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Update – Blood and Guts Astro Class will continue to be accessible through the end of September.  I’m making this change because there are too many people who are swamped and can’t get in there.  It’s just that time of year. It’s also an extraordinary time!

The class is co-created with the participants so I never know what the topics will come up.

I promised at least five charts, but I’m going for ten. Posting this because we’ll make a transcript of this class to sell.  It’s very convenient but it only includes my posts (with Satori’s pics).  It’s fine, but a lot of very good content is found in the comments.

It’s other people’s insights but also their questions and requests for clarification.  Discussion and sharing of personal experiences.

The content is as promised. I just say it, but aside from that astrology education is expensive and hard to come by. If you’ve ever put down the money for a conference, then you know.

You can still join us. Sign up here:

Blood and Guts Astrology Class: An In Depth Look At Life, Love And Relationships

7 thoughts on “Last Chance – Blood and Guts Astro – Update”

  1. Thanks Elsa,
    I’m learning alot from the class. I can’t say enough about how unusual it is to watch how an authentic (not cookbook or AI) “top of their game” astrologer works. And yes….the comments are superb 🙂

  2. Fascinating! I’ll have to check it out. Elsa, there’s an online astrology conference called the World Astrology Summit in September put on by the School of Traditional Astrology. Would you ever be a speaker at one of those conferences or do you prefer to do your own thing?💞

    1. B, I don’t think I would be asked to be part of something like that. I’m too counterculture. But thanks for thinking I’m worthy. 🙂

  3. Hi, sorry if it is obvious but I didn’t see it — if we are in the class, will we no longer have access to the forum after the class ends?


    1. Hi, Shay. You will have access to the forum, but entire Colosseum (which is private) will be deleted. This is the part of the deal.

      The Colosseum is private forum where people can speak freely because is is not being indexed by google and at the end of the class, everything is flushed. That’s the promise made at the beginning of the class and it will be kept.

      I am extending the class because there really are a lot of people who are delayed. If it was one slacker, then snooze you lose, but there are more than ten and I just want to be thoughtful.

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