People Who Won’t Back Down (aka Aries)

With Mars in Libra, I’m fascinated, attracted and simultaneously appalled by the Aries archetype who won’t back down. I have a drive (Mars) to compromise (Libra).

I marvel at people who take a position and provided they believe they’re right, they will absolutely not back down.

My Libra can’t decide whether to be thrilled or horrified.

Are you someone who won’t back down? What does it feel like?

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  1. I won’t back down (Mars/Uranus/Pallas/Pluto in the 8th). But, I don’t go around picking fights and poking bears anymore either. I’ll defend myself and my loved ones to the death against anyone–be that hand to hand or strategy. And sometimes ditching the situation and circling back around when you are physically unmatched is a good strategy.
    Sometimes, I don’t think Aries weighs this out. If you are in a situation where someone is bigger than you and you are going to end up a muddled mess on the floor..think of another way you can beat this. Cuz, there is one.

  2. Mars in Pisces in the 7th house. I use my intuition to anticipate what others want. The only people I observed taking a position and then sticking to it have ended up looking incredibly deluded.

    Experience has shown me that there is merit in having a position but that it should be accompanied by some lines in the sand too. But more than anything else, we should be prepared to change our position when the circumstances and facts change.

  3. South node Libra — I give-in easy.
    And, for those I know who dig their heels in the ground and won’t give in — karma is a wonderful thing.

  4. I’m horrified by Aries. Both my in-laws are Aries. I have no Aries friends and the one time I was attracted to an Aries, as soon as he opened his mouth well that was over!!!

    Every Aries I’ve met is the equivalent of stupid meets stubborn. They’ll take an uninformed (and/or highly emotional) position and hang on to it for dear life and defend it to the death. Does not matter if you can prove them wrong with factual information. I feel like Aries people generally are the babies of the zodiac…. they don’t even care if they look like total babbling idiots defending their point of view. Not a fan.

    Too much cool rational Virgo and Libra in my chart for this group.

  5. @Caroline, lol, agreed!

    Mars Sun conj, sun in aries 2nd, mars in taurus 3rd talking here. Yup , can be REALLY stubborn even when i realise I’m wrong about something, Aries pride I suppose. But when the warrior is needed I’m first in line and sometimes in life one needs to refuse to back down. I’m a fan of Socrates, he didn’t back down even when the majority told him he was talking horseshit. The Athenians made him drink Hemlock poison eventually, such was his punishment for refusing to back down.
    I’m told I can be pretty scary when my anger has a head of steam (taurus) and I’ll give anyone a verbal lashing, but it takes alot usually to get to this stage. However, the aries sun in me can be incandescently furious and defensive of; my kids, my animals, my family anyone or anything I love etc if I percieve a threat or critisicm. It dies down quick enough though.
    I do have alot of pisces going on in my chart; moon, venus mercury saturn so I reckon the taurus mars/aries sun combo is a little diluted, thank goodness eh!
    ps @ virgovixen funny you express your dislike of aries, I don’t have (don’t wish to either) any virgo friends, (and thankfully no virgo family to put up with) you virgos are so PICKY and obsessed with details, I just get so bored with the nitpicking and have to trot off to find some interesting fun people who enjoy a hot debate with no hard feelings, haha only kidding….not! 🙂

  6. Yep. Me. Adrenaline kicks in and I go for the throat. It’s mostly in defense, though. I don’t let things intimidate me and if you’re going to be aggressive AT ME, you’re going to get it RIGHT BACK.

    I fight fire with fire.

  7. I have Aries moon and mars. I also have mercury in Gemini, which gives me the mental chops to research my position and also the wisdom to reconsider if my information tells me to.

    I am usually a shades of gray person, but there is also clear right and wrong. I have my own moral code and there is almost nothing that would make me break that. (Sun in 12th) If a situation affects my moral code no, I will not back down, period.

    I have filed assault charges as a witness when I was sixteen years old. Reported abusive policemen to their supervisors, called my house of representatives about fraudulent expenses and unethical mental health professionals in a bureaucracy.

    I have publicly questioned the financial director of my factory in an employee meeting because he contradicted what he’d told us less than two years before. The company president (Japanese was his first language, English his second) was frustrated by the inability of his interpreter to keep up with the conversation.

    But basically, we were told if we worked overtime, ran jobs for the Canada plant on our presses with our personnel and shipped them with our trucks when they went into the black we would receive a portion of their profit sharing.

    Well, they did and we didn’t. He tried to lie and I said “I specifically remember you saying this. To invest in another company to the detriment of our own is just not good business, and we are in the business of being profitable”

    I wasn’t fired…but I did catch the side eye for quite some time. You do not try to hoodwink a Taurus financially.

  8. I *have* backed down, repeatedly. I think that protecting my boundaries, and myself, are different from not backing down. I’m more mutable than anything, although my progressed Mars just moved into Aries. Aries/Gem/Scorpio. Uranus everywhere. I’m rarely happy about fighting, and am usually the one to forget and talk to someone nicely – then I get my feelings hurt again, because, oops, we’re supposed to be fighting.

