What Does A Man With An Aries Moon Need?

This is an ardent, passionate Moon. Sometimes I call it the “big baby” moon, because when you have Moon in Aries, you want what you want… NOW!! Moon in Aries is absolutely unafraid to ask for what it wants, and if you’re the more reticent type, you may be shocked at how this man can stand there and demand his needs be met. I deeply suggest you bone up on how to say the word “no” if you’re a push-over because he will, in all innocence, keep asking for more and more simply because you keep saying yes! Don’t expect him to be able to read your mind, not for a second. He’s just not built that way. He doesn’t spend his time worrying about what someone else might be feeling, he is fully into his own feelings and if you’re going to get any consideration, you have to ask… err…. DEMAND what you want.

I want to be clear. He doesn’t put his feelings first because he thinks you should come second. He states what he needs and fully expects that you’ll do the same. If you don’t speak up, he thinks you have nothing to speak up about– that you’re pleased as punch to be with him, and that if there was anything you wanted, you’d assert yourself. It just doesn’t occur to him that other people like the soft approach, or need some finessing to worm their needs out of them. He’s just not that man.

And he’s FUN! If you’re the fiery type yourself, you’ll love the sparky back-and-forthing he offers. He can pick up on a moment’s notice and head out for adventure. Most likely he’ll have a need for some solitary time where he has no distractions from whatever crusade he is dreaming up. Fire people are great at that– they are the creative spark that leads to incredible accomplishments. Aries types, however, sometimes get stalled after the initial phase of introducing the idea. Hopefully he’ll have some earth or water in his chart that enables him to see a plan to fruition, otherwise it’s up to his “helpers” to make sure his dream materializes. This is why they often get accused of not finishing what they start. How can they—– they’ve just had another idea!!

Aries Moon men likely had an independent, adventurous, busy mother. If his Moon receives difficult aspects such as a square to Mars, arguing may have been a daily occurrence when he was growing up. Aspects such as sextiles and trines means he has very little plugging up the pipeline when he sets his sights on something he has deemed is important to his most basic needs. He’s able to turn on the tap (define what he needs) and it flows to him.

Aries is ruled by Mars, our warrior planet of the solar system. Look to the sign that your man’s Mars is in, and the aspects made to it, and it will tell you a lot of additional information about how your man expresses his deepest emotions and what he truly needs to feel safe and at “at home”.

If you need help, don’t forget I’m just an email away; a half-hour consult will give you a lot of information and I reply within hours!! If you prefer Skype so we can look at charts together, I am usually available every evening.

47 thoughts on “What Does A Man With An Aries Moon Need?”

  1. With my moon in Libra, these Aries moon guys have been my nemesis. My daughter is an Aries moon as well. Let’s just say these Aries moon people have helped me find my own will, which was sadly missing. I was born with retrograde mars in cancer opposite Saturn. Thank God I have perseverance.

      1. Preaching to the choir, Evelyn Allen. I have a 1H Pisces Moon so it’s tough for me to speak up easily, too. Right now, my Prog Moon is in my Aries 2H. I gotta tell ya, I love, Love, LOVE it!!! So this is what it feels like to do what I want, when I want, how I want! I’m not hurtful, disrespectful, or over-think matters as I pursue my desires – I simply follow the Nike slogan, “Just do it!” Go girl!

    1. Eh Evelyn,

      Don’t you mean Aries Moon guys have been your ‘complementary’; a Nemesis is synonym for Arch Rival xD

      An Aries Moon Guy

      Yes we are Big Kids, but not in the immature or lacking in intelligence or knowledge sense

      Big Kid Adam 😛

    2. The article describes me, an Arie Moon Guy, born 21:35

      I am a Scorpio Sun, but since born well after sun set, my Sun is weak and Moon sign is more prominent, and yes I don’t take shit from anyone xD and so long people treat me with respect I treat them with respect, disrespect Moon in Aries, they won’t pretend nothing happened, they will say something

      1. my boyfriend is also a scorpio sun, aries moon… im a cap sun, aquarius moon.

        i hate his moon, he has no control over his childish emotions.

        1. We are a bit mental Moon in Aries, but I wouldn’t say I was childish, we make up for it in other ways, we got more balls than anyone else when we have to, you must like that aspect about your BF

          Aries Moon guys also have an appetite for really hot women and not afraid to go for it, while other guys shit their pants and sit in the sidelines watching, Moon Aries will make a move, you must be quite good looking since he is with you

          So you are a Moon in Aquarius, OMG Crazy Girl Alert xD xD xD

          You are not very compatible with your man because a guy’s Sun Sign needs to be compatible with a gal’s Moon Sign, Moon is more prominent in women, his Sun Sign and you Moon are both in a Fixed Sign,

