Bad Pluto (Scorpio Consuming You, Willfully And Consciously)

Sorry for the phrasing of the title of this post. You’d think I could think of something more inspired but words fail.

By bad Pluto, I mean have you ever been stuck in a room or a situation with a nasty Scorpio? It’s no secret I favor Scorpio but I have met some nasty Plutonians in my time and when it happens it’s a true horror. It’s been awhile since I’ve written about this but I know I recalled one of my experiences and I am pretty sure I answered a couple of advice questions on this topic over the years but do you know this feeling?  It’s like they are consuming you, willfully and consciously.

Who can relate… and as an aside, do we have any Scorpios willing to cop to indulging themselves in this kind of behavior?


33 thoughts on “Bad Pluto (Scorpio Consuming You, Willfully And Consciously)”

  1. Yes. I had a friend in high school, we were pretty close. This is when I only knew sun sign astrology, so only know that her sun is in Scorpio. I had so many crazy experiences with her, but had to amputate her myself (I have Scorpio ACS)..she was just too manipulative, controlling, jealous, sneaky…
    And yes, my beloved chihuahua at the time…we had to lock her up in the washroom when my friend came over because she went CRAZY.
    I won’t EVEN tell you what was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it was pretty crazy. I can guarantee she must have a super-stellium in Scorpio. I was never on her bad side (I get along with Scorpio very well usually), but I can’t imagine the wrath if I ever was.

  2. I have ALOT of Scorpio friends, but I waisted 3 and a half years with an asshole! He was just waaaaay too passive aggressive.

    I still like Scorpio people though!

  3. I had a scorpio friend once that would only talk to me when there was something she wanted from me. I generally like scorpios too, but had cut this one loose.

    1. My husband has that – and he still bears grudges from over 30 years ago…..God knows what it’ll be like if we ever get divorced….and Now I have to Kill You…….

  4. Avatar
    Le Ciel du Scorpion

    It’s weird. I’m a Scorpio, and I’ve never done this. But I can pick out the Scorpios who do it and deflect them like a Jedi with a light saber.

    The trick to this? Yawn. Just…yawn at them. Let them freak out, or try to say ridiculously manipulative things and then just yawn. If they think you’re not taking them seriously, they’re dead in the water, no matter how calm or collected they seem.

  5. Yep, exactly as you describe. Stuck in a room with a vicious Scorpio leading the meeting. She began by ascribing a vegetable to everyone in the room ‘Lets see, now you are a…’ It was so nasty, she did it so slowly, making sure everyone in the room knew who she approved of and who she didn’t. It really did feel like she was consuming us all in some sort of warped feast. I wish to God I had walked out, but like everyone else there I think I was in shock.

  6. I don’t think I’ve done that consciously but maybe ask some of my exes and they’ll tell you something else!

    I’m more prone to killing people off- they cross or are nasty to me or a beloved? Dead to me.

  7. I dont Know why but when a scorpio wants to do something nasty i know it before so when i was a kid i use to go away before the show ar i make something to call his attention before his show maybe is my Neptune in Scorpio my brother is scorpio and i like scorpios have had 3 girlfriends scorpio good relations !!!!

  8. My grandmother is a major league Scorpio…the actual matriarch and I never understood that it was the Scorpio thing…I just knew her to be highly manipulative, secretive, vindictive, vengeful…ay! she was just awful and she was the nastiest to me….she used to say the meanest things to me when I was a child and into my young adulthood….thank GOD for my mother…she protected me. I used to say to her that one day she would regret everything she ever said to me and wished she could take it back….I literally said this to her so many times. I even remember once saying to her that she hated me so much because I was innately “good” and for some reason it drove her crazy. She used to tell me I need to be exorcised because she believed I had the devil in me and she was dead serious !!! AY!!!

    So now she is 93 and I have been the one of my siblings caring for her. She lived with me and my family for almost 2 years before her Alzheimers got so bad we had to put her in a nursing home…..but, I am still the one going to visit her every week and taking her out so she can see the flowers or the leaves turning…or her favorite thing, going for lunch and having a stiff scotch and soda….and only the good scotch! I have come to some kind of impasse with her….yesterday she told me she was ready to go…she didn’t know if she was going to heaven or to hell….she was resigned to the fact that she had to let go of her grip and be at peace. In the last couple of years I have laughed with her more than in my whole life and have come to appreciate the tough, tenacious woman she had to be in her life and the role she had… really is like an Isabel Allende novel….she now will admit to her wicked ways and tell me she believed the devil was in her at times, making her do the things she did… all makes sense.

