Mars Square Mars In Synastry – Specific To Sex

t-bone car accidentWhen Mars squares Mars between charts, it creates a lot of friction.  The result is just like it sounds. The partners jar each other.

You may like this. It really depends on your tastes.

The Mars/Mars aspect promises that you will connect but you’re are cross-purposes in sense. You can take this idea and imagine it in a sexual realm.

There is a collision at 90 degrees (the square aspect).

Think of a car getting t-boned. It is definitely not a miss. But it’s not “flow” either and this is exactly what some people want.

Tell us about your experiences with Mars square Mars in synastry.

38 thoughts on “Mars Square Mars In Synastry – Specific To Sex”

  1. I have Mars sextile Mars in synastry. It’s not as harsh as above description but it’s not go with the flow either. But there is this from Skyview:

    What does it mean to your relationship when your natal Mars is sextile with your partner’s Mars? Your energies work so well together, in the bedroom as well as in the outside world. You are an active duo, inspired by each other, excelling in initiating new ventures and carrying them out in you own way. Together you will have opportunities for self expression that you would only dream of as individuals. The energies you generate can overwhelm obstacles.

    and I would have to say 90 percent is true!

    1. Mars sextile Mars is nothing like Mars square Mars. It IS absolutely a go-with-the flow, if you are having issues I’d look to something other than Mars!

  2. Yes, the two of you don’t like the same thing. Compromise is the only way this works out. If you are the one with the thing that has to be eliminated to make peace it can get tricky. In bed you have to kind of learn to like their way or say goodbye.
    It helps if all the other ducks line up. Venus/mars venus/sun venus/moon and the like.

  3. My most recent ex-boyfriend has his Mars closely square my own. We were not sexually compatible at all and should have remained only friends — there were lots of nice chart contacts (Venus conjunct Moon, Venus conjunct Ascendant, Sun conjunct Ascendant to name a few) but ultimately the lack of sexual compatibility doomed the relationship.

  4. What if two people have this mars square, but each one’s mars trines the other’s venus? Would that make the sex more pleasing?

  5. Stephanie it can work, but its still not problem free. There still needs to be some kind of compromise. Who ever is more flexible benefits most.

  6. Don’t like it. Their Mars also conjoins my Moon, Venus and Node. Not only was I not attracted to them, I felt constantly nervous around them, and they were in no position to be hitting on me in the first place. I loathe it.

  7. Hmm. This is interesting. The fellow I’m interested in have loads of excellent placements for compatibility (mutual Sun-Venus sextiles, Moons conjunct, Mars-Venus trine, Mercuries sextile, Sun-Jupiter trine, Moon-midheaven trine, Saturn-IC conjunction, Sun-Moon midpoints,Mars-Neptune trine, Pluto-Mars sextile, not to mention we have the same sun and moon signs, and both have water rising) … but we have a handful of problematic aspects, and this is one of them. Although in our case, it seems to generate sexual attraction that we’re not entirely sure what to do with, in part because for the relationship to work, we’d each have to compromise goals/independence (he more than me, really). We also have a Sun-Saturn square which isn’t good, and a loose Venus-Saturn square which may worry me the most of all because I had the same aspect with my ex-, and over time, it killed the relationship. (But then, I also had a bad Venus-Neptune square, which obscured everything.)

    But we’ve never actually even kissed, never mind made it as far as the bedroom, and between the mix of all those fairly positive aspects, combined with this one, and the Sun-Saturn square, I’m not sure what to make of that.

  8. I dated someone whom I had this aspect with and it was very dynamic. A mars square mars isn’t always bad in the bedroom. We did fight a lot outside of it however. We were both earth signs.

  9. I had an exact (90 deg.) Mars square Mars with a man with whom I shared the most intense sexual chemistry of my life, but who I am very grateful I did not end up with *for* life! Our only common ground was in the bedroom. Outside of it, we were like that piece of a jigsaw puzzle that tricks you into thinking it fits, but the shape isn’t quite right, resulting in frustration. Our relationship just fizzled out, but still I found myself Googling “Mars square Mars synastry” this morning because he popped into my mind.

  10. mars square mars is very difficult. does attract each other but gives enormous quarrels from time to time. for mature people only!

  11. Mars square Mars is intense and filled to the brim with tension – especially sexual tension. It was the most profound sexual experience I’ve ever had, but as others have said, it’s a perpetual warfare outside the bedroom. My impulsive, headstrong Aries Mars was eager and passionate, his monolithic Mars in Capricorn wanted to plan and dictate the time and place, and surprisingly this was a HUGE turnon because playing the waiting game basically skyrocketed my libido.

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      Mars in Aries

      That´s very interesting. I like someone whose Mars in Capricorn squares my Mars in Aries. I´ve always wondered if it would be probematic we would really come together one day. Thank you.

