Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Exciting Good Fortune

big bangJupiter will conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees Taurus on April 20, 2024.  We can look forward to this as the chart is fabulous. I wrote this ten months ago. I thought I should update it.

Jupiter is lucky and Uranus surprises. Taurus rules love, money, values and your self esteem.  The overwhelming majority of people are going to get a good result from this.

This doesn’t mean you should do nothing and wait for the big score. For the best result, you want to work with these planets.

Jupiter asks you to be upbeat, generous, forgiving and open minded.  Uranus loves a unique individual; someone who is not afraid to experiment of break a rule.

It’s pretty likely your Jupiter-ruled beliefs will change in this frame.  This should be exciting rather than depressing.  The future is upbeat.

Whatever happens will be very fast.  People stuck in bad situations could get a windfall here. I realize many feel that can’t happen; if you see it happen, I guess you’ll open your mind and believe. Shock!

If you have planets that will be supported but the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, you may experience luck or expansion that is out-of-this-world.  I’m talking about planets in Earth signs between 13-27 degrees. Planets in Water signs near these degrees will also get a bump.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus 2024

Here are some specific examples of how this transit could manifest in different areas of life with the corresponding planets or houses noted:

  • Finances: You may experience sudden windfalls or unexpected expenses. You may also be inspired to invest in new and innovative financial products or services. (2nd house or aspects to natal Venus)
  • Career: You may be drawn to new and unconventional career paths. You may also be more likely to take risks and start your own business. (10th house or aspects to Saturn)
  • Relationships: You may experience sudden changes in your relationships. You may also be drawn to more unconventional partners. (7th house or aspects to Venus)
  • Health: You may experience sudden health changes. You may also be more likely to experiment with alternative or holistic health practices. (6th house or ascendant)
  • Spirituality: You may experience a spiritual awakening or transformation. You may also be more interested in exploring new spiritual practices or beliefs. (3rd or 9th house or aspects to Mercury or Jupiter)

Update: April 10th, 2024.

I have been working with these energies as I recommended. I credit this pair of planets for keeping me upbeat in this trying time, both personal and worldwide.

I had a severe technical problem on this blog. I benefitted due to foreigner (Jupiter) with skilled with technology (Uranus). The man was an angel. I am now moving this astrology (Uranus) site to Germany aka “Jupiter”, from my perspective. It will literally keep this site viable and again, I am being helped by a foreigner.

I’ve returned to daily prayer (Jupiter) for the whole world (Jupiter) – the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Best of all, I’ve been able to retreat from the internet, more and more, which has been my goal for a long time.  It’s about being free (Jupiter) and liberated (Uranus). I basically, “open the door” to the internet. See, the massive dark storm, swirling. This allows me to shut the door and live, happily.

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Where will the the Jupiter Uranus conjunction fall in your chart.  What would you like to see come from this?

Added in, April 2024 – How is it going?

106 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Exciting Good Fortune”

  1. Everyone is looking forward for this conjunction hoping it brings good things but I really can’t see it happening. It’s Uranus in Taurus that brings all the suffering, in economy food shortages disruption in everything our securities have vanished. Jupiter is not much of a help. I don’t see how their conjunction can promise good things. It will fall next to my natal mercury 10H and opposite my moon and I do have a natal Jupiter uranus conjunction in early Sagittarius degrees. Their previous conjunction in Aries brought me a few prosperous years. This time I find it hard to believe that it can bring abundance. Uranus is too malefic in that transit..

  2. Hi, my ascendant is at 22°Taurus so the conjunction will hit it and it also tries my midheaven at 23°Cap. Looking at the chart I can see that the North Node is opposite my Natal Mercury and Saturn is conjunct my Chiron and opposite Pluto. What do you think of this? I’m not happy about the sudden health problems that you mention involving the ascendant…

    1. H, Sheila, I didn’t say it was a problem. If you do have a problem, there will be a benefit attached… like you find out and your life is saved.

  3. Hi,

    I have my natal moon in 20 degrees/ Taurus- could you give an example of how that could affect me?

