What If I Have To Sign A Contract With Mercury Retrograde?

1926 dimeHi, Elsa.

What if you really really have to sign the contract during Mercury Retrograde? Does it mean this contract isn’t gonna work? Does it mean this contract is gonna be cancelled later on? What should we do to avoid the damage?

Virgin Scorpian

Hi Virgin Scorpian,

Many people have signed contracts or gotten married, or bought a computer…or whatever, with Mercury retrograde. The sky did not fall. If you have to sign a contract with Mercury retrograde, then sign it! And there is no use worrying about it.

As an analogy, I live in (snowy) Colorado. Driving in snowstorm puts you at greater risk of getting in an accident, but it does not guarantee you will get in an accident.

If you do get in an accident, you might meet the love of your life in the process. It just doesn’t make sense to be overly concerned.

When driving in snow, you should probably slow down. When signing contracts with Mercury retrograde, you should probably read carefully and check for errors.

If you can plan ahead and avoid these things, by all means do so. But if you can’t, please don’t worry about a contract falling through.

First, there are other ways for the transit to manifest. A letter you sent could be returned. You could be delayed in traffic. You may cross-post in some way.

Even if the contract DOES fall through, who’s to say this is not in your interest, longer term or in a bigger picture?

You just don’t want to ruin your life with astrology. “I can’t get along with Virgos,” for example. Stuff like that is nuts.  Life is just not that simple!

I am an astrologer, typing on a computer that I bought with Mercury Rx. Did I have a bit of chaos setting it up? Yes. Is it a bad machine? No.

I bought the computer because I needed it. It would have caused me a lot more trouble to postpone buying the computer.

I say, sign in peace!!

Do you have a question about astrology or life? Ask here. Please include your city / country if possible. It’s interesting to people!

27 thoughts on “What If I Have To Sign A Contract With Mercury Retrograde?”

  1. I remember signing a contract with Mercury rx…and it was one of those things that could not be avoided, it had to be done. And I crossed my fingers and went ahead with it but, months later, it did come back to haunt me. Had to resign with an entirely different entity, which I think was much better in the long run.

    Anytime I have bought something electronic with Mercury rx it breaks. I make it a point to have extra patience with electronic devices etc with Mercury rx because I just know I am extra prone to these things. My husband tries to joke when something breaks and says ‘let me guess, is mercury in retrograde?’

    I’m a Gemini so technically it is my ruler which is why I guess it particularly affects me…but conversely, I have known people who have never had a problem with Mercury rx…so I agree with Elsa…

  2. Personally, I avoid shopping for clothing with Mercury is Rx. That’s about it.

    I’m just not going to spend my life, wrapped around an axle. 🙂

  3. I used to worry, too. But when you think about how much calendar time is spent with Mercury in Rx shadow and Rx, you would never get anything done. We just have to remember this blog post during those times.

  4. My now ex husband and I re-financed our home during a mercury retro-grade, omg…nothing but problems from the bank for 6 months!! the paper they were looking for was stuck to the inside page of the folder, so when we went to buy a vehicle I said if you want to do it better do it now because Mercury turns retro-grade in 3 weeks, we went and signed immediately…. funny he didn’t believe in this stuff!!!

  5. I had to sign my employee health benefits thing during Mercury retrograde. It turned out the company they were going with dropped us so we had to re-sign with the original healthcare providers.

    My roommates got married the exact day Mercury turned retrograde. There were some hiccups that needed to be remedied on the spot during the reception but they both showed up and said their I Dos.

    It doesn’t mean everything goes down this shitter during a Merc RX, it just means some things may need to be redone in some way, shape or form.

  6. I really need to think that people should look at retrograde periods and see how it’s hitting their charts. Sometimes I’m more affected by this transit than others. As a rule and just to be on the safe side, I do not buy any technology, make vacation plans or purchase transportation during retrograde periods. I bought an expensive lemon laptop many years ago during retrograde and learned my lesson with that one. My friend’s husband had Mercury Retrograde transiting in his second house last year and was audited by the IRS during that time to the tune of $10,000 being owed. My sister and her husband always seem to buy brand new, luxury cars during retrograde periods and guess what? They have purchased lemons. Several years ago, my husband was offered a job by a former colleague during Mercury Retro and had to sign his contract and paperwork. I was so nervous about this situation but in this case, Mercury was kind and he’s been quite successful in his job for several years now.

    Life still has to happen during Mercury Retrograde. I even know an astrologer who purchased a used luxury car during this period. She made sure to pursue a used car though unlike my brother in law who always purchases new cards.

    Right now with this shadow transit hitting my 4th house, the public utilities department in my city revisited a meter mistake they made with my water meter and I was given a big fat, bill to pay. They had mixed up my water meter with my neighbor’s. She never pays her bills on time and they’ve shut my water off at my house twice now without warning because the meter numbers are mixed up in their system. Sucks but if it means the situation is resolved and I have running water at my house because I pay my bill in good faith, the situation needed to be resolved.

  7. I learned to take it slower and play it a little more carefully at those times. I did buy a car once, knowing it was Merc retrograde and it turned out to be a steaming pile of dog poop. I still liked the little neon but sold it for a loss because it had one issue after another.

