Aquarius Married to Aquarius – The Blue Streak

blue streak My parents were both Aquarians. My mother was a double Aquarius. My father was Aquarius with four planets and his n. node in the sign. That’s a lot of Aquarius!

I was visiting my sister and her husband. We were sitting around telling stories, which is main thing my family does. The Blue Streak came up. “W” is my father, here.

“The Blue Streak?” my brother-in-law, asked.

“Yeah. You don’t know about the Blue Streak?” I asked.

My sister laughed. “He doesn’t know. That’s W’s truck. You tell him, Elsa. You tell these better than I do.”

“Okay, I will”,” I said. “The Blue Streak was an old military two-seater truck he had. He got it at an auction and thought he was all cool. It was all rusted out around the windows, just a big ol’ clunky truck with ripped seats and a double cab. I don’t mean space behind the seat. I mean two actual full size seats. Four doors. You could seat eight men in it. It was faded Army-colored with rust everywhere inside the cab. Outside too, I guess.”

interior.jpgThey stared so I kept talking. “The truck was an abomination and W was teased at work which he got off on, of course. He left it that way until the novelty of the thing started to fade, and this is when he decided to paint it with the leftover house paint.”

“House paint?” my brother-in-law, asked.

“Right. Well, our mother was an artist and she knows paint. So she tells him you can’t put house paint on metal, never mind he plans to paint the truck with the paint brush.”

“Is he going to use exterior paint, at least?” he asked.

“No,” I stared. “Interior paint.”

“You mean he’s going to paint the house and then walk outside and paint a truck with it.”

“Yeah. That’s what I mean.” I snorted and my sister laughed because she was there. “He was going to roll the paint onto the truck with a regular paint roller and then do the detail work with the paint brush, but really the roller didn’t work at all, so he ended up painting the truck with the brush. A muted light tan yellowish house paint color, this is. You could see the brush strokes all over the truck.”

dandruffg0511_228x320.jpgNo comments, no questions.

“So my mother comes out. She could see him out there painting from her studio window. So she comes out and tells him that the truck looks like shit, which it does. She says it may help if he paints the bumper a different color so he obliges her by taking a can of spray paint and painting them red.”

“So the truck is cream, with red bumpers?” asks my brother-in-law.

“Right. And he says it looks great. It actually looks like shit and everyone says they won’t ride it in with him, which is fine for him. This is fodder for a lot of jokes. You know. He’s not going to let us ride in his truck even if we beg. Well, two days later the paint starts flaking off. The house paint this is. The red spray paint stays. My mother says “I told you so,” and W gets pissed. He tries to act like it’s going to work out, but a week later the paint is almost all chipped off from the sun and this becomes a problem that cannot be ignored, and never mind that. The guys he works with are all waiting for the next stunt anyway. And he said his truck has dandruff by the way. All that flaking and stuff. He called it dandruff and I thought that was pretty funny.”

They chuckled.

blue-spray-paint.jpg“So W comes home on Friday night with three or five cans of blue spray paint. He knows this works, right? Spray paint works. He says he’s going to paint the truck again and this time he’s going to do it right.” They grin.

“So he spray paints the truck blue and my mother comes back out. She tells him the truck still looks like shit with the red bumpers. “What’s the matter with you?” she says. “See where your wife gets that,” I said, regarding my sister. “That’s what people ask him, and that’s what people ask me. What’s the matter with you? People ask me that all the time and when they do, that’s when I know I’m really me, for sure.” I stopped to smile maniacally.

“Anyway the truck does look like shit. My father agrees with her sort of, but he tells her he’s only half done and suggests she wait until he is done before she criticizes. They have been married twenty years by the way. He finishes painting the truck blue, surveys and then puts a new coat of red on the bumpers. When he’s done he names the truck “The Blue Streak”. Do you want to know why?”


gavel“Because you can’t drive this truck over 45 mph. That’s what the truck said. I’m not sure. Maybe this was a gas crisis thing but it had military stickers that stated this. “Do not drive over 45 mph,” which believe me…”

“Believe you what?”

“Well he argued this in court! He was stopped for going too slow on the freeway once and he went to court to fight the ticket. He told the judge that although he was aware of the minimum speed on the highway, he feared what may happen to his truck if he broke the rule and this is why he was going 43 mph and holding up traffic.”

I stopped to take a drink.

“Did he get away with that?” XXXXX asked. “Did the judge let him off?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

I’ll be back and tell you what became of the Blue Streak.

32 thoughts on “Aquarius Married to Aquarius – The Blue Streak”

  1. Eccentric people usually have above average intelligence. which makes sense. uranus is the higher octave of mercury.
    hanging out with aquarian people makes me feel alive. also with some leo risings.

  2. Viv! Hello 🙂

    My parents are both Gemini with a lot of Gemini and I’m Saggitarius. Your parents are both Aquarius and you have Leo (I really don’t know your sign Elsa and I’m fine not knowing but I’m assuming it’s Leo right now just to point out the coincidence lol). A lot of projection with parents in this case.