          This is bad news because neither of you will submit when disgreements and fights crop up, another annoying thing is you probably want to know what he is feeling or thinking every step of the way and discuss all problems, this annoys a Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aries because this combo especially prefers to be left alone and sort things out by themselves, if they want advice they will ask for it

          It is a very independent minded combination Sun and Moon, they don’t like asked for help until they’ve had a good shot by themselves first

        2. Ugh….my boyfriend (possibly over, due to his impulsive childish behaviour) is Aries moon and I am Aquarius moon, as well!
          This is my first relationship with Aries moon and now that I know more about it and just how accurate it is in describing him, I will never go for that again. This is an impossible match for the more analytical and rational Aquarius moon. Aries moon do not have the capacity to reason. They just fly off the handle all the time with emotional thoughtless outbursts!
          And the narcissism …….

          1. Not if they have a 2nd Decan Sun in Scorpio like me; (so I am part Scorpio part Pisces, 2nd Decan Scorpio is ruled by Neptune) it dampens my Moon in 1st Decan Aries, which is the mentalist of all, but I am only like that when I am really pissed off, but I don’t fly off the handle at the slightest thing

            You’re a crazy girl too; Aquarius Moon, a past GF had an Aquarius Moon, she was extra nuts

  2. My Aries Moon drove my super Cap father insane. He projected off of me a lot though too as a child. My courage & impulse unnerved him. He simply did not relate at all.

    I also have 4 other placements in the sign

  3. What about women with an Aries moon? Is the same true? I have an Aries moon, I can be fiery, impulsive, excitable and passionate. But not always.

    1. Second Deb. How would a woman with an Aries moon differ, if they differ at all?

      [‘My mother has an Aries moon, but she’s less self-centered and more impulsive and unable to comprehend other people might differ.’]

      1. Well, factoring in the feminine nurturing factor, an Aries Moon woman would be a tiger mom. She’d also not tend to be a helicopter mother, allowing her children to fall down and take their lumps. She’d probably be right in there with them. But I pity the fool who messed with her children. Lots of Moms would come to the defense of their children, but an Aries Moon mom would shoot first and ask questions later!

        Aries Moon “self centeredness” really is in all innocence. It’s hard to get mad at them, because they’d allow you the same expression, if you could shout louder than they can. They’re the ones who don’t consider it “arguing”, they think it’s more like “discussing”.

      2. Aries Moon woman is far more noticeable than a man, Moon rules emotions and women are more emotional, period

        You generally only see the Moon Aries in a man when they are pissed off or drunk, if their Sun is in an Earth or Water sign, they may come across a bit Dr Jerkyl and Mr Hyde; personality completely changes, it freaks people out, even people who have known them for years

    2. Aries Moon women, depending on the time of birth, will be more of an Aries than their Star/Sun Sign, in general if one is born after sunset at the time of birth, they will be more like their Moon Sign than Star Sign, but since women are more ruled by emotions than men, they can be more their Moon Sign traits

    3. Aries Moon women – Extra True, for all I know you probably like fast cars, Martial Arts and even been called a Tom Boy perhaps, probably interested in Guy hobbies and have more Guy friends, because you relate to them more, but somewhat know when to be a woman, you probably not bitchy about it, unless you Sun is in a Fire Sign

    4. Women with Moon in Aries are total Tom Boys, probably have more male friends than female, likes cars, male dominated sports, martial arts, guns and weapons

  4. My Aries moon daughter kicked holes in our walls and doors until she was about 10. She learned how to patch walls lol! I always said that she was going to be a great adult. Not so good as an impulsive angry two year old. Now she is a beautiful 18 year old woman heading out in the world. I’m so proud of her. She is amazing.

  5. My youngest son is an Aries sun with an Aries ascendant and a first house moon (in Taurus)

    He’s the most persistent child I’ve ever seen. He will not quit until he gets what he wants. He wears all his emotions on his sleeve. But, oh man I adore that one. He’s a little spitfire and a sweetheart all in one. ?

    1. That’s interesting!! The ruler of his Sun and Ascendant is the Moon in the first house! But yes, Taurus will make him a little slower to get angry, but what he sets his sights on…. he will have the tenacity to see it through. If his Sun is in the 12th house, this mellows him out as well. I am such a firm believer in knowing your child’s chart through and through… I have raised 2 and if I hadn’t known astrology I surely would have had a much, much harder time understanding them.

  6. I’m always saying I have a baby moon because my Virgo moon is in the first house. Your description of the Aries moon sounds a lot like me! Being in Virgo should cool it down considerably but…no. Being in Virgo it just makes me obsessive, neurotic and anal about the details. 🙂

  7. I’m an Aries moon man. But I guess since my Mars is in Pisces I’m pretty far from being fiery. I can be extremely impulsive and impatient when I feel like I “need” something or like something has to be done a certain way. But most of the time I’m calm and happy to let life go on around me. As long as I don’t see any issues with how it’s going on.
    There are times, I guess maybe every 2 years or so, probably when Mars makes it back to Pisces when I go a little manic and want to do everything in the world and drive my life up the side of the highest mountain, Damn the consequences.

