Weekly Forecast: April 8-12, 2024 – New Moon Eclipse In Aries

Monday morning the Aries Moon passes over the Moon’s north node. It goes on to join Chiron and the Sun in an improbably exact three-way conjunction: the new moon eclipse (don’t forget to attack the fire nation)(apologies if you’re not nerdy like me).

A total eclipse on Chiron; now that’s something. It’s healing, learning, painful lessons, a chance to show out on painful lessons learned and healing accomplished. It’s a fresh start that YOU initiate. And it’s SOMETHING. If right now it feels like it’s not, or you still don’t get the hype as it peaks and passes, it’s entirely possible the seed planted needs more time to germinate. Not all big deals are instant, even though Aries tends to be.

For one thing, the ruler of this eclipse, Mars, is in Pisces and closely conjunct Saturn. It’s possible this fresh egg is outside conscious scrutiny (Mercury is retrograde as well, so we may need another look later). There’s also some divine timing involved and no one gooses the divine into action on the spot. Mars-Saturn in Pisces will serve no wine before its time.

Mars-Saturn also has a bit of a reputation for cruelty. In Pisces, that could include self-harm. SO, perhaps we’re taking the time we need to start this project in a way that is best and most healthy for us. Healing is built in. If we’ve already gotten there, great! If not, we’re in process.

The new moon goes on to conjoin retro Mercury by night. Take note of how you feel… knowing it’s not the last word on the subject.

On Tuesday, the Moon moves to Venus-ruled Taurus and an immediate square to Pluto. The tension is fixed and the mood tangible, an unmet need perhaps? One we still crave. However, with Venus in Aries unfettered, it’s simple enough to move past that if you choose to. Just stop hitting yourself in the face with it. Or just don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

Wednesday, the Taurus Moon sextiles the Mars-Saturn conjunction then conjoins Jupiter as Mars conjoins Saturn exactly. It then conjoins Uranus and goes on to sextile Neptune overnight. The mood boost is real and electric, felt in the body. Innovation is on deck but so is an opportunity to bring something real into the world after time spent neck deep in development. It may seem to be something from nothing, but we all know how much work it took.

Thursday’s Gemini Moon trines Pluto in the morning then goes on to sextile Venus by evening. What not long ago seemed impossible (or improbable) doubles in satisfaction when you see more than one way forward… a second chance for deep, delicious satisfaction. Get what you want? Twice? Twice as much? There’s a will and a way; the mood uncovers missing data that makes it possible. In the afternoon, the Sun and retro Mercury collide.

Friday morning, the Gemini Moon squares the past-exact Saturn-Mars conjunction. Mercury heads back toward conjunction with Chiron in Aries at the same degree of the eclipse. Look back at what’s happened since the new moon and longer back as well. What were you working at? What has come of it? Is the plan still holding up? Where are the flaws? Don’t look away in discomfort; the only way out is through.

Friday afternoon, the Moon in Gemini sextiles Chiron and retro Mercury then goes on to sextile the Sun by night. It feels like our motivations are coming together with our path forward, but there’s more. More as in the feeling that there are other opportunities and options for growth. That doesn’t negate what we already know, but we shouldn’t turn away from other avenues of interest. We now have choices. Tune in to the thrill of options and rethink the plan.

Try on the possibility of a bit of fun. Give it a go!

The Aries new moon eclipse takes place at 19 degrees, exactly conjunct Chiron. Where does this hit your chart? How are you feeling about this dramatically different new moon?

10 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: April 8-12, 2024 – New Moon Eclipse In Aries”

  1. Powerfui configuration, including the conjunctions U-J in T, V-N in P and M-S in P. The eclipse will take place in the last degrees of my 5 house with Mercury already in the 6th, if anyone feels like commenting. It looks like something big is going to happen at a collective level, especially in North America. It looks like a trigger for an explosive configuration. Here in Spain the effects will be minor.

  2. Its in my 7th house and a lot of trines to my natal chart, Sun/,Moon,Chiron trine Saturn and Mercury trine Sun, Mars/Saturn trine Moon, and Neptune finishing up a trine to my Scorpio Mars that was active since 2022.

    Retrograde Merc has me digging into history, mundane and my own, it feels compulsive, I struggle to stay in the here and now let alone think about the future. I do not fight it but it feels uncomfortable, I like to focus on the future instead. But I know that its all about connecting the dots, somehow, even of it feels messy and blurry at this time. Emotionally I feel nostalgic, also not my favourite mood.

    Things I tried to push on and up in the real world seem to dissolve as I touch them, and I am tired of all the layers beneath asking for attention. I crave action, any kind of action, to feel secure again, even if it means burning bridges. But I will wait for clarity.

    Thank you for the opportunity to gather my thoughts and scan my current state. It always helps to have a sense of what’s coming.

  3. Enjoying the energies immensely this morning. I am a 72 years old Aries, birthdate 4/12/52 with 13 degrees Capricorn rising. This morning I have been playing like my usual kid self on FB and sharing Blue Man Group videos and all kinds of positive, funny stories with my friends. Fear can’t enter where love, laughter and joy are present!!

  4. My 67th birthday. Thank you all for being alive today. Enjoy the music, drinks and company while we take care of the final details of the ultimate fireworks display the cosmos has to offer … My friends and I have been working to bring you this lil tang we like to call “TOTAL CLYPSE” for what feels like ForEVVERRR …

    So make yourselves at home in your own skins and enjoy the show all the way down to your exoskeletons. And remember … if you will … to let it all … *poof*

  5. Conjunct my south node in the 12th. I have n Chiron conj my asc and Mercury rules my sun. This is the first time in my life that I have physically felt an astrological event in my body. Wwwhhhooosssshhhh!!!!! I intend to transcend all of my unconscious blocks and manifest earthly abundance with Jupiter/Uranus in my 2nd house. ♈️🔥☄️❤️‍🔥♉️
    Happy Eclipse everyone!!!✨✨✨✨

  6. Avatar
    the starry night

    Conjuncting my IC. Never drove alone in the car while holding a drivers licence for more than 8 years. Today I did it! WOOOW! what a feeling … a fear conquered with the courage + mastery + faith which has been given to me through all those around me who invested their time, passion, and love into my skills and independence. BTW, my birthday is on a day of Jupiter – Uranus conjunction in my fifth house on my natal Chiron. Wow! We are trying to get pregnant with IVF.

  7. Wow. Chiron in the mix all in the bottom of the bowl (lowest part of the chart for me in the 4th House) created a doozy of an expression for new moon. At the waters edge for our monthly ritual a big wind storm presented the powerful challenge. Even the seagulls were hunkered down.

    We set sail anyway. My boat set off without me. I watched in shock. My intentions sailed — my collected wish, candle to celebrate the new cycle and penny of thanks —rode the swift out going tide. The wind blew powerfully.

    Chiron’s effects throughout the eclipse and into the now as I write informs me as past choices illuminate my place now: Still back there? Or swiftly onward?

    Can I comfortably live in my present, shed the old skin; feeling the discomfort (old decisions made in younger skin) and feel the strength and humility of home and self-worth now.

    “It’s not an either or world”, said the Jedi master. Feel the force, feel the bliss of the adventure.

    As you said Satori “…there’s more…” Thank you, your post floats my swiftly moving new moon bun. There are options.I press “Done” and add to the thread and the story continues.

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