Are You Overly Emotional?

Recently I’ve been tagged as  person who is overly emotional. For someone who is often called, “cold” and “unemotional”; this is an interesting update.

What kills me is if you’re a person who considers me “cold”, this could be considered an upgrade.
But if you consider me “overly emotional”, then I need to improve.

This has got to be associated with Saturn transiting my 12th house. My hard exterior is dissolving?

Maybe. But I think it’s just more people, looking at me and having their heads spin, courtesy Neptune on my midheaven.

I don’t know why people can’t hold complex thoughts in their heads anymore. I wrote about this in one of the upcoming newsletters. A person has to be tagged in the simplest way possible and that tag is then cut and pasted across the land all the way into the next land and the next.

It’s all so stupid. As if a human being can be one thing.

Are you overly emotional, cold, or okay the way you are? Because that last one eludes me.

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  1. I’m highly empathic and emotional about people I know, but cold, mathematical, and calculating about events in the real world. Causes heads to spin…

  2. You never striked me as cold. I think of you as emotional and compassionate. But I don’t know you personally.

    I’ve got saturn on my asc and am considered very serious, but with my moon and sun in cancer I’m actually really emotional.

    Right now I’m struggling with stomach issues for three weeks and this has made me overly emotional in a bad way. I get teary-eyed during the day…

  3. I am a stuffer, I stuff until I explode at the most ridiculous times. Most people don’t see it coming.

  4. “Branding”?

    No one can be many things anymore. We’re all trying to become a brand; a “hashtag.” It’s our “selfie” culture. Where are we headed?!

  5. I notice egos are triggered now with Mars going rx conjunct the south node of the Moon square Uranus. I think we can expect responses that look like grade school recess.
    It is also producing the conditions for personal evolutionary choice…
    To name call…you’re mean! you cry baby!….stop whining!
    To push and shove, making everything king of the mountain.
    Or to search for new ways for our adult lives…ones that consider the ‘Other’ as we would like to be treated, given we are all working through issues, have been through crisis and growing through personal trauma.
    And because everyone is in a different place in their life, busy projecting, all you can do is drive in your own lane and get really masterful at it.
    I say love yourself Elsa for all your paradox, like no one else can and see what dissolves!

  6. anonymoushermit

    Ooh, just figured out a part of myself I’m not so proud of. I either think someone is happy, or serious. I think that they can’t be both. They’re either nice, or really mean. It’s something I’ve been taught, probably by other people.

    Ugh. It’s not something I do consciously, or am proud of. But I do do it in my own head. It’s a habit. Time to cut and cut.

  7. I don’t see it as cold or overemotional, you call it how it is, but I’m the same way. I’ve been referred to as cold in the past so I make a point to ‘practice’ empathy because it just doesn’t come natural.. Recently I have saturn square natal in the 12th so I feel like I might be also experiencing a softness.. especially with children.. I can’t handle hearing any wrong doing with kids. When I hear of childhood cancer/being taken from parents.. it literally makes me cry. Not my norm for sure. Fires, drowning I can’t handle news stories..

  8. I’ve been a ‘stuffer’ like Opalina with the same reaction when I explode. With Saturn transiting my 12th House and Pluto retrograde on top of my ASC I’m a lot of things at the same time! What I am experiencing though is not to stuff the stuff that comes. The eruptions in my home land are helping with that … magma won’t be stuffed. I’m making new land…a Uranus in Taurus thing probably.

    I really appreciate what you wrote, Elsa, about being complex and multi-dimensional. Yes, I am emotional and stoic and spiritual, deep, funny, quirky all on one day and sometimes each in turn over a week.

    As for ‘hashtagged’ I don’t even know what that means?!

  9. Beauty and everything else is in the eye of the beholder.

    People that need others to be one dimensional to feel secure are under a great delusion, that they are their persona and that its a solid thing. When they see a persona that is fluid, it freaks them out because their whole identity is attached to their own presentation. It undermines their idea of who they are. Where theyve put their energy, the construction of the ego, is threatened by seeing someone who doesnt attach tightly.

    Im ok with the way I am, some of the time. I can tell, where Im not ok, by the times I judge others. If Im thinking that someone should be different than they are, it points right back to a part of myself that I dont accept. Its tricky deciphering all of that though.

