Understanding Saturn Transits Through Each House Your In Your Chart

saturn old cardIt takes Saturn 28.5 years to transit through each house in your chart.  The planet spends about 2.5 years in each house. Getting a handle on this cycle will help you.

If you’re a Capricorn (like I am) or Aquarius rising, you can set your clock via Saturn’s transit ’round your chart.  Here’s a real-life storyline to illustrate what I mean.

I had my children with Saturn transiting my 4th house. Having established my home base, I started writing when it hit my 5th house.  I defined my creativity at that time.

When Saturn hit my 6th house, I had to edit. I edited my book with Saturn in my 6th. This process was grueling.

When Saturn hit my 7th… it crossed the horizon. I went public by launching this blog to replace my original. This blog has my real name and picture on it where previously I wrote under a screen name.

With Saturn transiting my 8th I learned a lot about exchanging energy. This blog has been very dark at times.

Saturn entered my 9th house. Lo and behold had to consider curtailing what I publish in order to progress. I also began studying religion which is associated with the 9th house.

With Saturn transiting my 10th, I peaked, professionally. I was on top the astrology world. When

Saturn went into my 11th, I started to work on my wishes, hopes and dreams. I wanted time to garden, for example.

You can see how one thing leads to the next. It’s pretty cool… and natural.

What house is Saturn transiting in your chart? How’s it going?

24 thoughts on “Understanding Saturn Transits Through Each House Your In Your Chart”

  1. My crush is having his Saturn Return now. I don’t know his birth time but strongly suspect he’s a Scorpio rising because that would make his happening in his 4th house….and his house burned down.

    Mine was in my tenth house and my father died, ’nuff said there.

  2. 7th.
    I am emerging publicly.
    It is quite odd, for majority of my chart is under the horizon. I am used to operating in the backdrop.
    My collegiate time has produced a handful of people in a far off, isolated building who are rooting for me and supporting me. They want me in the public, teaching or running a public operation. I’ve NEVER had this sort of moral support before.

    It all makes sense now that you have given the language for these transits.

  3. Mid-way through 1st House of self-esteem and who I am now is working at a deep and powerful level. Wow! Using your post, and the timeline you share of your own life, I can re-trace my life. I’m Capricorn rising so the clockwork analogy is really cool for me to apply now. In late 1993, my first marriage ended on Christmas eve. Saturn was transiting the tail end of Aquarius in 2nd House (what has value now?)Summer of 2007, I move back into my childhood home with a new sweetheart who will repair that home being eaten by termites. Saturn transits my 4th House in Aries. March 2004, my health is spiraling down, I sell our family home when Saturn is in retrograde in my 6th House. Life is pretty shaky with many, many moves and dead ends and near breakups with my 2nd husband. We built our tiny safe home on wheels and move to our first landing spot April, 2008. Saturn in retrograde early degrees of Virgo, second half of my 8th House of shared resources and exchange of energy (who has the power, how do I learn to ask others to share with me?)
    Long story. But it IS such a great way to time travel as the New Moon in Aquarius and all the other planets pack my 1st and 2nd Houses.
    The rest of the story will take lots of cups of tea. I’m ready for it. Snow’s coming.
    Thanks for the post, Elsa!

  4. Saturn is in my fifth house. The bars and pubs closed! There went my one and only and most beloved hobby. I realized yesterday Saturn will by squaring my natal Pluto most of this year 🙁

  5. I have Saturn transiting the 3rd house. I’m examining my mind and mental processes pretty closely. It’s interesting once you slow it down enough to watch how thoughts rise and move and change without any help from me at all lol. This should be old territory, as I have a natal Saturn/Mercury conjunction but it’s not. I’ve never been this detached from them. It’s quite freeing…Aquarius I guess.

  6. Elsa, this was so illustrative and helpful. Thank you!

    Would you mind continuing this tutorial and telling us what happened when Saturn was in your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd houses? Thanks!

  7. Capricorn too believe Aquarius rising,
    Just finished second return, so is it in my 1st again? I am so trying to remind myself, I live in this skin, climbing into the thoughts of any other just silly,so thankful but still
    Beating myself up with why things
    Have happened and where am I
    Going next? What’s my dream of
    Future, should just do today , I am
    In lost thoughts need to focus

    1. “Just finished second return, so is it in my 1st again?”

      No. A Saturn return occurs when Saturn comes back to exactly where it was when you were born. Your natal Saturn can be in any of the houses.

  8. Saturn is transiting my 7th house. My relationship with the SO has improved. I did lose my sh*t with the Finance Manager at work this week. There’s definitely some lessons around relationships happening. I am taking myself to task internally. Struggling to maintain helpful, truthful, kind self love. ON the progressed front my ascendant is in early Virgo – my natal Moon is in Virgo as well. The analytical elements are really ramped up – I am seeking a way to unclench that part as it’s taking toll.
    Aquarius emphasis – I am stuck to the internet like glue. Also, something that needs a shift. I am somewhat like that character in a recent movie who has a relationship with a digital woman. It seems my best connection is with the virtual rather than the real.

  9. Saturn in my Eighth house, conjunct Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn! It’s been a very crazy couple of years.

  10. Elsa – can you explain why having Cap sun or Aquarius Rising (me) you can set your clock to the Saturn transits? Also, is Saturn in my 1st right now if I am Aqua rising 22 degrees? Sorry for my naivety but I am flummoxed on which house it is in for me.

    1. It’s particularly important for Cap and Aqua because these signs are Saturn-ruled.
      If your Aqua ascendant is @223, Saturn is still transiting your 12th.
      I looked it up. Saturn won’t hit 22 degrees Aquarius until April, 2022.

      1. Thanks so much Elsa….I really wanted to know when Saturn will get to my 1st. Helpful to understand the next year. I’m deep in it already in my 12th.

  11. Looks like my Saturn in the 6th house
    Sun moon and Venus in 7th?at birth
    Any idea what or where I should put my focus? Sorry to be a dummy

  12. Saturn is conjunct my Midheaven as we speak. Career peak? It seems like it. I’m grateful to be where I am now, and I’ve worked hard for it. That said, I don’t want to plateau here.

    Despite being conjunct MC, Saturn is in my 9th house using equal. I feel like I’m still in a period of learning and expansion. It’s been there since January 2020, which is definitely a time I started making serious efforts to move toward a new phase in my life. And I’m living in that phase now.

  13. ” Career peak? It seems like it. I’m grateful to be where I am now, and I’ve worked hard for it. That said, I don’t want to plateau here.”

    Happy for you!

  14. Saturn early in 2nd house squaring natal mercury/Jupiter conjunction in my 10th while also squaring transiting Uranus which is opposing my Merc/Jup. I am very lethargic and feel drained and negative. Neptune in my 3rd is pretty much exactly squaring my Ascendent/Saturn conjunction though so I’m not sure what’s going on. AHHHH

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