    My sister is a Capricorn, Pisces Moon & ascendant, with Aries mostly filling her first house + mars in Sadge. She can squash down so much that I’m amazed – I’m usually over most things, but I cannot squash down strong feelings. She does it for everyone but me. I didn’t file assault charges against her, when she hurt me two weeks ago.

    I can be stubborn, not arrogant, and I can also admit that I’m wrong. I tend to think of everyone, but now remember to protect and defend myself. I told my aunt to stop sending me birthday and christmas money or gifts, and donate it on instead, and she won’t be the only one hearing that. I would respect someone if they just admitted that they’d lied, instead of foisting it onto me. I’ve been told by others that they’ve heard a certain someone winding me up. I defended her yesterday, to people who only know my side of things, because I can see her point of view, even if she’s wrong.

  9. I don’t generally back down if I know I’m right, not ego right, but right about whatever the issue is. I research first to make sure I am right, but with being an Aries rising I usually am, hehe.

  10. I can back down, and I do frequently to eliminate conflict (Mars trine Neptune), sometimes to my detriment. I grew up in a very aggressive household (Aries Mars/Venus/SN in my 4th; Pluto in 10th) and hate fighting. I find it annoying, more than anything else. Argumentative people annoy and bore the living shit out of me.

    This post made me think of the recent thread on the boards about being right or being popular; I’m not heavily invested in either.

    There are things I will never “back down” on, like my right to protect my physical body. I defend myself, period. It’s so deeply ingrained there is no point in anyone trying to tell me differently because it’s like telling me to grow a new set of eyeballs or something.

  11. Jupiter in Aries in the 10th, Mars in Scorpio in the 5th. (Late Cancer Rising) I have weird luck with things of a ‘martial’ nature, although (Sun in Libra) I am a peacekeeper. I don’t back away from intense experiences, though as I’m aging, and I believe in my progression of my Sun into Sagi – my balance has moved into the philosophical and search for freedom. I’m learning to back away from too much of that Scorpion underground, getting nasty, emotionally stinging energy.

  12. But Elsa, there are things you won’t back down on, and rightly so. You’ve been teaching your son about honesty and morals in regards to the train, that is commendable to not back down on. I have no Aries, but what I have is a deep belief in the importance of my integrity, and when it comes to that, I won’t compromise.
    All that being said, there are two Aries suns in my group of friends, and I understand what you are saying about Aries. One seems to think that he is always right, his way of viewing the world is the correct one, and everyone else is wrong, and needs to get in line with him. I keep trying to show him that everyone is different, and just because he is right for him, doesn’t mean that he has the answer that is right for everyone. One of his friends is financially in the position to purchase a new, expensive car. The Aries only sees a car as something to get you from point a to point b. He disparages (behind his back) the friends’ desire to purchase this car, chalking it up to ego. He refuses to accept that the friend is doing it because driving is different in a luxury sports car. The way the car holds the road, the responsiveness, it’s more fun to drive.

  13. “But Elsa, there are things you won’t back down on, and rightly so.”

    Oh, I agree. My feelings about raw male energy are still what they are.

    Er… I am going to see my son test for his green belt today, and frankly, I am sick to my stomach. He is high enough now in karate, it’s pretty brutal. I told him last time, no more for me but he wants me there so I am going.

    So I hate this, but I am the one who encourages him and pays for this training so there you go.

  14. Oh jeez! Thinking good thoughts for you and Vid.

    I don’t tend to blow up, though I have plenty of Aries. It’s in the 8th, though, so I’m more inclined to be tactical and play a very long game. I’m driven as all hell, I’ll say that much. My will to thrive and win is pretty intense, but I don’t share it because it seems so ill-mannered (I have Libra too) , even as I admire those qualities in others.

  15. Anne says: “I have 6 planets in Taurus, and I have never met anyone as stubborn and arrogant as Aries women and men.”

    I have to imagine Anne has never met anyone with LEO, then, because they’re the top of the heap when it comes to ego. 😛

  16. Luci, had a Leo lover…nuts but not stubborn. My moon is in Leo. My prime Aries example has a moon in Scorpio and an Asc in Cancer.

  17. I stand my own ground and direct the energy of my focus and attention only where I Will. Since I am the one that is going to be accountable and responsible for the use of it and its consequences.

    “Aries” to me is the adventurer, the pioneer. It is the energy of the spark plug that gets the engine moving. As such, sometimes judgements are made due to a lack in following things through to completion but this is not what a spark plug is suppose to do.

    The “Combative” energy or expression of it, is another thing altogether but I don’t want to go there today. It involves “Power” and illusions of it.

  18. I have Mars in Cappy 9thH – boy out of my way if I feel “right”, justified and wise. (for the greater good.)Taurus Asc as well.