    I am the only person she recognizes now and it is weird…because I walk in the room and she immediately smiles and says, “Dena, so happy to see you my darling”….it makes me cry now….

    I have cared for my grandmother’s orchids for 30 years now….they belonged to her mother and she had smuggled them into the US when she married my grandfather….that was more than 65 years ago. I have 26 of them and like my animals, these orchids are my life…I tend to them to them, play music for them. I recently took one of them into an orchid society meeting and people were shocked at how “old” and beautiful my orchid was. I just knew they were part of my heritage, my ancestry and that means everything to me and so when I showed this blooming orchid to my grandmother recently and I told her that this was one of Mama Lola’s, she started crying and said, “Dena, how did you manage to keep these alive for so long?”…..answer…..LOVE….that is it plain and simple.

    Two of my close friends are Scorpios and not at all like my grandmother was…..they are nuturing, protective, so strong, passionate and I admire them and envy them.

  9. My mother! We are both Scorpios but when I go over I feel like a fly in a spider’s lair. Is that weird or what? The moment I get in she wants all my attention and will tell my Dad to mind his own business if she is talking to me. If I try to share she just looks away and looks bored. One time when I was young, she got into an arugment with my father and actually broke a knife in half at the table. But you know what? She thinks she’s all light and enlightenment and doesn not see her shadow side at all. I still love her thoughg as one dracula’s daughter to another…lol But also one time I met a Scorpio girl in High School and I had three words with her and just felt like she was BAD NEWS! My best friend when I was in grade school had the same birthday as me and we just loved to laugh and play in nature pretending we were wild animals. But ok I can admit some people may find me a bit intense but I have Jupiter in Libra in my 11th house so it doesn lighten me up a lot. (I hope!)

  10. ((dena))
    and wow, the orchids!

    myself, yes and no. most of what i have seen is unconscious (12th house) and thus… unawares.

  11. My father is Scorpio, though I’ve not looked at his chart. (Can’t cope, yet.) My mother is Scorpio as well. (Sag rising, Gemini moon.) Pluto square sun and mercury, biquintile(?) venus. I moved out of her house 2 weeks after I graduated high school. Across town wasn’t far enough, so a year later I left the town I grew up in. I haven’t lived closer than a 6-hour drive since.

    It’s funny, I didn’t realize how truly out there her manipulation was until I described it to a therapist. You know therapists, they’re cool, they’ve heard it all. They’re impassive. He mostly was, but every once in awhile he would visibly shock. It was strangely affirming for me!

    I also have to mention that the (now-married) first love situation that I’ve talked about also falls into this category. His wife has 4 planets in the 8th house. That’s part of the reason my head got so messed up. I recognized the manipulation he described, and it was hard to walk away from someone (Pisces, Cancer asc) who is really being chewed up by it. But I did.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever met a Scorpio who didn’t scare me a little. When I find myself in conflict with one, I feel like I’ve brought an M-16 to a tank battle. I’ve learned to just leave. 🙂

  12. Two comments eaten. The Universe says I’m not allowed to talk about good Scorpios and bad Capricorns, apparently. *lol*

  13. I have been trying to avoid the subject “Scorpio” as they played the most important part in my life and I have never completely figured them out. They are so different/unpredictable/confusing and I do not want to insult an innocent Scorpio. All the people I loved most were Scorpios – father, brother, husband and a few close friends. All of them, except my brother, betrayed me at the end and hurt my feelings tremendously. I can’t say the same about any other sign. I think I could have rescued myself from being hurt if I knew astrology at that time. But I first looked into it when it was too late. My friend, to whom I had a special feeling, laughed to death when I told him I was a Virgo. His laughter made me to investigate and thanks to him I came to the astrology and to some understanding about Scorpios and about us, people.

  14. I have a very heavy Scorpio moon, square mars, conjunct neptune, sextile Pluto.

    I know I’ve probably done this when I was unconscious of my own energy but a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. One of my problems is that I *will* fight to the death if I feel I’ve been treated unfairly. I remember getting into it with a Scorpio boss of mine who hated me the minute she laid eyes on me and very slowly and painstakingly began to form these sort of anti-me committees. I knew she was doing it and by the time three months had passed it was me against the whole department — note I did not say the other way around.