  3. my parents are both aquarians too! i seem to have this tendency to draw aquarians into my life. several of my closest friends are aquarians. my advisor is an aquarius. my fiance has venus in aquarius.

    i, on the other hand, have no planets in aquarius. do you think there’s something inherited from our parents charts even when we don’t have those placements ourselves?

  4. “do you think there’s something inherited from our parents charts even when we don’t have those placements ourselves?”

    Hell yes! I have nothing in Aquarius but a 7th house Uranus so who do you think I am looking for in a partner, hmm? A weirdo maybe? 😉

  5. inneresting. i have uranus on the midheaven. an appropriately prominent uranus for the child of two aquarians?

  6. i think of your sister’s husband as Dirty Bunny in my head. (XXX + Bunny = “Dirty Bunny”)

    i’m weird, i know.

  7. My mother, brother and husband are all Aquarians and would rather bend over backwards then admit they are anything but right…..hahahaha…it makes me laugh my head off – they really are odd!

  8. I’ve realized that I feel much more at home with other fellow Aquarians than anyone else :D.

    Hahahaha I would have done the same thing… paint the truck anyway, even after being told it wouldn’t work. In fact, that would probably make me do it even more. 😀 😀 😀

  9. My older sister is an Aquarius I am a virgo.
    All 3 of us (3 sisters have sag moons)

    I rarely talk to my sister. Maybe every couple of years. We hate each other. Its been that way
    for as long as I can remember. She is always mad about something and its really hard to figure out what it is…It takes her longer than me (the Virgo) to figure what I consider logical analysis of stupidity. It would be ok if she didn’t agree the problem is, she always wants me to join her in the stupidity and when its doesn’t work she moves on to the next thing and guess who is stuck fixing it ? The virgo. Logic and Aquarians hmmm
    LOL poor Mr. Spock………….

    I am dating an Aquarian rising now..

    EX. I have no groceries in my fridge and he decides to by a COSTCO membership. He bought me an 18 dollar box of Lamb it has 4 lamb chops in it

    Thats great except I don’t have anything but cans of soup. 18 dollars would have bought a lot of groceries. LOL logic aquarius no I don’t think so…

  10. And too any Aquarians I offended my sister has other issues in her chart. I date Aquarians a lot
    Some of them can be a lot of fun and they are pretty loyal. But remember I am a virgo. We are the nut cases that spend Saturday night sorting out different screws, nut and bolts, flat head verses phillups. etc. So Aquarians are fascinating Aliens that take us away from the details..

  11. My dad is a Virgo… me and him butt heads a LOT, always have.. both stubborn as hell, BUT I think it’s because we are very similar in our nonwillingness to bend and say we are wrong.

  12. Yes I agree stubborn on both accounts.

    When I was 18 I was starting to save for college. My aquarian sister had this great idea.
    She said you should just have a baby. (I wasn’t dating anyone at the time that didn’t seem to deter her at all. She said if you have a baby out of wedlock you can get an aprtment and the government will pay for your school..

    My thought was, hello what about the baby.

    Needless too say she harped on this for many months. She kept asking me did you get pregnant yet ? I kept telling her to leave me alone with this stupid idea. I was not going to have a baby to get free money from the government.

    So generally we fight over really stupid ideas
    and yah I am pretty stubborn about them.

    As in leave me the hell alone…

  13. LOL!!! That is a very funny story. “Did you get pregnant yet?”

    I must admit, and I only do so here because no one I know reads this blog (I hope LOL!!)

    I admit that some of my uranian ideas make more sense in theory but would probably not be very practical in reality. Sure as hell doesn’t stop me from arguing for them though :p

  14. No HE HE…

    Wow Geminis and Aquarians..I would have loved to see your family holiday get togethers..LOL

    EX..Christmas I think I was 10. My mother bought all 3 of us cute dresses. We were to go to Granpas house. I don’t know how my sister did it or where she found them but she had army boots underneath her dress…My strict Italian mother
    didn’t notice the violation of the dress code until we got to the family gathering..

    I don’t think anyone really cared except for my mother. Its an Italian thing..the focus was usually my father arguing with my grandfather. And our new family tradition, my mother arguing with my sister. LOL

  15. My partner of 33 years is an Aquarian with Sun, Moon, Mercury in Aquarius and I am an Aquarian with Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius.

    We are a very stable but we must seem odd to some people because we never married and never will.

    My partner is good at tinkering and fixing things. In front of the front door he has fixed a contraption that blinks off and on red and blue lights. Like strobe lights.

    “What’s that for, ” I asked.

    It’s to remind me before I leave that I have probably forgotten something.”

