I’m Afraid Someone Is Talking About Me At Work

red dwarfHi, Elsa.

I recently started a new job working with children. I just realized recently that a coworker and their relative who is a parent of one of the other children may have told a child something that made them afraid of me. I don’t have any proof anything was said, but my gut tells me something was done. Could I be mistaken? If this situation is true, it could get me fired. Should I tell my boss to be aware of the situation, would I be nipping the situation in the bud or jumping the shark? What should I do?

Sincerely, Jumping the Shark in Virginia, USA

Hi, Jumping.

This sounds very uncomfortable, but I would not say anything based on just a gut feeling. It’s simply too easily to be mistaken.

This does not mean you should ignore your gut. Just steer clear of anything that might appear iffy with this child or any other. Point being, if it becomes necessary you have to defend yourself, you’ll be able to.

I did look at your chart. You’re caught in a Saturn/Neptune transit which can obscure reality and create a lot of baseless fear. It can also lead to self-undoing (Neptune) at work (Saturn). This looks like fear that will dissipate as opposed to something that going to manifest in real life, to me.  I urge you to keep a cool head and wait for hard evidence. If you can do this, I think you’ll be fine.

This is not to say you are not being undermined (Neptune) at work (Saturn). It could be happening.  I just think, either way, you can prevail if you keep calm and maintain your countenance.

This transit will dog you for the rest of the year. It would be worth your while to try to learn how to deal with the free-floating anxiety it creates. Staying Stable As Reality Morphs.

Good luck!

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  1. I’m also in the middle of this transit. Saturn is exactly conjunct my natal Neptune in 2nd house, and this is second time around , now that is retro. Pisces Neptune is squaring my Neptune and trine AC and Moon. There’s defiantly some delusion going on. I feel like I’m seeing just half the picture, and the other one is shadowy. specially when emotions are involved.

  2. with kids i would pretend to music instagram a shark dance ;they never stop talking if you love your job thats usually enough to help you keep your job ,less coffee more bananas

  3. Oh I hate that feeling! Saturn-Neptune is definitely to blame. I’ve had Neptune opposing my Saturn for the past 2 years. It’s been a world of self-undoing (Neptune) and rebuilding (Saturn). But definitely don’t mention this to your boss, especially since you’ve only begun and have yet to establish some credibility in their eyes. But if you happen to gain some solid (Saturn) evidence of your intuitive nudges (Neptune), then report it ASAP. ?

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      Jumping shark

      Thanks Elsa and everyone for the advice. I’ve already done A LOT of undoing so far at work. This will be my new affirmation “you can prevail if you keep calm and maintain your countenance.” 🙂

  4. Neptune is opp natal Jupiter. I am dealing with the effects of my nutty moon Jupiter easy going sometimes exuberance. The effect of that exuberance, etc on the collective. Example: I hit the check out line at the local market. We know each other faces, but we are not friends or even acquaintences. Now I got food and that makes my native cancer moon * Jupiter very happy. I say my usual, Hi, how ya doing? The checkout person backs up against the wall and non verbally says what do you want from me? Yikes. All I could do was give her space, back off and tip toe out of the store. It was just an observation. But it did ding sib issues. My brother: “What right do you have to be happy? You have nothing. Why do you even exist?” Inner response to self: ‘Am I happy? Do I really have nothing? Now existence. I could talk about that. I’m an existentialist. I’m all about existence.’ However, better off to say nothing. And then there was always: “Wipe that smile off your face or I will knock your teeth down your throat.” Outcome: he never really got over it, we are estranged. Example: I stop to get gas. I go into pay and spot a display of some start up biz soda pop. Root beer, yum. I don’t even care that it’s not cold. I go to checkout. I never know with this new soda if it is twist top or not. If not, the cashier usually has an opener. I twist and Pop it opens. The guy in front of me jumps. I explain the noise. He said it is a good thing I don’t carry a gun. Yes I guess so. The cashier agreed. Issue: false accusation. I cannot go there, I just can’t. And I can’t stop living either. Life in the collective is a gamble now. So far I’ve been lucky. I’m still here. I like living on the planet.

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