    She ended up quitting because she said she was under too much stress. Once she left all the other women in the department befriended me instantly and told me stories of all the crappy things she had said about me. Said they couldn’t believe I put up with it. And I’m thinking to my little Scorpio self, yeah, I notice you didn’t have much to say about this before.

    What can I say? I should have just quit, who wants that in their life? But once it started, I was compelled to win the stupid power game. Even while it was going on I knew it was stupid. But I can’t help it. I’ve got a stinger, handle with care.

  15. hi all
    this hits home! i had previously posted about a co worker (of sorts) saying horrible things about my boss and guess what? she’s a scorpio and a alleged minister. Has maligned my boss in the community and has encouraged a few lawsuits against her- I personally will stay away from scorpios. my experience has been they are sneaky and vengeful and totally unaware of the damage they cause! This woman claims to be all hope and healing, but has encouraged others thru fear mongering to bring suit against my boss- none of the lies she tells are true. my boss and i are both pisces /libra ascendant. hoping this year this nightmare goes away!

  16. I find that, if I loved Scorpio unconditionally, he forgave me all my sins, and becomes a most delightful, insightful, actively supportive, useful and devoted companion. But, if my unconditional love wavered for an instant, if I should undermine a ritual (be late) or ‘take the other side’, I had to beg for forgiveness. Finally I couldn’t beg hard enough. We had a horrid exchange of letters . . . typical Scorpio/Leo conflict.

    Scorpio’s existence is a magical ritual for transformation and salvation, in which every action is intentional and part of an intricate, private plan through which conscious will triumphs over doom. There is the controlling, manipulating, erotic, but also the great management skills which lead to all sorts of goal-inspired executive achievements, including art. For example Scorpio Peter Drucker, the management guru.

    I’ve been working for ages on a webpage on the theme of the SCORPIO FEMME FATALE.

    Noticed today that actor Josh Duhamel is a Scorpio, and I thought it odd because, not that I know his work at all, he seems so sweet, laidback, unScorpio. So I astrolabed him and found that the sun is the only Scorpio with only one major aspect
    (a not-close square to the Aquarius moon). Everything else is cheerful air and fire.

  17. I totally agree with LCS. I’m also a Scorp that has never done this type of thing. But I have been around other Scorps that do and WOW, no wonder why we get such a bad rap.
    FYI, the famous Scorpio amputation works just as well within our sign as it does outside of it. If you refuse to engage you will find yourself off their target list. If you want to have some fun, you can refuse to engage with a polite smile. That venomous energy goes back to where it came from like a boomerang 🙂

  18. Dena’s story reminds me of a few Scorpios I know (not personally, luckily) who use threat of exorcisim/ beliefs about The Devil as tools of manipulation.

    My grandmother’s a Scorp moon. She’s a very strong person- first of seven kids who worked her way up from bank cashier. She would do anything to protect her family. However, she told me once “sometimes I pray for people to die and they do!” Yeah. It’s not that she’s cruel and awful, she just sees the world in black and white. Poor, suffering victims and villians. (Maybe that has more to do with a Pisces sun, though.)

  19. Considering how many people with heavily Scorpio charts (starting from my Sun/Mercury/Venus Scorpio father) I’ve met in my life, it’s actually strange that I’ve never experienced the true shadow side of the sign. If anything, it’s with people with Virgo and Acquarius ladden charts I don’t know what I’ll get.

  20. My teenage Aries son with Scorpio rising and Pluto conjunct the Asc (one of the cornerstones of his Grand Trine – Kite formation) is one of the most hateful people I have ever had to deal with. I don’t mean that he has his moments, I mean that I have very little doubt that he despises me (our entire family a bit less) with the intensity of 1,000,000 suns.

  21. Im a Scorpio and I have never done this. If people are nice to me, I reciprocate. If people are mean to me, I am still as kind as possible to them. If they are mean for no reason, I question their motives and encourage them to be more positive. If they take my encouragement/advice to mean something other than it actually does, well then I could see them having a problem with me. Although Im not sure if misperception of kindness is what you are talking about. Scorpios are loyal, dedicated, emotional, intelligent, intense, and committed, to the point of even maybe being obsessive. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Just don’t cross us, and all will be well! 😉

  22. My ex was a Scorpio and he was a BIG energy vampire. I was with him for 3 years, and I would always feel drained of energy and it was one of my most depressing relationships. I’m an Aries, and with all the forward energy I usually have, with him I felt like I was hitting a wall. I think this Aries-Scorpio energy is very damaging, at least to me it was. He sucked me out of energy and left me out to dry, and he moved to another city. *shudder* So GLAD it’s over.

