Astrology Of An Emerging Writer: Kelly Oxford

Kelly OxfordKelly Oxford has been writing on the internet for several years. If I remember correctly I started reading and commenting on her blog just before the birth of her first child. That child is now school-age. She’s never really seemed like a parent who writes so much as a writer who happens to parent. I can’t really say I’ve seen her writing develop over time as she’s always been sharp and on top of what she does. She reminds me of Judith Viorst and Nora Ephron, but hipper, although I’m not sure “hip” was something women of their day aspired to. Regardless of the rational disconnect in pairing the terms, hip has become cultural mainstream to an extent, and Kelly appears well on her way to cresting that wave.

Kelly blogged under a pseudonym for years then went more public writing under her name at MySpace, and later Twitter. Twitter is where her popularity really made an upswing. Many big-name celebrities are her followers and their re-tweeting has fueled her rise. The subjects of her Twitter writings are varied but her children and her parenting are highlighted. Kelly has an agent and has written a comedy pilot for CBS, a comedy based on her own life. Googling her name brings up a multitude of articles and interviews from lowly blogs to NPR.

Kelly is Canadian, a model and an actor. She is married with two small children. While she’s not what one would call a “typical mom,” she is hardly atypical either. With her Sun in fun-loving, fifth house Sagittarius, she’s an adventurous type, but nurturing, with Ceres conjunct. Her Cancer Moon and rising don’t perfectly describe her model looks until you realize she’s best known publicly as a mother!

With Mercury in Sagittarius opposing Jupiter her writing is upbeat and forthright. Even when her subject matter is confrontational or controversial she writes with a confident aplomb which rarely lands her in hot water. No doubt Jupiter in the 12th aids in that regard, an invisible hand of fortune. Mercury in the sixth, Virgo’s house, is daily writing, and her constant ability to produce has no doubt aided in achieving success. Another such element is making good use of outer planet transits.

Kelly started blogging publicly when Saturn was in Leo. She drew attention and made the rounds online socially, garnering new readers while supporting the writing of others in return. This was Saturn in the 1st and 2nd houses, being seen and creating value. Saturn in Virgo through the 2nd and into the 3rd, was the point where she was honing the quality of her writing and stretching her base to include new forms of online communication. As Saturn has spanned the first half of Libra and the end of her 3rd house, it has come to conjunct her Pluto-North Node. She has made inroads in relationships with those in power, complimenting her higher purpose associated with the third house, writing, and relationship in general, Libra. Pluto on the North Node makes following one’s higher purpose a powerful and transformational process. It also makes it no small task. But great reward can be the outcome for those who take the plunge.

During this same time period Pluto has moved through her sixth house, revolutionizing and transforming her daily work. She went from carefree young woman to daily writing mother. I’m sure the transition was not without challenge but clearly she has made it work. Kelly is a fine example of someone who has maximized the opportunities presented by planetary transit, working them in ways appropriate to her chart.

You can follow Kelly on Twitter HERE.

14 thoughts on “Astrology Of An Emerging Writer: Kelly Oxford”

  1. Hey…is this err..I’m struggling to recall..RedDirt (something like that) from back in Xanga-land?
    If so, I recall thinking how fresh she was…with a good ‘voice’. There were several talented, interesting blogger/writers ‘bitd’ on Xanga & Salon some of whom I’ve seen go onto neat new things & some of whom have disappeared (or I’ve simply lost track of em anyway)

  2. That’s so funny, I read her when she was RedDirtGirl as well and really liked her. I recognized Kelly by her photo immediately. Thanks for the link to her Twitter, I’ll start reading her again. :o)

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