Mercury Square Jupiter In Aries

madame alexander Aries faceMercury rules what comes out of your mouth, ideas and information of all kinds.  Jupiter inclines people and things to be over the top.  Aries is direct, impulsive and generally brash.

When these energies come together, you may find yourself, blurting things. Or you may feel the way I do, right now.  I want (Mars-ruled, Aries) to get in my car (Mercury) and leave (Jupiter).

To where? How about anywhere in the world?  How about, it doesn’t matter?  It’s the rush and the motion that’s invigorating.

I feel like a race car, on the line, waiting for the flag.

Who can relate?

6 thoughts on “Mercury Square Jupiter In Aries”

  1. this must be why jetting off to foreign countries has been on my mind this week… haha

    oh but wait, I have Aries Moon Jupiter, story of my life!

  2. Hi Elsa, I certainly can relate, as I have this aspect in my natal chart! Mercury is also opposite Mars and it squares Jupiter as well. I’ve really learned to watch my mouth over the years. As far as getting in the car and going somewhere is concerned, well I have on many occasions. I think about it almost every day! Have a great weekend!

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    Buffy Edmonson

    I’m an Ariesan, and to day I felt like telling a few men a piece of my mind. But I didn’t say anything I always want to tell my so-called boyfriend off he’s a Sagittarius and we don’t c 👁️ to 👁️.☮️💕♾️👽

  4. Aries 3rd and I’m helping out a lad with papers better than I am doing papers for myself. Mercury/jupiter and it’s teaching schenanigans.

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