  8. I signed a job contract with Mercury retrograde a long time ago, and it did get renegotiated – I got promotion after promotion and the job lasted over a decade. It was not a rosy path, but then again it was overall to my benefit. I got made redundant eventually, during a Mercury retrograde..! So I agree with Elsa – good to be careful and avoid signing/travelling etc if you can, however it may well turn to your advantage.

  9. I really get nothing done with thinking like that. I used to look out for Mercury retrograde but my life really slowed down because of that. Then I thought, well who says I can’t deal with it if things go sour and just pull through. That’s what I did and since then I don’t even look if Mercury is retrograde. I mean in a way we are putting ourselves in a victim position believing in this. Don’t get me wrong I love astrology, but aren’t we maybe more powerful than stars, if we set out mind to it? Also the catastrophizing of friends every time Mercury is retrograde has really annoyed me, it really puts them into a total fear position.

  10. I came across the article, with all old responses, as I am unfortunately in a position of having to draft and execute extremely detailed witness statements regarding a business suit that has been filed against a client during retrograde.

    The statement entails an overview of 4 years of the business operation and issues with some of the partners in the parent company, our client, with hundreds of attachments referenced. (our documents providing evidence all claims against the client are false)

    In the end, this is a highly detailed, sworn and notarized statement. Luckily, the fine print which might make a difference is the suit filed which we are addressing is 100% fiction, and creating the statement and accompanying support documents was fairly simple.

    The upside is victory basically secures our position with the parent organization far into the future for success at a level enabling an early retirement for me.

    Anyone is welcome to provide something which might help and make me feel a little better.(Has to be done, can’t delay, and no choice)

      1. I had wondered about that aspect (revisiting the past), but the concern more lay on the communication(s) and signing extremely important documents aspect(s) as well.

        Of interest (casual) might be they have been continually filing motions (which are lies) which have now made the court want to address that much more which may very well result in their entire case being dismissed. (As they initiated all during Rx interestingly enough)

        We did find several extremely minor errors in our material, but as Rx declares, been revising, reviewing, redoing, etc and now more damaging to their case then even days ago, and all material quite possibly not needed as dismissal may be occurring.

        Thanks for the input…

  11. We are about to close on our refinancing and my husband just tripped over a computer cord and broke his nose. How is that for Mercury in Retrograde.

  12. Avatar
    Stefanie Berman

    We just signed the contract to our first home today. We are buying the house from life long family friends, but their attorney was out sick with the flu and it took a little longer than usual to get her response. Still a nervous wreck though that something bad is going to happen.

    1. I hope this deal cleared up. It’s normal to be anxious with your first purchase of this magnitude. I got over my fear while signing for my first home purchase by reminding myself, that while I was signing a THIRTY year contract, I would not necessarily have to finish it. You can sell the house, see?

      This was all it took for me to relax.

      Good luck!

  13. I signed my lease for my apartment during Mercury retrograde. It is actually Mercury retrograde now and although nothing went WRONG with my contract– there have been malfunctions around the property. It’s a brand new complex and the gate need to be repaired at least once a month, lack of parking spaces, etc. nothing that I cannot bare.

  14. I am planning to sign a job offer and resigning during Mercury retrograde, but actually plan to start the new job after the retrograde ends. I did all the interviewing prior to retrograde. I don’t have a choice but to accept offer during retrograde, the negotiation went ok, but I didn’t exactly get what I requested but the offer is fair enough although it will have some financial ramifications next April. I asked for advice on it so I didn’t make the decision on my own and others are telling me to move forward with the offer as it’s a good opportunity. I really don’t want to live my life by retrograde but the last two or three retrogrades caused major turmoil which ultimately made for better understanding. What do you think?

  15. I have been looking at reverse mortgages for 2 months. I finally decided on working with someone yesterday, had a wonderful talk and have like her proposal. I am ready to sign. The thing is, I am a Virgo with a Libra ascendant and 3 planets in Virgo (haven’t had my chart for a long time but as I remember -Mercury and Mars and not sure what else) I always get nervous with Mercury RX (though I don’t follow astrology as diligently as I used to when I was younger). You can probably see why lol. I am seriously considering telling her to wait 10 more days because of Mercury Retrograde lol and deal with the eye-rolls 🙂

  16. Ha – how funny is that. I found a place to live BEFORE retrograde, signed lease way BEFORE retrograde and then when retrograde hit, the landlord decided to not be a landlord anymore and backed out. So much for that LOL Live you Life!

  17. Mercury is still in retrograde.
    I have to sign a contract tomorrow. I am middle of a nervous breakdown as my current and my new workplace offer more and more benefits daily to pursued me to sign the contract or stay with my job. Please help! Shall I stay with my comfort or shall I leave for a possible better future?
    Birth Date:18 November 1971
    Birth Time: 00:10am
    Forever grateful Thank you in advance

  18. I’m moving to a new city on Feb. 1st and have to sign a lease on an apartment without the ability to view the apartment first. Mercury will be retrograde from the end of december until january 18th. I’m a virgo, and every mercury rx brings some form of distress, though it usually revolves around technology for me. Signing a lease out of state during mercury rx seems like tempting fate…but I don’t have a choice! Thank you for the post, it’s good to be reminded that life goes on and you do what you have to do. We can’t alter our lives for every planetary transit.

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