    So how does it feel?
    It feels pure, strong & ‘wise’ from a depth within my soul.

    I have Sun Aquarius (10th)(thankfully).

  19. As an Aries, I don’t like or really identify with these generalizations, but I have the Moon in Libra and that tempers my stubbornness. Usually it’s a matter of deciding which position I don’t want to budge on… which could take months, and by then, the point is moot 🙂 Hoping all of you find better Aries ambassadors eventually. We DO mean well.

  20. Never mind, Del – I adore Aries, even if I want to punch them out sometimes. Yes, there is the childlike thing someone mentioned above, but you’re right Dell – they do mean well. And at least don’t get fake nice with Aries, or the repressed anger/passive aggressiveness, or basic lack of courage to be honest about or stand up for their true views or feelings, that is so often there with Libra. Sometimes, it is a virtue, not a fault, to stand your ground: it is called being true to yourself and your values/beliefs/assessments of a situation.
    So many times i have seen Libra in public put the opposite side (often with no factual knowledge of a situation, but simply as an automatic response), or seen them put both sides, in a pretence of being fair and balanced, and then privately say what they really feel later to someone else, in an unguarded moment.

  21. I usually give people more than one chance to mess with me because sometimes we all make mistakes.

    If you’re gonna be persistent, I will surprise you… and you won’t win.

  22. Yes, I have mars in Taurus! If there was a saying for that placement, it would be stand your ground. You do your thing & I’ll do mine [mars trine Uranus]… but i’m not pushy or aggressive, more stubborn and defiant; unless you want to try and push me, then the bull comes out. [mars opposition Pluto]. We’re not mean or selfish, we just have goals we need to achieve without distraction.

  23. Interestingly my SN is conjunct my Mars in Scorpio, which is just barely in Scorpio… SO obviously, NN in Taurus.

    My intention is never to control people. My intention is to resolve and move forward. Mars actually

    But in a highly threatening situation… I will win. Mars is in a slightly loose grand cross with Sun, Moon, and BML. When I do engage, I usually note to the engager that engaging is not a great idea.

  24. Avatar
    willeke karsijns

    Hello Elsa, I never reacted before but now I simply must react.
    I am an Aries woman, Moon in Cancer,I have been into astrology since I was 14 years of age. I learned that the way a person is annoyed by another sign has a lot to say about the way this person sees her/himself. in other words: the way you subconciously act yourself is bound to be irritating if done by another sign. I am always very irritated by Virgo. Why?: I have Saturn in Virgo, it is my own irritating way of nitpicking on everybody and everything, when and if I am insecure.
    Get my point? Best regards. love your blog.
    willeke karsijns

  25. I won’t back down when I known I’m right – I have a lot of fixed signs – Leo. I will defend myself until proven wrong.

    I was born in Missouri, The Show Me State. My mother has reminded me of this all my life. I lived there the first two months of my life and then my dad was sent to Korea.

    Some signs have been bashed on this topic, especially Aries and Virgo. I’ve known Aries and Virgos that I can get along with and some I can’t. I believe it has to do with how well evolved the person is and how they express the energy.

  26. If I consider the matter worthy enough, I’m happy to die not backing down. It’s a good way to go. It feels good. It feels right. 10th hs Mars in Virgo, on the “Lion Tamer” degree, conjunct Pluto and Uranus, trine Jupiter in Taurus, sextile Moon and Neptune in Scorp, Opposing Chiron and Vesta in Pisces, plus the numerous squares, of course. Add Saturn in Pisces on the angles and the thing starts feeling like a holy duty or divine law.

  27. True. Nothing worse to me than passive/aggressive behaviors or a sugar coated phoniness. I’ll take Aries directness and bluntness over that.

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    gods left hand

    I just don`t get it

    so you are either a go-getter or a pussy?

    and how does going after what you want make you bad or though?

    you can do whatever you want to, within the boundaries of the law and no one cares if succed or fail 😀

    you know, if you elect me as a president, I`ll come with this thing called “license for maturity”, some people just need it

  29. I don’t back down if I’m sure of something. My chart is very fixed, my angles are fixed. But if it turns out I was wrong I don’t hesitate to apologize. Humility and all that.

  30. I know I’m late to the party on this one but I just read this and I feel that Aries are getting a bad rap here. Not all rams refuse to back down…I think that’s a really unfair generalization. My sun & mercury are in Aries and if someone points out that I’m wrong about something I’ll admit my mistake and apologize right away. Not all arians are perpetually looking for a fight to the death just as not all Scorpios are horny sex fiends, not all Leos need to be the constant center of attention and not all Pisces are dreamy artists. Believe it or not, there are diplomatic Aries out there! (I didn’t say patient…I said diplomatic. 😉

  31. Well, as the older Arian who rarely backs down, It isn’t a power thing. After all “I am” it is what it is. As for those that are unable to tolerate my inability to back down, please remove yourself from cowering behind me, expecting me to defend you – or bail you out. Just an opinion

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