  23. Wow denamaria!

    Yours reminded me of my grandmother tho who recently passed, was Pisces and also mean…

    My mother loved orchids btw. I swear you have some virgo/pisces in you somewhere by aspect or house, with all the service you do!! or maybe it’s your mars in cancer…Well, your place in heaven is assured. PLENTY of people would have dropped the woman and not taken care of her the way you have.

  24. Stacey- wow. My oldest son is 18, and while the power trips and manipulation have always been there, this last few years have been a doozy, coming to a peak right about now. Dropped out of school, informed me he plans to move out because I am such a horrid mother- but is afraid to, because what will happen to the younger siblings if he leaves? He knows all of my buttons and pushes them regularly, to the point of not even making sense. And when the bloodflow gets too deep, he will be all sunshine and rainbows as long as it suits him. I calmly (though tearfully)told him that leaving would be best for all concerned, before irreperable damage is done to our relationship. (And to his pisc,cap,cap mama’s heart.)

    He is scorp asc cj Pluto, pluto trining and sextiling all sorts of things, including mars and venus in the 8H.

  25. I am a Scorpio sun with Scorpio in Saturn and Pluto. Whenever I am crossed by someone, yes, I take great pleasure in toying with them. For example, I was hurt very deeply by a Pisces I allowed to get close to me. It’s a long story, but essentially she was dating a Taurus male who kept wandering off to greener pastures. When he repetitively broke her heart I was there each time to stitch her back together again, but then the minute he came back with pleas for forgiveness she’d completely forget everything he’d done and swoon back into his arms. Eventually I had to detach from the relationship; it was too emotionally taxing on me to watch her rush back into the fray only to have her heart broken again and again by her own desperation and loneliness. She and the Taurus have officially split as of a year ago and she randomly texts me in effort to regain the closeness we once had. My favorite thing to do is engage the conversation (sometimes for days) and abruptly stop responding. I warned her that one day he wouldn’t be there and she would regret the way things unraveled between us. It amuses me to string her along, give her that hope, and then yank it away.

  26. my mother,to begin with, and several significant female figures afterwards.
    always ended up being swallowed.what’s tricky, a cold swallowing, never allowing affection to flow,so the little girl made up her mind to be son nice and sweet to let someone powerful swallow her and,at last, be loved and cared for.nothing more unreal than that,of course.
    In my adult life I feel I always have to reply to power attacks from scorpios,both men and women.I’ll start yawning at them, thanks Le Ciel Du Scorpion!!
    I’m not interested in power the way they are but I’m moon sexpluto,mercury opp pluto,jup conj pluto and venus quincunx, so it forces me to face my own power issues.
    the most devastating relationship was with a double aries+double virgo with sun-mars in 8t and moon-pluto-uranus in 1st,south node in scorpio,both our 8th house I must say i’m genetically in touch with scorpio energy.
    I usually can tell scorpios by the eyes,it’s amazing how they deny anything peculiar about the penetrating sight they cast on me power is linked with survival instincts which were at stake in early childhood, but sometimes with scorpios it seems to me they’re in love with power just for the sake of it, something I just don’t understand.
    one of the most dangerous was a former friend of mine who’d had an affair with a colleague of us both, now to be married in a few days to another colleague the Scorpio couldn’t stan(interesting enough, the bride to be is a scorpio moon).
    Scorpio asked me to tell the groom she felt insulted on not being invited to the wedding(they didn’t talk to each other anymore) and I was so naive to do it.
    he ran to her,muttering something like he was afraid to see her in the church and feel the urge to run away with her.after that the bride went to my scorpio ex friend and begged her not to go to the wedding.when she told me she was radiant with joy.see? power of having people in your included.
    for the record, when I unmasked her tactics, she disappeared from my life,keeping in touch with all other colleagues so to let me know I’m the outcast.I met her after some years of silence, she hug me smiling and said”you KNOW i love you”, and I smiled back”so do I”.over the years I’ ve become less vulnerable to their vampirizing games,but I had to go deep inside my issues with my mother!

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