  8. Aries Moon men and women always grab my attention. I’ve been inspired to look up many charts of people and found out they had Aries Moons. It happened too often to be a coincidence. My ex husband has an Aries Moon. It’s part of a Grand Fire trine. He absolutely always goes for what he wants. It is inspiring to me. I have mostly Earth and Water, so I like to take my time and swim around in the details. In the past, our conflicting energies would often erupt. I’m terrible at asking for what I want up front, so you can imagine. I have a mars ruled Scorpio Moon in the 4th, his is an Aries Moon in the first house. Yikes! Our relationship taught me a lot. I still see him all of the time because we have a daughter together. In moving forward, I will keep this great advice in mind!

    1. AND I forgot to mention my Dad AND brother – they are both Aries Moons!!! This year my brother ran a 80 km race – it took him around 10 hours. That is INSANE. My Dad was the type to not finish projects. He would also take out a lot of his fiery emotional aggression by yelling at my brother and I. He is a Cancer Sun and I think a lot of his emotional energy was plugged. He’s doing great now a days. He met a Sadge and they travel around the world biking, skiing and kayaking.

      1. Shan… I also met a “father” who had cancer Sun who yelled at kids and was violent even towards animals. But always in private, not to leave witnesses. Don’t go too fast putting the blame into Aries there (proud Aries mooner here who would NEVER yell or hit a child, even a small one…) You said you were “slow to vocalize your wishes” but you are very very fast to talk in prejudice of others, aren’t you?? Typical daddy issues in denial. Don’t shift the blame into Aries.

      2. Avatar

        And just to add, I dated a (beautiful and sexy) jewish girl who also had a cancer Sun father and he would humiliate her in front of employees and treat others like garbage just because he had money and felt like he could get away with it (which in many cases is sadly true…)

  9. My husband has an Aries moon…it’s opposite Pluto and its conjunct his Aries Mercury & Venus. ? He has Mars in Cancer so don’t miss with either me or his kids because he’ll attack…which comes as a surprise because with his Taurus rising he seems so mellow. ❤️

    I’m an Aries rising with moon In Aquarius… we have a lot of fun together. We bicker a lot but It’s never boring. ?

  10. Amazing post, Diane! Thank you! And you are dead on! I dated a man with a 3H Aries Sun conjunct his Aries Moon! Talk about the “me, Me, ME…all the time!” attitude! This quasi-relationship lasted about 15 minutes and I was out. He still harasses me via text and phone – and it’s been over 1 1/2 years (I keep putting him on the 2-month cell phone blocking with Verizon). You are right, since it wasn’t his idea to terminate the relationship, he thinks we’re “taking a break.” Delusional. After studying our synastry chart, I noticed his double Aries conjunction was conjunct my SN. This means a karmic past life connection. I believe the lesson I learned was to stand up for myself and demand to be heard and respected in a potential partnership. Lesson learned and I dropped the mic.

  11. Hi Diane,
    I bet this sounds weird, but the man you describe sounds so attractive, sexy, and fun to me – I love a challenge and a strong man which seems to be hard to find dating this second time around after my husband passed away. Most of the men are so wounded and lost and their emotional baggage is so invasive to beginning a relationship. I am open to them with my affection, companionship, and love, but if the feelings aren’t there it’s not going to work for me and I gently but honestly discuss that with them. I am an Aries rising and my natal Mars is in Libra 7th house and my moon is Gemini. My husband was a Capricorn sun – that’s all I know as we were never really interested in astrology back then. This man you write about sounds a lot like him.
    After three years, I miss him still.
    Aries Rising

  12. Oh my gosh, I’m taking notes because my dear mother is an Aries with a Virgo Moon with Mercury, Venus and Uranus in 1H conjunct her Aries Asc. She talks constantly about herself, and I myself, being a Libra, would like to roll things out into a rational conversation, but there’s no balance with her rather enormous ego.

    So, I have to learn to stop being so nice and speak up, right? It’s like an elephant is stepping on my toes and thinking I’m enjoying it at the same time…ouch!!@#

  13. I am an Aries moon woman. I can confirm pretty much everything you wrote. I’ve said I’m not a mind reader to my bf so many times! If I want affection, I go and kiss or hug him, I don’t wait for him to do it. He says I’m selfish, and I suppose I am. I always want something and don’t always consider his needs, but if he opens his mouth and explains himself to me, I respect that and act accordingly. But it needs to be said out loud, I am not a mind reader!! Sometimes I feel like I’m emotionally the stereotypical dude. I abhor it when men project their views on women onto me.

