Are You Personable? Is This Important?

zodiac dressRecently I worked with a gal who was really personable.  This is nice feature to have.

My husband is personable but it’s not at all important to him to have friends. If you pushed him, he’d say he prefers to not have friends!

Some people are born with charisma. (see Chiron – You Can’t Buy Charisma) They just have it. People like them wherever they go.

Other people don’t have this quality.  If they want to be liked, they’ve got to work at it. They have to develop themselves.

It’s like being natural public speaker as opposed to being someone like me who would struggle through a speech, unless I really trained myself.

How important is it to you that you be personable? Do you care if people like you, or not so much? Have you ever done anything to become more personable? What the astrology?

11 thoughts on “Are You Personable? Is This Important?”

  1. I wonder if it matters who you want to be liked by… or women? Or both? Will a well-placed Venus improve personability?

  2. People like me almost everywhere I go and I’m confused by it. Honestly, I just assume I have a great mask and go on about my life. It comes in handy at work (bartending, so I’m pretty much paid to be personable), but it doesn’t effect my life off the clock. I prefer to have a smaller, deeper social circle instead of a lot of acquaintances.

    I think this is a function of Jupiter rising (jovial!), some Neptune stuff on sun & MC (fog/mask), and Aqua moon for the standoffishness.

  3. I think I can be but by nature I can also irritate folks. I am going to be working on my Chiron in Aquarius issues (I really am a poor communicator-I understand myself very well but in a corporate environment, I’m rubbish!). But I have Jupiter in Libra (11th house) and Juno in 7th house (Gemini), so I can be light and breezy when in a good mood. People on the whole whole seem to like me though!

  4. -Juno & Pluto on top of my Scorpio Rising w/ Lilith & Uranus in the 1st.
    -7th house Taurus stellium (Mars, Sun, Chiron, Venus & Mercury)

    So true about developing yourself! It took me my whole life to understand that I am intense. I had to develop self-awareness and compassion to meet people where they are. I can’t just go into a new situation without that awareness. Misunderstandings will abound.

    This lifetime has been a masterclass in self-development and harnessing this energy – so I can become more personable! I am a 7th house person with other planets in Libra. Of course, I want to be liked.

    I know now too that sometimes it’s a matter of how developed the OTHER person is as well. I can’t be personable alone.

  5. Its the scorp thing.. I dont really care if people like me. Even though my personality description says I have charisma due to all the sag in my first house, I know I dont have it. My late husband was very charismatic and that is what drew me to him.

  6. I have Chiron in the 10th exactly sextile my Sun and Moon in H8. In Vedic astrology, I have Venus in H10 and both the 10th and Venus have to do with charisma in that system… Ketu aspects Venus… Ketu is retiring. I suppose I can be charismatic what I want to be. I know how to get people to like me but I rarely have the energy for that. My Pisces Sun and Moon are so retiring, like an old, old lady. That’s how I am at the core- just retired little old lady.

    My Ascendant and Venus/Mars in Fire would speak otherwise….looks and first impressions are not always what they seem.

  7. I have been told I am very personable on several occasions. I think it is a bonus to naturally be this way. People in service and authority roles have certainly gone that extra mile for me (without me asking) . I think my Libran moon and venus conjunct my north node helps.

  8. chiron is the only planet that aspects my jupiter (and vice versa.) but it’s it’s a semi-sextile (albeit within a minute orb.)
    (jupiter aspects a bunch of my asteroids though…)
    i don’t know if i’m personable but i do seem to trigger people, one way or another.

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