Weekly Forecast: May 13-17, 2024 – All’s Well That Ends Well

libraEarly Monday, the Taurus Sun conjoins Uranus and heads into conjunction with Jupiter (exact Saturday). It’s a big shakeup with accelerated change in the works! Try not to go overboard, but enjoy the hype. We’ve got fortune on our side all week.

Monday’s Leo Moon opposes Aquarius Pluto in the morning then spends the rest of the day closing in on a trine to Aries Mars, exact by night. Midday, the Taurus Venus, Pisces Saturn sextile perfects. Overall, Monday is dramatic and dynamic, blowing both hot and cold. I blow, you blow, we bend and shape the generously dramatic mood. However, the average of it all is a delightful middle ground. Ultimately, we get a chance to land what we’ve worked for. And we like it.

On Tuesday, the Leo Moon squares Venus and trines Chiron. It’s hard to let go, even when something better is coming, but this is how we learn. The Moon heads into square with Uranus overnight, exact by morning, and comfort or not – we’ve got a shakeup.

Wednesday, the Leo Moon squares the Taurus Sun and Jupiter then goes on to trine Mercury at the end of Aries. Leo Moon bluster is sensational and exaggerated; but when it burns away, it tends to subside with warmth and generosity. Pay attention to timing and good communication and it’s all in good fun. Understanding brings us closer, so take the time to try to understand.

Later, the Moon moves to Mercury-ruled Virgo, then Mercury makes its move to Taurus. Tummies settle and our attention moves on to more pleasant affairs. Time to get back on track!

Thursday’s Virgo Moon conjoins Juno as Virgo ruler Mercury (in Taurus) closes in on a square to Pluto. Are you feeling slighted? Competitive? If so, be aware that it may color your perception. Don’t go off half-cocked when rankled, as a misunderstanding could erupt into something fiercer than expected. Rather than jump to any conclusions, wait out the impulse. Time will bring wisdom on this one. The Moon opposes Saturn, and Mercury-Pluto hits and passes overnight.

On Friday, the Virgo Moon spends the first half of the day heading into trine with Venus and Uranus in Taurus. Venus moves closer to conjunction with Uranus (exact Saturday morning). We need and want something “real”, and it feels so good to want it. So it IS good, yes? Yes, but it’s always an unknown till we HAVE it and own it.

The Virgo Moon heads into trine with Jupiter and opposition to Neptune, exact by morning along with the Venus-Uranus conjunction. It’s a grand moment of healthy excitement and a surprise to the end… but it looks like “all’s well that ends well” from here. A fated and timely gift that solidifies affection.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: May 13-17, 2024 – All’s Well That Ends Well”

  1. Since the whole dying thing last week I decided that I wanted to try reaching out to someone I had a falling out with pre covid and send a postcard. Last time I had checked he was maybe 3/4ths of a mile from me by the Greek Orthodox Church and this morning I googled to verify I still had a good address for him bc he seems to move every couple years but he’s always close by w in a mile. Monday morning I learned from google that he moved again in 2022 and he’s been living 5 blocks away from me and I am not having overactive imagination when I thought I saw him jog/run past me at the crosswalk coming home from from the store last spring or when I thought I saw him at happy hour in February. It was him, he lives next to the bar! So I’ve decided in the next couple days I just have to walk over there and see if we can have a productive conversation with a positive outcome or if he’s gonna tell me to get bent. Thing is he knows I’ve been living where I live for a few years and he moved closer to me so I think he’s probably been waiting for me to figure it out.

    His birthday was April 5 so the eclipse hit near some of his placements. The eclipse was on my moon/pluto opposition 10th/4th and I was scared something happen to my mom but it happened to meeeeeee!
    His sun & mercury conj my moon and opp my Pluto, his Venus is 27° Pisces and my MC is 25° ♓️ and my Saturn is 25° ♍️ for starters
    He’s an early Scorpio rising I have my work cut out for me and he’s a dad now but I heard he may have split w baby mama. I mostly just want to make sure either way it’s safe to instigate a conversation and if not get the golden ring (brass is for horn sections not rings) at least get some clarity and closure bc Neptune has been hanging around my MC and his Venus for a long time and I don’t know if this is considered a veil drop of a Uranus thing?

  2. There is a stellium of lucky planets in Taurus this week but with uranus in the mix spreading poverty and war left and right I can’t see all the abundance coming that some rave about. Is it just me struggling?

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