    1. Your thought about people who freak at fluidity really made sense for me. My husband is mutable and over the years we’ve been together it’s been a training ground for all my fixed ways. I watch how he does this fluid with people approach, especially now, when we are living with a large community … a change to our long-time solitary lifestyle.

      And, you’re right it’s tricky deciphering all of it but it’s great for evolving and changing for the better.

  10. I think Capricorn Moons and Moon/Saturn can come across as cold sometimes because they feel there is an appropriate time and place to express emotion. Their emotions are controlled and I guess there could be some percieved judgement coming across towards others who arent so emotionlly civilized. But I think they are just as hard on themselves, if not more so. My mom is a Cap Moon and all my life I felt she was too cold but now, in her 50s, i feel she has softened up some. I don’t know if that is my perception or reality or maybe a bit of both.

    Anyway, I have no clue what overly emotional is. I guess neurotic? I see that in some cancer influenced people…rarely. But to me, strong emotions are a good thing …I have the Moon in the 8th house. Neuroticism not so much. I definitely do not see that in you Elsa.

  11. I am a triple cancer-Sun, Moon, Mercury with a libra ascendant. People seem to see me as calm but this is not really the case at all. I like it better when I can manage to go toward the Libra ascendant.
    But, Ive learned I can sway people with the Mercury in cancer. It took a long time to figure this out, and I would not misuse the energy in any deliberate manner.

  12. Anytime I hear the qualifier “overly”, I cringe. The word implies there is a baseline that constitutes “healthy”, and anything less or more is deemed “unhealthy”.

    Overly emotional. Overly sensitive. Overly excitable. Overly studious. Think too much. Etc.

    The baseline is usually reflective of the person making the statement. They consider how THEY are to be “healthy”. If you are less or more of a thinker, feeler, etc., than them, they deem you “unhealthy”.

    All my life I have been told I was too this and too that. And always by people who were less this and less that than me.

    The baseline has no solid or valid (i.e. ‘absolute’, ‘independent’) measurement. It is always relative to the person defining it.

  13. I hope to share my emotions ;each of us has this natural instinct with our expressions
    But each different, I like opinions, as they invite me to wonder?
    And this part of my constant growth and change .So being full of emotions or cold to comment the next,all good

  14. Being able to hold the contradiction is a sign of open minded intelligence historically. Shutting down, needing a label to”make sense” a sign of lacking it. So yes, I agree the polarization is disturbing no matter how good it might feel to indulge. It could be viewed as kind of a mental dictatorship.

  15. I’m not overly emotional, in fact I feel like an icy heart when I see other people melt over things I’m *indifferent* to. I guess there is a social norm, but where to draw the line? And what does it matter? It won’t change a thing. People will always abuse weaker people, and mad idiots will most likely wreak damage when allowed.
    I feel empathy towards individuals, but quite cynical towards society as a whole.
    Aqua Moon.

  16. Water can be both steam and ice. Many manifestations of water. So yes I do find you emotional but also libra air articulate. When to spout off and have it serve and when to lie low as it probably won’t liberate as it should. Which could be seen as cold but could be viewed as wise.

  17. Avatar

    I think it depends on what situation that person meets you/interacts with you AND what expectations they have of you. Who you actually are doesn’t really matter. For example, you meet a woman at the DMV (Los Angeles style with 3 hour wait times!) vs meet the same woman at a book club or dance class. Everyone including the “personality assessor” is in a different mood. Also, the expectations of that person can be that you give hugs, when you’re natural mode is to give handshakes. Is that cold? Or the expectation of the person can be that you don’t cry in front of anyone under any circumstance. Are you overly emotional because you cried at a movie? Is their “measuring stick” something that needs to be recalibrated? Maybe they are just comparing you to themselves. They do that even when most of us are not even aware of who we are and can be, and how shifting that is with the circumstances. Maybe they’re comparing you to their ideal of a “great and grown up person” whatever that is. Finally, the setting can affect people’s expectations of you. Projecting kindness or artistry or lack thereof in the foreground of background of a social painting in their mind. All by comparison.

    Finally. Does this matter? And is this person on the list of people who either 1) truly know you, 2) You are serving 3) and have your back?

