Capricorn And Feeling Mortified: These Things Go Hand In Hand

The other day I heard of someone I like feeling lowly so I right away sprung into action. I broke out the email, pics of my wedding, pics of happy people around here and sent them along with some blathering, a little story of my life at the moment. My husband likes the guy too so he also took action, he called and left the guy a message.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“I said hi and told him my wife was sending him some blathering.”

“You did not.”

“Yeah, I did. ”

I shrugged but a few hours later it hit me. WHY did I send that mail? WHY did I do it?

First thing, I haven’t talked to the guy in more than a year and before that, YEARS. What the hell was I thinking?  How embarrassing am I, anyway? The guy is the soldier’s friend, see. I mean, I know him but only through my husband so you see the deal here – Elsa P over the line yet again.

I muttered some comment about how tiresome it is to continually realize you’re out of your mind after the fact. To realize you leaped without looking. To realize that your leaps of faith are not only foolish but can cause harm. To realize that it is no way apparent that your heart is good and/or well meaning and to just have to live with it.

But then today I heard back from the guy. He said it was the best email he’d had in a long time and I felt so glad and confused.

Saturn Neptune, see?  It seems the “right thing” so I do it but I never know if I am deluding myself so one has to be afraid and I am.


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  1. I do this kind of thing ALL the time… Could it be the Aries sun tendency to “leap without looking” combined with a Mercury/Saturn opposition?

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    Stellium in Taurus

    “Saturn Neptune, see? It seems the “right thing” so I do it but I never know if I am deluding myself so one has to be afraid and I am.”

    Neptune trine Saturn here. Boy can I relate.

  3. I do this too ,and the interlude between the action and reaction(if u get any) is confused and conflicting…in retrospect too it’s hard knowing if u regret it or not ,no matter the outcome
    , don’t know if it is my neptune in cap(8th) that causes it…it squares all over the place too

  4. I can so relate. Saturn in Pisces plus Virgo Mars squared Mercury. It’s all serve and suffer or don’t serve and suffer more around here.

    *laugh* Well it’s not ALL suffer. I have Gemini so there are the shiny chickens to keep me company.

    And I think I’ve been assimilated too well. I know Elsa and the other regulars here will know what I mean but not sure the new folks will. Virgo must serve or suffer. Pisces (Neptoooon) is confused and martyr-ish and sometimes divinely inspired. Mars square Mercury insures that it won’t be easy and sometimes will go horribly wrong.

    The chicken thing… you might just have to sort that one out over time. *laugh*

  5. I so hear you, Elsa. I believe that if our intentions are good at the time, and knowing you, they are, no harm can ultimately come of it. And sometimes you get surprised by how touched people are as a result of what you said. Still, since it isn’t how most people act, it can be frightening, fearing that we’ve stepped over the line.

    I’ve got a Saturn/Neptune/Jupiter trine so it just gets amped up big time. 🙂

  6. I know exactly what you mean. The flip side is censoring that very impulse and then later realizing that the action or words would have been more then fine and appreciated. I’ve got Neptune Saturn too. Nipping just to be on the “safe” side isn’t worth it because motivation from the deep within the heart is precious… can it really cause harm? Why the fear when coming from a place of love? I’d rather be foolish then safe or not act out of fear but then I’ve yet to walk that talk…

  7. Wow, great thread. Looks like I fit into the mix: My sun squares both Neptune and my Ascendent (Capricorn). With an Aries moon to boot…

    I get myself into all kinds of situations. Sometimes they are fantastic, other times they blow up in my face. either can happen on the same day, in fact

  8. Oh yah, I totally did this a month or two back and it was exactly that, mortifying.

    I joined twitter, and followed a teacher, who then emailed me this… rant? to tell me all about how she does not tweet and will definitely disappoint me and then on about her latest life episode and how it was miserable. And I thought, huzzah! Yes, let’s bond over latest episodes – as I had one just like it and I really respect her and would love to have some continued personal dialogue. So I volleyed back an email hitting the same notes as I had received.


    Ugh. I really wanted to plan on a recommendation from this person, and now I think I sound like I crossed the crazy line. Curses.

  9. I do this all the time. I overextend myself trying to help someone (Sun T square Jupiter and Uranus) in spurts and realize I went overboard and maybe they don’t even want it so much. I also give out too much information (Moon conjunct Mercury) and later regret it. I regret looking like a fool and talking too much all the time, especially on this blog.

    You have boundaries, though, I think, and know when you’ve stepped over the line and think that maybe your intentions were not good. I have a Saturn Neptune transit, Saturn square Neptune, right now. Maybe I’ll learn to be a little Saturnian and regret breaking boundaries.

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