Saturn In Pisces: Immersion Singularity


Saturn in Pisces blurs boundaries. We talk about confusion with this but some people seek immersion.  This was brought home to me in a marvelous way. I saw a commercial.

The short Neptune-ruled film shows people seeking to be immersed in a game. It’s brilliantly eye-opening and hey.  Neptune is also associated with escape of the mundane.

This is freakishly interesting to me as Saturn is heading to conjoin Neptune in Pisces.  Singularity?

What do you think?

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    James Slattery

    Neptune has been squaring my Gemini Sun for too long now and my discipline is at an all time low. I have to kick my own ass! If the planet of that (Saturn) is melding with lazy, day dreaming Neptune (Pisces my ASC) then I’ll be on my back reading and listening to music! haha. I used to be so on top of chores, where did I go?

    1. Its square my moon. My moon 27 degrees of sag. I am totally disconnected . Its difficult to get grounded. I spend hours on you tube watching near death experiences, comedies, ufo shows, anything metaphysical. My sun in scorpio in the 12th house. I feel like I am in a prison of my own making again.I tried to start a new job last month but my insecurities about my age got the best of me. I have slipped back in.

  2. The Sun is one universal singularity – matter is being destroyed to create light. Gravity and Black Holes are the other singularity – light is being constrained by an accretion process and turns into matter.

    Neptune and Pisces are all about the joining of these two singularities within an individual. Saturn in Pisces is going to constrain any fall into cerebral functioning that prevents that joining in the heart.

  3. Hi Don,
    I stopped to think about and process what you wrote. I loved the enormity of it all.l have described myself as not religious…but what came to me was Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam (Sistine Chapel) l have seen it too…that energy there.. before the touch…new structures, new thought and with heart–l hope so.

    1. …just read (this morning in a print newspaper)about…the wave humming throughout the cosmos…and has been since its formation.

      They: CSIRO and other in Oz are hoping to record and prove it by tracking pulsar beams…

      This is astronomy– not the supernatural, but with this the lines seem to blur = Saturn in Picses.

      1. I meant astrophysics. And when l say Oz l’m Australia–not the HBO series.US is there too…
        I love this stuff.

        1. Yes ! The unified energy before the touch.
          That New Moon chart in Leo with the Black Moon involved and then the kite with Neptune at the apex and Uranus and Pluto on the shoulders has that potential.

  4. I had an experience of this last night…my friend is visiting town and I was meeting him and his new girlfriend, we had dinner and went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I didn’t realize that it was a “4DX” screening or know what that was, we had just picked the next convenient showing. Turns out, as the movie started playing, the seats shook and jerked us around along with the action in the film – fights, car chases, etc. It was pretty rough and tumble at moments. And there was actual wind, steam, and water effects to go along with the movie – if the characters were splashed with water, so we were we. It was quite an experience. I had fun though – and not knowing that was going to happen was a fun surprise for me – last night was the exact hit of Uranus square my natal Mars in Leo, too.

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