Mercury Conjunct Mars For Six Months – Ends In Capricorn – Bring It Home!

lamborghiniWhen I was starting my Blood and Guts astro class, back in August, 2023, Mercury was conjunct Mars in Virgo. That’s a top notch mental knife.

Looking further ahead, I caught onto this oddity – Mercury and Mars will hook up in various signs, repeatedly, into February, 2024.

This is unusual because Mercury moves roughly twice as fast as Mars. This sees the planets connect; then Mercury makes a lap around the zodiac, to conjoin Mars, roughly once a year.

In August the conjunction was  in Virgo, tight but not exact.  September we were clear, but then this this unfolds:

Mercury mars conjunctions

This is abstract but I thought it would be interesting to watch. I have this conjunction, natally, so I knew I’d be activated. I expected people to challenge each other and be more impatient than usual. Demands would be made and things would speed up with these planets conjoined.  Quick minds lead!

Overall, I think the affect is positive, if thinking and acting are merged. If you embrace that, you can apply your skills and probably get what you want. Either way, tactical thinking is in vogue and yes!  I’m biased!

That Lamborghini? One time I went on a date with a guy who had one. “I have a Lamborghini,” he said.

“Really?’ I said. “I am a Lamborghini.”

I chose to update this post because I really feel and resonate with this energy.  In order for the series of conjunctions to occurs, these planets have to come together and separate, repeatedly. I was looking at my upcoming Lunar Returns. I have this conjunction prominent, the next two months. Looks like I’m staying hopped up, even if you have a chance to catch your breath. I’m not complaining.

I have courage coursing through my veins at this time. I feel equipped and in control.

The last conjunction is in Capricorn. This reads as “mastery” in my mind. I have some clients working on this issue, right next to me.  People who are naturally confrontive and pushy, disciplining themselves, to hone their skills as they move through this world.

I’ll take a chance and say this: my Aquarian friend, Kay, who stars in Shack Man and I, made a deal to make sure things stayed fun for all.  If either of us did anything icky, the other would say, “Try not to suck!” This always resulted in peels of laughter. We had a goal, see? The goal was not to suck! Not to whine! Not to bore people!

With Mercury and Mars in Capricorn – try (Mars) to think (Mercury)!  And furthermore – try not to fail at this!

How do you feel about the Mercury Mars conjunction?

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    1. I too have myMars Merc and Neptune a sun and NN all in Scorpio! Shine all your peaceful loving attention to everyone you meet. Be there for yourself and share all you got. Move slowly and deliberately. Notice and pay attention. We need each other

  1. Can’t wait. Birthday 27th December, I’ve had enough of Saturn in Pisces fog, looking forward to some brain ‘varoom’. Could make for a snappy year , well maybe – I do have Mercury in Capricorn natally but it could accelerate strategic thinking (hopefully) and I do need that, (Transiting neptune trine natal neptune transit in Scorpio) plenty of going deep but all on some other plane. Hope this will help with being in the here and now.

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    James Slattery

    Sounds to me like an omen of more riots, demonstrations and angry communications. Thinking will be more aggressive, brutal and damaging. Yikes.

    1. I too have myMars Merc and Neptune a sun and NN all in Scorpio! Shine all your peaceful loving attention to everyone you meet. Be there for yourself and share all you got. Move slowly and deliberately. Notice and pay attention. We need each other

  3. Sos..mars 6 pisces 12th..virgo will trine my jupiter the rescue..with neptune on my pis asc..can one analyze fog? I’ll

  4. The first ones around the 5 deg Taurus lunar eclipse and the second one during mercury retrograde… near my south node, always worry a little re Mars on SN …have heard car stress, dog stress and man in life stress!!!🤣 will be doubly sure to get the car service before then! Lol!

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I have Mars in Taurus close to that degree. I’m sure it will be a very invigorating time that speeds up slowly then hauls like crazy.

      I’ve found myself in a position as a negotiator at work lately because of the constant shifts and changes. I’m glad I’ll have some power in my corner, but to drive safely and watch the lines cos I also have natal Jupiter square !

  5. Considering what has happened over in Israel, revenge will be a fast, swift sword, unforgiving and venomous.

    I see it myself, with people protesting here, for or against Palestine, the conflict.

    I choose a side and my mind is made up. Revenge comes to mind.

    But then I think of all those times a Palestinian was bombed, killed, homes destroyed, etc… and you have to wonder at the time, who was at home here wishing the best of luck in their revenge, picking a side and sitting on it.