    Cheers/ Nana

  4. This transit intersects my chart in many many ways…
    -Jupiter-uranus is within a degree of my 22 Taurus Asc; Jupiter and Uranus are also opposite within a degree in my natal chart
    -Venus is on the degree of my natal Venus (19 Aries) with transiting Chiron within a degree
    -Mars is on the degree of my natal Mars (22 Pisces)
    -Mercury is on the degree of my natal Moon (16 Aries) with the North node within a degree.
    -And transiting Pluto is impacting my Mc (0 Aquarius) and trining my sun (0 Gemini)

    I am tripping out with excitement that this transit chart is just blasting my own…

  5. Hi. The Uranus/Jupiter conjunction falls in my 8th house and square to my (10h) sun. I’m a bit worried about what to expect, especially as I have Pluto conjunct my moon & natal Jupiter in the 4th house, and square to my (7h) Mars too at the moment. Tough times.

  6. Hi
    This will fall in my 11th, still not so far from my venus/mars conjunction (13 deg taurus), opposition my natal Uranus (18 deg scorpio) in the 5th and squarring my natal Jupiter in the 2nd/Leo.
    In the past 2/3 months I have felt more lucky than ever in career and relationship. I am crossing fingers that it can last 🙂
    Do you think that we can already feel how this will look like ?

  7. Uh, unless I’m mistaken, Jupiter and Uranus have only had TWO
    conjunctions in Taurus in modern times. (Before that in 1100.)
    1) in 1858
    2) in 1941
    I don’t think I need to explain what those years (and the five following) meant to America!

    1. Yes, but it’s out the individual’s hands, where taking advantage of an opportunity that pops up, is well within their sphere of operation.

      You may know you are right, but I also know I am right, because I see these freak things happening all around me.

      We’re really talking about different expressions of the same aspect.

  8. The Moon will be passing through the conjunction today, which will be interesting to observe as it may show related themes.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will pay attention to what themes arise throughout my day. This conjunction happens in my 7th in an exact trine to my chart ruler Venus in Virgo in my 11th house , trine my Capricorn moon on my IC and sextile my Saturn in Cancer in my 9th house. I would welcome a new partner, finances, career & travel. Thank you Universe in advance 😇

  9. In my 8th, wide opposition to my Moon and Mars in Scorpio, actually on the midpoint of both.
    Money is in the pipeline from a small inheritance since December 23, might finally arrive end of the month.
    Uranus will oppose my Mars next year, I have an opposition of Uranus and Venus natally and am curious re this, not scared.

    The Mercury retrograde is difficult, although it trines my Sun and Saturn I’m experiencing health problems and really dislike being slowed down to such an extent.

    I’m looking after myself though, with a tinge of nostalgia which is not my favourite mood.
    It’ll pass, I’m open to nice surprises and new opportunities.

  10. Oh man, I feel I I was SO looking forward to this (22 Taurus sun, 4th house) that I jinxed it haha. I was hoping I’d get pregnant or get a surprise nephew or sibling wedding, something expansive… but so far: my mother in law came to visit us abroad, had a fight with my husband, went full mental breakdown, declared herself “paralyzed” and is now demanding diapers, sponge baths and to be moved around in wheelchairs. Revolution of the home life alright! On the other hand, I am working a temp gig at the airport and every time I see those planes rolling in, I feel happy to be at work for the first time in my life. I guess aviation, foreigners, identity… checks out? At least that was a pleasant surprise.

  11. This will be hitting both my daughters and my 6th house. We have drs appts close to the 20th. My son also has a taurus asc close to that degree. I hope everyone is well. Strangest thing is my daughter’s sag asc is at 2 degrees , mine is at 6. Her appointment is on the 19th mine is on the 22.

  12. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus in 1st house. Along with my one and only Uranus return. Natal Uranus is 25 Taurus 1st house, ASC 19 Taurus.. Natally Jupiter/Saturn exact conjunction 14 degrees in Taurus 12th house..

    Taurus Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will be in my 1st house. ASC is 19 Taurus. Having my one and only Uranus return in 1st house. Natal Uranus at 25 Taurus. Natal Jupiter/Saturn exact conjunction 14 Taurus in 12th house.

    ”””””’will occur in my 1st house. Also in my 1st house is natal Uranus at 25 Taurus. I am also experiencing my one and only Uranus return. ASC is at 19 Taurus.

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