Aries Bunny Kills Wolf Pack and Two Hunters…

My sister is a Pisces with Venus in Aries. She was married to a Scorpio with an Aries rising. He’s the one she threw a chair at, but anyway this guy was an intense piece of work, make no mistake. So that makes three of us… all of us very intense people and one day we were driving around Denver.

This was about 15 years ago, before I had kids and I was riding in the backseat and flipping through the latest issue of the Mountain Astrologer. I was reading the jokes, specifically which was appropriate because lots of Jupiter in the car that day. I’ve got a very strong Jupiter, my sister has Moon Jupiter in Sagittarius and her husband, also has a Sadge Moon.

“Zodiac headlines,” I read from the back seat. “Aries Bunny Kills Wolf Pack and Two Hunters.’

We all snorted and I started calling her husband, “bunny” seeing as I knew it would piss him off. My sister chimed in.

“We’re going to stop for coffee” he said, Aries-bossing my sister and I who are both Capricorn risings and don’t like orders all that much…

“Okay, bunny,” I said from the back seat.

“Yeah, okay bunny,” my sister chimed in.

We both snorted and then observed.

See, Scorpio prefers to contain emotion and present a calm exterior, where Aries will kill you and ask questions later. Obviously bunny didn’t fancy himself as “bunny” and so we knew his blood was boiling but Scorpio has got to maintain the poker face no matter what so the temperature shot up the car something my sister and I can read like nobodies business. I never liked the guy that much (vice versa). We were having like a 10 year feud so my glee was especially pure.

We kept it up awhile. We kept calling him “bunny” and eventually he got so hot my sister turned and looked at me with an eyebrow raised as if to ask if I knew what I was doing.

I looked back at her all innocent like … who me? Of course I know what I’m doing!

“Bunny can handle this,” I said risking my life. “He’ll be out of this car in no time at all. He can survive… er, can’t he?”

On that she hung her head in her hands. She never could stop my mouth.

But I figured the guy hated me (for nothing) and he may as well have a good reason. I get to this point sometimes, how about you?

Ever get so sick of someone you just let ’em have it?

6 thoughts on “Aries Bunny Kills Wolf Pack and Two Hunters…”

  1. Yeah, my ex and I were like that. He still tries to get me to play the game but I just don’t have the energy for it anymore.

    My fiance and I do a different version of that… Now and then our Aries flares (we’ve both got too much of it) and we have to pick at each other. But unlike with my ex, it stays loving and good-natured!

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    Southern Cross

    Oh shit yeah. The person also had Aries rising. I gave him a good left hook. There was blood everywhere.

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