    Sometimes vengeance is a meaningless cycle of back and forth.

    Like 2 scorpions stinging each other back and forth.

    1. Mike when Israel took what didn’t belong to them and moved immigrants in there, even building an ugly wall, they acted like Hitler…”We have no more territorial ambition.” Here in Oz we say that Israel stores their gold in the US which keeps them protected. I’m fed up with both sides.

  6. I don’t have this aspect natally so despite the Scorpio rising, I’m befuddled as to why people bother fighting with each other. 🤔 That’s not to say this wouldn’t be useful to have as a transit since Mars rules my 6th of everyday life/health/employees and Merc rules my 8th of other people’s money, among other things and 11th of hopes and dreams. So yeah, broadly, I can see this as a helpful transit to get work done.

    I hope Tr Pluto going back into Aqua doesn’t exacerbate the conflict inherent in this but I think it will.

  7. To get to the spot with another of voicing a protest , you’d have to care about the person, total waste of energy if you don’t
    Know someone and act angry irritated
    Totally moronic, right?

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    Madeline Kasian

    I am Pisces Ascendant and I just want to escape! It has been a brutal couple of years. The state of the world on top of the state of my family, is..daunting. Struggling still, with fall out from illness related to Covid in our family. One day at a time,I put forth my best efforts to DO THE RIGHT THINGS (Moon in Capricorn) and somehow deal with the way our family has been changed.And, as a PATRIOTIC CANCERIAN, I struggle loving my country full of crazy people who want a crazy damaged and dangerous orange person in our White House.I watch very little news these days. I am trying to disappear in art, exercise,time in my kitchen, and prayer. I swim. I ride my bike. Mercury Mars feels like it could be hurtful, to me.I don’t have the energy.

  9. Hi Elsa
    So I have merc in aries 12house. Mars in Taurus opp saturn.
    On a mundane level, Lebanon has been brewing since the event of Aug. 8, 2020. No brainer. Ukraine serves the purpose of keeping Russia occupied, the EU out of the playground, and the US to the extent that the UN will also not interfere. Lebanon is marked to come down just like Syria. Ensure Golan heights first, then go after Iran. It’s not gonna be pretty but it’s far from being a quick game. this will unfold and we’re meant to watch, I guess. On a personal level I feel like mars/merc and thinking tactically is in the order of the day anyways. People who act before they anticipate outcomes and how they’re prepared or not prepared to deal with then will come down. Comeuppance time. Everyone born around 82-83 have pluto/sat conjunct in late libra. can you see the pattern happening with current tr pluto station in square and with mars just have crossed those degrees in libra? chickens do come home to roost. and the time is now! brace yerselves! 🙏

    1. I have that natal conjunction and it’s currently squared by Pluto.. I don’t want to know what’s going to happen when mars joins in.. on a personal level it’s very dark times..
      on a mundane level, 1983 was a year of crisis and current events remind us that period.
      You are right, it’s going to be difficult

  10. Elsa, that guy probably assumed YOU were his Lamborghini! You should have said, “Outta my way, butthead!” Who needs shallow guys like him?

      1. No real scientist would pull the “fast car allegory” crap. Actual working scientists are too busy, especially the grad students (who are too involved wondering which bathroom to use!)

  11. I am wary of Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio since I have a satellite in Scorpio and that’s not easy to work with…
    will need to be extra careful with powerful feelings including anger etc.
    thanks for the heads up

  12. I have a natal Mercury-Mars conjunction in Capricorn…I’m an uncompromising thinker who resists any kind of censorship or restriction…

  13. Looking into this, the period either side of 27th January, when Mars conjuncts Mercury in Cap, is interesting because just before this they square Chiron and the NN-SN axis, and then just after meeting they immediately trine Uranus which is stationing direct on 28th. So if you widen the orbs a little it’s quite the cocktail of aspects. The Sun and Pluto will have recently taken up domicile in Aquarius, heightening Uranus. Venus who is tailing Mercury and Mars will make these same aspects in early Feb. More evidence that after a slow start to the year things will move post 21st Jan (Pluto ingress).

  14. I too have that aspect natally and both planets are in mutual reception, mars with my moon in Scorpio and mercury with my Venus in Gemini.
    words in action, enough with theory and talking I think we need this

  15. “I am a Lamborghini.”

    OMG Elsa! The things you say just make me LOL, in such a refreshing way!

    My merc/mars are on my asc in cancer, so give me an underdog and I can’t help take up the cause. A very different take on the merc/mars conjunction. It leads to some great learning for me.

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