Does This Sagittarius Man Love This Aries Woman?

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Dear Elsa,

I am a Aries in a relationship with a Sagittarius man. I have been in this relationship for about 2 years and he has not yet said, “I love you”. Am I expecting too much too soon? He helps me financially and he spends what time he can with me. He has 2 two jobs. We work together on one of the jobs, he works approximately 12 to 16 hours a day.

I just want to know if am I wasting my time or should I continue to invest? If I have a emotional problem and bring it to his attention, he tries to make adjustments so to compromise with me. Sometimes I am just not sure where I stand with him; his actions makes me feel special and loved, but then sometimes when he is distant, I feel he may be involved with some one else or no longer interested.

Can you please give me some advice?

Confused Aries
United States

Dear Aries,

Two years is a significant amount of time to spend with someone and it sounds to me as if your man is keeping his distance. You say that you wonder if he is involved elsewhere… which makes me wonder if he involved elsewhere either permanently or intermittently.

In whatever case, it seems he does want to keep his options open because although it sounds as if he treats you well, he is maintaining the relationship without commitment. And while it seems clear he values you to an extent, it is also clear that you are not his priority or you would have more answers and less questions.

Now I don’t know how much money he has and how much money he gives, but perhaps this is a relationship of convenience for him and you are basically being paid not to ask questions. I am not going to judge that because I could care less but if you are wondering if this relationship is leading to something like marriage or babies or something traditional like that, my guess would be no. But I don’t know this!

If you want answers to questions like this, you are going to have to ask the man directly and with Sun and Mercury in Aries – never mind a Scorpio Moon – I am surprised you have not already. It leads me to think you like the cash and perhaps the sex and with am emphasis on Aquarius in your chart as well, the independence has got to appeal as well.

I think you can take this from here.

Good luck.

5 thoughts on “Does This Sagittarius Man Love This Aries Woman?”

  1. She has a Scorpio Moon? If this is right then I think she’s got exactly what she NEEDS.
    I am a Scorp Moon and I can tell you that I had all kinds of issues regarding possessiveness within relationships. I am currently married to an Aries Moon person and he does exactly the same thing in regards to the “love” talk.

    Through this relationship I have grown from being a emotionally demanding (and draining) person to one who is completely at ease with his autonomy.
    While the words “I love you” sound good to the ego they can bear out a falseness if there are no actions (Aries/Mars) behind them.

    In a previous marriage (with a Taurean) I heard this ALL the time, including how “beautiful” I was.** dry retching from the memory**
    Now, all the while he was saying this he was writing teenaged Asian girls for group sex.
    See how that works? My ego is getting satisfied but my soul is screaming for air.

    I’d do what Elsa says about asking the source. Most people are not honest with themselves so it is extremely difficult to illicit honesty in this situation.

    Good Luck.

  2. Gee the man is working some long-*zz hours honey. Sounds like he is doing the best he can by you on the limited time he has for sleep, eating, showering and commuting. Let him know some of your concerns in a ‘non-needy’ way. He may not realize you are looking for a bit more in the actual air-time feelings department! Just don’t try to fence him in or he’ll bolt on you.

  3. dear elsa i am an aries and i am involed with two relationships one with a virgo is coming to an end because we never get to see each other. i really love him and he claims to love me. the other is with a sagitarius i want this relationhip but somthing is holding us back. i feel like i just cant do it. were suposed to be a match made in heaven but im just unsure if this is meant to be. however he doe treat me right and really cares for me. so who do i choose? the virgo or the sagitarius. thank you verry much

    -a wonderous Aries

    united state

  4. I’m an aries too, i say you should demand the answer from him, not in a mean way of course, but assertively. Ask him what he wants and take it litterally. I’ve been dating a sag for three months now, and in my mind he doesn’t express enough interest in me to take it to the next level. Only give him what you think he deserves from you, I’m doing that now to this sag and i thought he would go running but he’s still around. The man would appreciate you being your true aries self, so be bold and handle your business.

    -Empress Aries

  5. I was dating a sag….and she above is right…just give them what they deserve…hold on loosely….they don’t like fences..let him run and act like you don’t care cause you are so busy….this will drive him wild!!

    Aries Sum
    Scorp mOON
    MARCH 24 1962

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