Archetypal Astro-twins

“So just sit right down, relax, open your ears real wide and say, ‘Give it to me straight, Doctor, I can take it!’ oh I almost forgot, fellow babies… booooooooooooger!”
                                  –Dr. Johnny Fever, WKRP in Cincinnati

In adolescence young people look around and begin to identify with people outside themselves and their families, often incorporating others’ traits. Celebrities and characters in all types of media are ripe for these associations and are seen as archetypes, the personification of universal ideals. Identifying with archetypes is a way of making the universal personal, of saying, “this is me,” both to yourself and the world.

When I was a kid, Dr. Johnny Fever was a character on WKRP in Cincinnati, a popular tv show. I was so very drawn to him; I thought he was sooo coool that I wanted to dress like him, be smooooth like him. As an adult I look at the character and laugh at the fact I wanted to be like a middle-aged, scruffy slacker. But I did, so WHY?

Johnny Fever is perfect personification for my Scorpio Mars and 8th house planets, underground and dirty, just a bit salacious and sometimes secretive. He’s neptunian as well, drinking and often clueless. Being a popular rock DJ appealed to my Leo rising. The actor who plays Fever, Howard Hesseman, also happens to be a Pisces with a Capricorn Moon, just like me. Johnny Fever’s appeal was two part: he gave me someone to loosely model myself after and helped me accept in myself those traits I already embodied.

Do you see yourself in characters in entertainment or literature? What’s the astrological link?

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  1. Ha i also loved Johnny Fever. LOVED that show…. I’m not sure of the astro links…. And i realize that if i were to name any more names, i’d give away too much! Or feel embarrassed…

  2. I wanted to be Half-Pint! (Little House on the Prarie.) I loved how tough and mouthy she was. And that her father secretly adored that about her. IRL, I got in a lot of trouble for being mouthy. And also, so bad I could barely stand it, Harriet the Spy! I STILL want to be her.

  3. I used to see when i was about 10 years old Johny Carson Show and i used to make his imitation interviewing anybody i can even Myself It war really funny for everybody !!!!

    Maybe Leo Rising Uranus 1st House !!!!

    Best Wishes !!!

  4. This may be embarassing as Moonpluto said, but here goes….I have loved and dreamed of being Barbra Streisand ever since I was about 9 years old….her voice, her persona, the way she talked, especially in “What’s up Pussycat”. Another person I adored and envied her life….Mary Tyler Moore….her apartment, her quirky friends, her clothes, her nice handsome boyfriends and she was constantly pleasing everybody, but so glamorously …..hahah. As for men, I wanted to be “The man from Uncle” or Jack Lord of “Hawaii 5-0″….damm he was cute!

  5. I was deeply into the band Oasis during my teenage angst years (What’s the Story Morning Glory to be exact) and the Gallagher brothers always attracted me… I think I thought they were twins for some reason but looking more into this now I just found out that I share Noel Gallagher’s bday May 29th!

  6. Haha after reading a lil more about Noel Gallagher I’d just like to say for the record,, I’m not as big of an A&&hole as he is! I guess his attitude during a time when I was just learning to stand my ground appealed to me.. that is all 😉

  7. it often happens that an actor i like shares some important astro-signature with me. big one is moon sign but also birthday or almost birthday.

  8. omg. i feel like this question was tailor-made for me. haha!
    i always look up to very strong, even say masculine women.
    Poe ( a female musician ) is an Aries Sun and her lyrics are so self-affirming, she unleashes her anger but in a thoughtful, clever way, embracing her individuality but not only that– not allowing others to dampen her fire.

    Michelle Rodriguez … i look up to her so much! And what characters does she consistently play in tv & movies… the “bad” girl.. in real life shes been arrested for dui’s & such and such… ( i dont look up to that part, but she has such a devil may care attitude that i love her despite faults! Hey were all human.)

    I also like the “strong female archetype” that Rihanna embodies… and im also attracted to that strong female that Aries Sun Lady Gaga embodies..

    now… is any of this surprising considering my astrology?

    Natal Aries moon & mars ( conjunct ) right here 😀
    plus my sun is also co-ruled by mars ( Scorpio )

  9. I love your description of adolescence. I hung out with a Capricorn girl that very much resembled Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World (who is born on December 24th in the book and my friend is born on December 25th) both in the way she looked and the way she acted. She was very ahead music wise, sarcastic, and interested in characters. I guess I was her Rebecca Doppelmeyer, as a little girl I was interested in rap, my friend left a tape the Offspring in my room and then I was interested in punk.

    Incidentally, I became friends afterward with a greasy Scorpio boy that looked or rather dressed exactly as Enid Coleslaw in her punk phase.

  10. I can’t pick. There were so very, very many. (Leo sun trine Neptune. Me? Escape into dramatic characters? Nevah! 😉 )

  11. John Travolta was the first celebrity I sent a fan letter to. Loved him in Grease and Saturday Night Fever and on Welcome Back Kotter. Hell, I even loved him in Urban Cowboy. I wanted to BE him and marry him! I know he’s Aquarian but going to check out his chart now.

      1. p.s. I applied for a job once at The Church of Scientology in Austin. There was a framed portrait of John and his family on the wall.

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