my self-analysis.

  5. I think the question was as spot on as the answer. Its good to ask (sometimes just yourself) how can I embrace myself – my traits and strengthen their positive qualities.

  6. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister elect, has Saturn in Gemini at the top of his chart, too. 🙂 Saturn in Gem keeps you from being too flakey. 😉

  7. I didn’t know that air signs thought about their emotions. Emotions must be alien to them then.

    Sometimes being a Pisces is a bit overwhelming, being the collective mirage and all.

    1. I have a lot of Air and I have lots of emotions. I can easily talk about them but demonstrating it is a bit more difficult. I’m working on being more demonstrative though. 🙂

    2. I always heard the air signs, aquarius in particular, don’t always deal with emotions well and therefore are detached. Not as in they don’t think about emotions. I have a lot of water in my chart and Elsa is totally correct about trading places in regards to some aspects of this chart. For me it would be having the emotions, ego and mind all in agreement! Would make my life a sh*t ton simpler!

  8. I’d like to leave this great article here in terms of last portion of it ..stating that each of us is offered an opportunity to exchange our ‘natal chart’ or in this case sign with one another..feels it relates to our natal chart as our souls choose our path before incarnating..imo…. but heres a great read i think any Astro lover on here would enjoy …cheers

  9. I want to shout out for Jupiter in Capricorn. I have a Capricorn Moon, myself. The one person who has made me feel the best about myself, appreciated for just what I am,is a Jupiter in Capricorn. Yes, I know there are other people who appreciate me, a lot too, but as a Capricorn Moon, I just don’t feel it, always.

  10. Depending on where your Aquarius falls, experimenting with doing things or working for things to make your chart light up may be a cool idea, plus you understand your chart. I.e. you have Venus in Capricorn in the 5th, why not work to throw some really cool parties or perform or do a fun gym class to work on yourself. Or career related stuff. With your Aquarius ‘talking through its feelings’ and your Gemini indicating a serious attitude to communication, probably you can have a farsighted way of using your creativity and expression, i.e. art, writing, or whatever to express your world view. Perhaps doin performative art at a party 😉 or forming a creative salon where people can discuss ideas. Letting your freak flag fly and being serious about it

    I don’t know what your profession is (to me profession is a top concern now, I have my Saturn return on the 10th), but there is a lot of ways you can get ‘serious’ about the communication elements, the Aquarius elements, and the 5th house elements of your chart. And work to explore how to use your chart to the fullest. Just riffing here.

  11. I have an Aquarius sun and Venus, too far apart to be conjunct…Jupiter in Capricorn in the fifth and Saturn in Gemini at the top of my chart in the tenth. I’m still struggling at 42 to fully embrace my chart, myself.

  12. Plus, when you have no water, sometimes water and feelings become a focus in your life (I.e. Virginia Woolf.) And also, earthy signs lend deep feeling, Capricorn and Virgo are signs of deep feeling that just looks different. If you’re really concerned about optimizing your chart or wondering if its ‘worth’ it, maybe working with an astrologer (hint, Elsa :p) can help you direct your energies where you want them to go. I’ve done this and many things in my life have gone better than they would have if I were going by myself

  13. I have minimal water placements and feel thankful for this, all my water folks I know seem enslaved by emotions. My north Node is in Picese, interestingly enough my husband has a stellium in picese. We are both air sun signs Libra and Aquarius respectfully and I have earth to compliment his water we work well together and he has been great at helping me lean toward that north node understanding. When my Cancer daughter was a challenge for a no water Mom growing up I frequently found her to be broody and moody, very sensative to having her own feelings hurt easily but nororiously insensative to others feelings something I also experienced with my cancer Grandmother and another close cancer, I dont even know where to begin with the band of scorpios in the bunch so all and all I would see lack of water as a pass from being at the mercy of your feelings, add the stellium in Aquarious whats to complain about sounds great to me

    1. I find you’re read of Cancerians correct. Um, “asking for a friend,” but, did she (or anyone you met like this) ever learn to be sensitive to others’ feelings? If so, how?

  14. Wonderful advice! My Aquarius sun can detach but I have tons of earth with a little water. My Capricorn Mercury and Venus are pretty concrete and sometimes surprise me at how down to earth they are lol. It’s ok!

  15. @allie120 Mercury and Venus in Cap and only earth should give you great practicality and personal focus. Do you mean down to earth or actually climbing a ladder to success!? I have 3 Aquarius Sun sign children, which is a great asset for them. They can be objective even as their mother is a more emotional Scorpio. Moon in Virgo is my only earth planet and it is intercepted in my 6th, so not very prominent, though useful for technical and research interests. Cheers!

    1. I’m more down to earth with things, not so much with the ladder of success, though. I have 6th house Aquarius (sun in 5th, tho) so that doesn’t make me want to propel to the top of a Fortune 500 company lol. My Capricorn stuff can be more like dropping the rock reality on people if I’m not careful. I have a Virgo moon, too, in the first house with Uranus, Pluto and Mars there. Also Jupiter in Taurus. But you’re right: the Aquarius suns are objective and I can do that, too.

      1. You are blessed with a lot of earth sign planets! Are they within a grand trine? My Virgo Moon is square to natal Uranus. I like my chart more now that I find that Ceres is opposed to my natal Saturn in Leo. That gives me more air. I have fire and water about equal. I’m also pleased with the opposition. It is my only aspect of opposition in my natal chart. It really makes sense that I have Ceres there. It opens up much more self understanding about my path in life.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Wow, I really needed this today! For starters, I never knew that having Saturn at the MC was a good thing! Thanks Elsa, for sharing both your bountiful wisdom, and your contagious optimism!

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