    I struggle with that everyday haha. Good question. I’m sometimes okay with myself, but I have to take what people say with a grain of salt because of my Scorpio…

  18. Oh, I get it from everyone including my family that I’m “overly emotional” (Moon in Scorpio). I’ve been like this since I was a child. I’m an empath. I’ve finally actually screamed at my siblings that THIS IS WHO I AM, I LIKE IT AND I HAVE NO INTENTION OF CHANGING. If I did, I would be able to work in the field that I do.

    And who decided that having emotions is a negative trait. It’s only negative when you direct that energy in a negative way. Let’s take anger. It’s an emotion. When you use it in a positive way, it can propel you to accomplish great things. I was angry at my son’s father for cheating on me yet again and then leaving us but I channeled my anger, sadness, etc. into competing in a physique contest at age 53 and cleaning up 5 divisions beating girls half my age and being name Ms. Fit Body Rochester. Every feeling is an emotion, it’s what you choose to do with that energy that defines you. Sure I cry when I’ve had a bad day. I allow myself that cleansing and then I get busy doing something or just listening to music and I’m okay.

    Else, you are empathetic realist. Straight shooter, right from the hip. Ya probably are only seen as cold and unemotional when you’re talking to an idiot.

    1. “Else, you are empathetic realist. Straight shooter, right from the hip.”

      This is true. I am also determined to help so I will push through, whatever. I used to write about this some years ago. It’s a surgeon. I am going to have surgery soon – the doc is going to have to cut. He HAS to cut so that I can ultimately improve.

  19. I have been seen as overly emotional to people who are afraid to express their own emotions. But I am not a drama Queen. Sonif they label me that, it is very irritating.
    Elsa, we don’t know you in real life in real time, but watching your “One Minute Videos” and having had readings from you, I would not say you are overly emotional-passionate at times but not even so much it’s out there or unusually over the top that I would say “ Wow-that Elsa is so overly emotional.” No. Passionate, yet down to earth and succinct- yes.

  20. Also justcread you are having surgery soon-may you come through with ease and rapid healing! Blessings and prayers to you Elsa! ?

  21. Also just read you are having surgery soon-may you come through with ease and rapid healing! Blessings and prayers to you Elsa! ?

  22. Avatar
    James Slattery

    A Pisces Asc has me wear a mask to hide any over emotional displays. I simply detach while my Sag moon works on a positive attitude. A Gem Sun helps me to analyse if I handled it well. People might call me a cold fish but I know different and so do my friends and family.

  23. I think it’s the lazy way people apply psychology principles to be prescriptive.. like tagging people as sociopathic or borderline or autistic or obsessive.. these labels can be used as a weapon to dismiss another’s way of being. People have called me autistic recently several times.. no psychologists have called me this even a recent one..

  24. Progressed moon in Scorpio is making me severely emotional!! Already got my Cancer stellium tears, add that on! Haha.

    I’ve been told that I’m too sensitive but I think some people are just mean. I also act differently with different people to protect myself or, if I feel secure enough, I am more relaxed. So people have their perspectives of me, but sometimes I don’t give them the real me because I just don’t trust them, or find them too superficial.

    If I am myself with someone, it’s because they are on the authentic side and I know they won’t judge me or treat me a certain way due to what they’ve been programmed to believe, etc. If that makes sense. I do find it difficult to be myself lately and I look forward to the change of my PR moon next year, but I will always connect better with “real” people who don’t imitate/internalize their televisions, and therefore hopefully be perceived “correctly.”

    1. That does make a lot of sense dolce. I think too many folks these days, too, are imitating/internalizing their televisions, as if they are being indoctrinated, which they are!

  25. Over emotional or supersensitive was my family response to me all my years growing up. moon mars saturn in cancer in the 4th with moon sqr venus and asc and neptune in 7th, so yes I am sensitive and fully aware of the damage that unkindness can do to our bodies at a cellular level without us being ‘aware’ of it when less sensitive people dismiss unkindness. After many years of ‘working out’ this moon placement I learned to speak up without aggression for how I expected to be treated, some respected it and changed and are still around others dismissed it and called me super S and they are not around. I think it all comes down to an awareness of how you respond at a deep level to thoughtlessness and whether you choose to accept it or let the person be if they think it is ok and move on. Much more in it but this may give a glimpse of being the one who everyone comes to when in trouble.

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