  12. My last man, who is still heavily on my mind, and I shared marses square by sign, though not exact. We should have remained friends because we were close. It was the most emotionally intense relationship I ever had, but there was imbalance in the bedroom. Mine is in Libra; his in cancer. We both tried hard to please but always bumped heads. Outside the bedroom we didnt argue much but there was always an underlying tension. But we also his sun exactly inconjunct my venus. There is little information online about this aspect but I always felt he didnt really “see” me. His venus was trine my sun. Our timing always seemed a little off. He never complained but it often seemed like he was trying to figure out what to do. Our relationship also fizzled out but on my end there was sorrow for the breakup.

  13. I had SO many typos there. Sorry. Corrected below:

    My current girlfriend and I have Mars sq Mars. Mine in libra, hers Aquarian. The sexuality is the most potent ever, in ways I’d not have imagined. Best I’ve ever felt just simply sleeping next to someone too. But also, I’ve had a body type I’ve loved my whole my life in women. Very specific. She is not even close to that. And yet, it’s indescribable how intoxicating it is just to even smell her breath, let alone touch her. Frankly, I’ve never been more “scared” of sex with someone. It feels like my soul is completely vulnerable. Maybe my Sun, Venus, Uranus, Pluto, north node, and Lilith, all in her 8th house, may play a part too.

    1. Man, it’s shockingly EXACTLY what’s up with me and my girl. Mars square Mars, POTENT attraction, but fear, and a body type I’d never have been into before. That’s all irrelevant. She’s completely transformed my taste in women. And same thing regarding sleeping next to her. Thanks! (Oh, my mars libra, hers Capricorn. She’s an Aquarian, I’m Virgo. Jeez, that’s another story. May leave soon.)

      1. Wow, 8th house overlays is really deep. May I know as a Planet person, do you feel you have upper hand or do you feel she(as house person) has upper hand over you? also, who is attracted first? Him or you?

  14. I have this with my current guy; I can’t look up the exact degrees on my phone, unfortunately, but I remember it’s a tight square from Libra (me) to Capricorn (him). And we both have natal Mars-Pluto aspects in our charts, as well.

    How it’s going?
    Very well, actually. He wants to call the shots and I let him. *grins* So we both get what we want! He’s one of the very few men who’ve ever gave me a run for my money and I enjoy the fuck out of it.

  15. I have had Venus Square Venus and it wasn’t easy. We had different values and it put the breaks on early in the relationship. When the rest of the synAstry is better it seemed I could incorporate his taste after I made the song he sent me my own

    When someone’s Mars is incompatible I get irritable

  16. What I mean is when you argue about surface values and are constantly stuck on that it’s hard to get deeper. Reminds me of that song love and anger by Kate Bush. Perhaps our familiar differences were the only thing that held us at the time

    1. I had to learn a lesson. My girl and I have almost exact mars-mars square. It wasn’t easy when I thought the old way. What this aspect between us has made me do is let go of the small things. Tension that isn’t necessary isn’t worth it. I drive slower, like she likes. I let her eat in the car. Never used to want that. Etc. she’s so special that I had to change.

      1. This comment is so nice and relatable! I have the same experience with my current partner (I’m the Libra mars, he’s the Cap mars). Although our square is not exact, it’s still there and we often have little arguments. Thanks to our Mercury signs trine each other we usually just talk it out and end up laughing about it. But, just like you said, we have taught each other a lot of lessons by just communicating and letting go of these small tensions. Instead of pushing in an argument we just see each other’s perspective and find a middle ground. As the Libra mars I am often the one who turns the argument into a conversation, he is definitely more quick to anger than I am so I have to pull him back to planet earth lol. I’m super glad to see how common this Libra/Cap mars square is, and that lots of people find the same methods to handle it 😀

  17. I have been in a relationship with a guy now for about 7 months and we have aqua and scorpio mars square. Is that the reason why the sex is so unbelievably explosive? As i cannot put my finger on what causes this… I also have venus cap in the 8th house. We’ve never had any big fights so far. Differences yes, but i feel that it broadens my perception anyway and loves a good challenge in certain areas of my life. We learn allot from each other thats for sure.

  18. i have 8th house leo venus/mars
    he has aqua venus square taurus mars
    so it’s mars square mars, venus opp venus, venus square mars and venus opp mars all together? is this possible?