  16. Hahaha I loved the story, and your narration
    You should write more books…
    I lurrrve Aquarians, I guess Uranus Conjunct Ascendant,Pluto and on MC.
    Makes me a weirdo.
    I ve done some pretty weird stuff as a kid (an Indian kid of conservative parents)
    At 15 I gathered all the kids to have a gypsy typish party.
    The girls wore frilly skirts , guys were shirtless with bandanas and vests.
    We played crazy pop songs ,I eat cannibals ,but the crazy part was , moving the furniture into the garden,and building a bonfire in our ground floor flat , right in the center of our living room.
    All the kids were asked to get whatever was in the parents liquor cabinet.
    We had no containers,so we used a large plastic cont to,and bought a huge slab of ice for 5bucks.
    Some kid had to use a hammer to break it ,(thats another story)
    All the assorted booze was emptied into the plastic bucket,we’d never had booze so no idea how it worked.
    We added everything into it,coke ,pepsi,sodas,tang and even syrupy drinks.
    It was sweet and deadly.
    When we were dancing round the fire , and it became too high , almost touching the ceiling.
    We poured a bucket of water.
    And the smoke almost choked the lot of us.
    So we ran into the garden.when it cleared.
    We panicked and had ti clear and clean everything out.
    Including one guy who drank too much and passed out on the steps…
    My brother and I had to stand on our dinning table to Clea n the ceiling…
    Still it had a blur ,we blamed on our Aunt who used to smoke.
    Though my mum was not convinced,she couldn’t in her wildest imagination think we would light a bonfire in the middle of our dinning room!!!!
    I m right at home with Aquarians.
    I find them weirdly Wonderful.

    Thanks i loved it ,amd the Blue Streak with the red Bumper’s.
    I couldn’t stop laughing imagining it going slow at 45 ?????

    1. “Thanks i loved it ,amd the Blue Streak with the red Bumper’s.
      I couldn’t stop laughing imagining it going slow at 45 ?????”

      Here’s the crazy thing; also unexpected.
      My mother got pissed off on day and she broke all windows in that truck, ALL the glass, including headlights, rear view mirrors, even the rv mirror in the cab.

      She also cut down my father’s prized orchard… I am not kidding about this. She cut down numerous trees with an ax!

      She did some other stuff too but then my father fixed the headlights (he was always staying barely inside the law). He drove it to work with no windshield!

      Now this is illegal, unless you wear eye protection so he got some goggles… he also got my little stepbrother some goggles because he took him to school in the morning.

      Um… he went to the deaf and blind school because he was effectively blind! He was also really skinny… like less than 100 pounds at 14 years old or so and it was wintertime so cold in the morning.

      But they did drive it like that… my brother wrapped in a blanket so he would not freeze.

      Aquarians are going to do what they’re going to do.

      This is true for everyone, actually. But Aquarians don’t kid themselves or others.

      1. Oh my God!!!!
        That is so crazy , and driving without a windshield with goggles in winter.!!! Is hysterical,,?????
        Reminds me of the song “How Bizarre”
        Another story of an Aquarian lady married to a saggitarian man.
        His Wife was an Iranian lady very beautiful and sexy.
        She wore sexy nighties and always wore heavy make up first thing in the morning.( Blue eye shadow with huge eyelashes).
        The guy adored his wife ,who thought everyone had the hots for her.
        One night she saw a guy standing against a building corner staring at her and not moving.
        She called her husband and said this man is starting constantly at me for a long time.We lived in a colony of many buildings, this building was quite far and it was dark ,7 pm in the evening.
        The husband knocked on our door and told my Dad this creepy guy was eyeing his wife.
        Wearing her sexy low necked neglige
        My Dad always ready for a good flight,rounded up the building boys ,armed with hockey sticks,bats,belts ,and random stuff.
        Suddenly ran towards the guy to beat him up.
        When they reached there,they realized it was my Dads bosses Son.
        They were shocked so they asked him what are you doing standing here in the corner for so long?
        He said I was taking my dog for a piss ,and pulled out his Chihuahua.

        Of course everyone burst out laughing.
        It became the joke of the colony for months.!!!!
        But that Aquarian lady finally did have an affair with a handsome young boy, when he husband was on a flight,( we lived in a colony only for airline staff)
        He arrived early and all hell broke loose,as Saggitarian anger is legendary!!!
        The boy escaped within an inch of his life

  17. My mum and dad both Aquarius too! Total weirdos according to other people, but for me it was pretty normal what others found quirky at best and outright illogical at worst!

  18. This is so good! The follow up comment really made it for me because I can envision it- no windshield but no worries- we have googles- in that poor almost carcass of a car. Aquas don’t give a damn and I respect that.

  19. Aquarians do most certainly give a damn, and it can be really hard when they make you see that. Or liberating. It’s just not the same damn you might give. And they feel no necessity to feel your pain, because they see pain as a universal pain, not specific to you.

    1. Sarcasm. I speak it. My comment was towards the situation: no winshield, no googles. Not towards the stereotypes of aquas as not having feelings. It’s the more interesting as my chart ruler is saturn in aquarius.

  20. Ahahaha, this is great!
    I’m fairly Aquarian – sun and Mercury in 1st.
    So, I have painted 2 large murals on my car. With a paintbrush and fingers. Using artists oil paint. It works and lasts well – 6 years and counting, winters and all… 🙂

  21. Elsa, your parents sound like interesting people. Sort of reminds me of my daughter with her Uranus on MC. I have Uranus on AC. My daughter is also an Aqua Sun. She will do almost the opposite of everything you tell her, which is why my strategy is to often tell her nothing, apart from the necessary. Uranians are natural-born rebels; sometimes we rebel too much for our own good.

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