  14. I’m an Aries Moon woman with Taurus rising and Cancer Mars. I’ve broken umbrellas, cellphones, doors, etc. when I get angry. I prefer to harm inanimate objects than people by hitting, yelling at or insulting them.

    Honesty and directness are some of the things I value the most.

    Thanks to astrology I realized that the child-like part of my personality is because of my Aries Moon. Some people get annoyed by that.

    I definitely love this placement.

  15. Don’t know, don’t care? My off the shelf analysis is that someone with a water moon like me should avoid someone like this? Currently, all my male friends have water moons even when they have a fire sun. Other than I fell in love with someone with a Gemini moon. Who can tell. Synastry is complex.. Also right now no one with any kind of moon is trying to shake my tree, so…

    But, people with incompatible moons have been really frustrating

  16. Want to see Aries Moon in action? Just watch John Cleese on ” Fawlty Towers”, LOL

    (I knew it! I knew that man had an Aries Moon!)

  17. my son is an Aries moon. I have family members who are male and have aries moon. noticing closely, they tend to attract those from their rising signs, what’s in their 7th. But ultimately, they like someone who is a bit of a go-getter themselves just from those experiences.

  18. This post helped me, today. I was interacting with an Aries Moon. We both needed a certain time free to work. In the past I would have folded, because I’m a people pleaser. This is no one’s fault but my own! Today, I was in a position that if I would have let him get his way, I would have been taken advantage of. I stood my ground, because this issue was important to me and he folded. He switched his life around to accommodate me. He wasn’t happy about it, and neither was I because I like to please. I thought of this post. I stood my ground. I communicated what I needed and I didn’t back down. I didn’t get emotional or lash out. I have a new awareness now, thank you! I’m curious to see what this new awareness brings about…

    1. Avatar

      Oh it’s her again… a bit more controlled this time. Yeah astrology is great, I wish everyone would learn so we could get along much better and appreciate the best in others (instead of complaining about how different they are) But yeah, what you described in your post there, you can BET that if you were dealing with a cancer there would be no negotiation, that asshole would cry out like a baby and have his way in the end otherwise he would make your life miserable. Will you finally realize and agree with me that you are the way you are today (afraid of being vocal about your wishes) exactly because you’re asshole daddy? Oh she finally realized, thaaaaaank yoooooou… God damn it…

  19. This post was very helpful. However. Iam curious to know more about how to deal with a libra man with aries moon and with virgo in both his mars and venus.

    Knowing that he is drifting away lately aftet a very passionate start for our relationship.

    1. (Aries mooner here, with Taurus sun) Aries men don’t like to feel like others (anyone) are telling him what to do (even if they are right) He will have to realize things in his own pace. Telling him what to do will only push him away further. Picture it like a cat, you can give orders to a cat, but the cat always comes back to you on his own.
      Also, Aries mooner (well I’m talking for myself here, don’t know if all of them are like this…) don’t like clingy partners at all in the sense of needing constant caring and constant company. An ideal partner for us would be someone who has her own passtimes and activities, and let us have ours. Also, be very vocal because he might be thinking you’re putting him in the friendzone. Tell him like it is: “I’m here wet for you. You will come in the next 2 hours or should I call the pizza guy??” That might do it while remaining humorous. xDDDD
      Don’t forget to tell us if it worked so my big ego will be caressed =D

  20. Moon in Aries men need women who can stand up to them, we are nuts, (all Moon in Aries men were probably warriors in past life, people will dive for cover when we get pissed off) yet need our help; we like to be heroes and rescuers, overly strong and independent women make us feel redundant, need to feel needed

  21. Yes, the rescuer thing I notice it’s real to some extent. I had many girlfriends with some aspect in Libra or Virgo that made them look like that sexy female stereotype: “Come rescue me, I feel so lonely” That is incredibly atractive for some reason. Well, I guess it’s still one of the few things in this bullshit “modern” life that can make us feel like real men again. (even for a wimpy sucker like me)
    But I find that the “rescuer” character only works to some extent, if the partner is too clingy or remains in a depressive mood (instead of making progress towards becoming a better person) then we lose motivation.

  22. A very interesting article indeed? I’m seeing an Aries moon male with a Libra Sun and we are both Gemini Rising. I’m an Aries Sun with a Libra Moon and a classic rescuer. I always feel like I need to give to him because he’s needy. I am however very independent and make a point of not crowding him so allow him plenty of space. You cannot tell him anything lol. He’s definitely been sent to me for some life lessons. Loving and caring when he wants to be. He has told me twice that he doesn’t want to keep seeing me and both times he’s the one that comes back.

  23. Just found this and i loved the article. My man is aries moon and mars in aries but he is also a capricorn sun and scorpio rising. I am a cancer moon and aqua mars but a scorpio sun and leo rising. Let’s just say that it is interesting for sure ? and not always easy.

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