    1. thank you elsa!

      so, venus opp venus – different (life)styles – true
      venus/mars dw – i love you, i hate you but i want you now but not now? i never desired anybody so bad in my life, it’s on 24/7 for awhile
      mars square mars – well, if our sexual orientation is matching i don’t care about the rest haha

      1. This is my problem, sexual orientation, does not match in the relationship. We have mars square mars, Aries and cancer and maybe 4 Pluto double whammies. Venus, Mercury, Mars, Moon. Plus Neptune double whammy at 1 degree, mercury. I’ve never felt this way in my life, this person hit me in the vertex, healed my relationship to life immediately. I learned all about astrology in two months, reading obsessively, maybe more obsessively than I ever have. Turns out we were married in a past life and then we were separated by a catastrophe, but our marriage wasn’t bad. She’s got her Saturn sitting right on my MC next to her Juno, and her Juno is sitting right next to my Pluto. So it says that we’re destined to pick up where we left off but I’m a woman now. I’m in love with her. At the same time, I’m afraid I might die, but I don’t even care. Anyway, whatever, can’t change song sexual orientation plus her boyfriend moved back in.

  19. Maybe the square is the “iron sharpens iron” aspect. It is intense, but if you have enough support, it can make you a better person. I failed to mention in my above post that we also shared his Saturn opposition my Mars, while his Mars was approaching trine aspect to my Saturn, so may mars in Libra was always trying to please and his Saturn in Aries was always detached. Sometimes I know he did try to please, but he tried to do it with his head and not his heart, which was very obvious. My Mars completed a T-square with his Venus/Saturn (and close Mars) square.

  20. I’m dating a girl where we have almost exact mars squares. I have to say, out of all my girlfriends, long term all of them, where the sexuality was extremely good, this one takes the cake. I’ve never been this attracted to a woman, and oddly enough, she’s not even my normal “body type” I’m attracted to. She’s just her. We do have other things going on of course. I have my Sun, Venus, Pluto, Uranus, and some asteroids, in her 8th house. Her Venus is in my first, close to my ascendent. (6 degrees). And some other things. Odd. Sounds like the Mars square Mars should not allow what is happening.

  21. My new partner and I have this square, hers in Aquarius at 9 degrees, mine in Taurus at 9, so it’s tight. We’ve been together a year. I’m fourteen years older than her, which bothered me a little initially. She told me to get over myself… She (aquarius) definitely doesn’t do clingy and I’m more prone to possesiveness, but it’s working well. The sex is explosive and intense. Any difficulty — and I can see how there may be some — seems to be softened by her Capricorn Venus (11 degrees) trining my Mars. The bedroom is a great place to be!
    Our synastry chart shows some hard squaress, but our composite is very strong. I was delighted to see Sun conjunct Venus and Mercury in the 5th. Can there be a better placement? After many years of ‘malcontent’ in a safe marriage, I feel happy and free. Oh, and the sex is great.

  22. Mars square Mars gave me anxiety. The feeling of being on edge around that person. That said, their Mars was also conjunct my Saturn. Since I have Mars square Saturn in tight aspect in my natal chart, any hard aspect to my Mars will inevitably result in a hard aspect to my Saturn. I prefer a trine. The word I could think to describe it, is ”heat”.

  23. Avatar
    Amanda from Brazil

    I atract aries venus/mars squaring my capricorn venus/mars. I hope my new aries coloured friend and I come to the point… and zaz!
    Thank you who share your experiences. Its so rich!

  24. Unfortunately, I have this aspect with my partner. It can be very frustrating. Thankfully, there are some positive Mercury aspects between us, which encourage good communication. Patience for one another has also helped.

  25. doomed. but it wasn’t just mars, it was also venus, suns, and moons all square. it was really good before it wasn’t.
    we have beautiful babies.

  26. I have Mars Square Mars with my partner and we get along perfectly fine! There are, however, loads of other favorable aspects. The sexual attraction is perfect, and we are both action-takers – his Mars is in Aries, mine in Capricorn – so we have a lot in common that way. We’re not in competition at all – but other things like moon trine moon and Jupiter / Mercury double-whammy trines, and LOTS of other positive Jupiter aspects, we’re OK – we are also Cancer/Cap suns so in opposition and it works. Just piping in here to say that yeah sure it can be a tough aspect if there aren’t any other good aspects, but it’s just one aspect and there’s the whole chart to consider.

  27. I have Mars Square Mars with an on again off again beau. It is the only square we have in our synastry chart. I am a Mars Taurus and He is a Mars Leo. So it is definitely the battle of the egos. But the physical attraction and chemistry is out of this world. He also has his Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto in my 8th House, along with Saturn trines and conjunctions, South Node and North Node aspects. So that makes us keep coming back together time and time again. With this aspect the passion never fizzles, but there will be power struggles. When I wanted clarity on our connection, astrology helped me to understand what has and is going on in our connection. With clarity brings understanding and patience. But both people must be willing to do the work. There are reasons we cross paths with certain individuals, there is always a lesson in healing for one or the both of you. Please check the composite chart aspects as well to get the overall energy of you both as a couple. Mars square Mars is not a deal breaker if there are other positive aspects.

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