Pluto Transit The 12th House And The Syphilis I Am Doomed To Suffer!

taj.jpgSome months ago, realizing Pluto was about to enter my 12th house, I googled “Pluto transit through the 12th house”and found all this stuff about horrible diseases I was going to die from.  It prompted me to post this blog: Astrology That Scares The Hell Out Of People

I don’t really believe in astrology that scares the hell out of people so I committed at that time to chronicle my experiences during this transit so when people googled it in the future they would have some alternative material and while I haven’t updated since (Pluto is slow) I am surfacing today to let you all know I have not contracted leprosy however I did have a brush with syphilis.  ::smiles::

What happened was some months ago someone left a comment on one of my videos explaining that the indentation on my nose indicated that I had “inherited syphilis” and you should have seen me when I read it.

I turned my head this way… and then I turned my head that-a-way.  I was beguiled. For example is “inherited syphilis” different from syphilis that is sexually transmitted? What do you guys think?

Is this like the “mark of the beast” a hairdresser told me was upon my forehead because I was not a Jehovah’s Witness?  How do these people know these things, I wondered. Or better yet, how do they think that they know these things?

Long story short, I left the comment in tact. I just couldn’t see depriving others but anyway this is my update.  Pluto is squarely in my 12th house and as Taj Mahal’s Miss Brown would say when asked how she do…

“I’m feeling fine and lookin’ good. How ’bout you?”

If you want to feel happy and here him sing it -> Taj Mahal, click: “Good Morning Miss Brown”

20 thoughts on “Pluto Transit The 12th House And The Syphilis I Am Doomed To Suffer!”

  1. well there is another comment that says, “This woman is a whore” and I left that one too for a similar reason.

    Whatever the video is… it is very un-whorish so when I read the comment, Paul Simon’s song “Why deny the obvious child” played in my head, except for it was “Why deny the obvious whore…”

    I think this is funny – the first time I was mistaken as a whore I was 11 years old so it’s been going on awhile now. 😉

  2. I was born with Pluto in the 12th. As far as I know, I was a healthy baby born to two parents who loved eachother dearly (at the time at least !). Nothing out of the ordinary. Unless there are some secrets I don’t know about…hmmm??

  3. At least you found out that you contracted such a disease Elsa. Did you check it out after that comment about your nose? What a thing to say! I am glad you got tested. Uncanilly enough, I have written a blog about illness and astrology just yesterday and it seems this blog offers some kind of reply. Perhaps Pluto in the 12th is more about unconscious aspects of ones psyche emerging in the twilight zone. do doodo do, how does that tune go?


  4. Pluto is in my 12th now as well. I am fighting what appears to be eczema. I get it under control and it breaks out again. Not sure this is connected – it started in November while Pluto was still in my 11th and Sagittarius. The skin condition does make me want to isolate, but I’m fighting the urge as much as possible.

    I also have Saturn in my 9th and that’s when I started reading about astrology.

  5. My dreams have changed since Pluto has been transitting through my 12th, plus, I remember them more than I have in recent years. These dreams end with one image that feels memorable like an ad. The dreams are plutonian, like a building falls, or I invite my friend swimming and she scoffs at my dirty swimmingpool or just a full frame of a gong or a garden with no text. The feeling of these dreams is like in school on the day when you get a new text book, something important to devour.

  6. I not only have that indented nose (which I’ve never commented on as I’m wary of commenting on people’s bodies) but I’m finishing up with Pluto in the 12th. I’ve had weird troubles but no illness. Including syphillis.

    In fact, in 1996 I had a leg surgery for a problem with my fascia in my lower legs I tested negative for. The surgeon decided to go ahead with it because he couldn’t figure out what the problem was–and he is an Olympic-team doctor, no joke. The problem was fixed and I have some very cool scars to protect from the sun now!

  7. Some people are just …ugh…creepy!
    This is why I couldn’t show my face like you do, people would come up and be mean and horrible and I’d retreat to a cave and never come out again.

  8. Some people see whores everywhere. As my grandmother used to say, Sounds like a personal problem to me.

  9. Pluto was in my 12th house from the Fall of 1997 until late last year. I didn’t suffer any mysterious illnesses (except for a hand full of psychosomatic ones) – but I did go through several periods of severe depression. It was like all of my experiences during that time were meant to “clear out” my head and in very extreme ways. The climax of all this came when Pluto was reaching my Ascendant (where I also have Mars conjunct) – by that time I was studying Astrology so it helped me put what was happening into perspective and thank God for that – my whole life seemed to be falling apart but I was able to see the Astrology behind it. I’m looking forward to seeing what develops over the next 10+ years while Pluto transits my 1st house – how I’ll use what I’ve learned.

  10. OMG this is soo funny. lol…. OK elsa i believe that you must get some very outrageous mail. I hope nothing I’ve said has been too offensive. I hope I haven’t offended you as much as you offended , haha. (a joke) you’ve got the mark of the seagoat, offending a JW because,
    p.s i think this trait is very attractive on you. Perhaps this is why you are mistaken for a whore? (another joke) lol

  11. i think there’s some men who hope that any decent looking female they run into is a whore. in certain parts of town. or at the bus stop. or walking through the bar district. or outside walking after dark at all. or pushing a stroller down the street. or…. (speaking from my experience.)
    anyway, i think it’s more the men than you, but maybe they pick on the 8th house, i don’t know.

    and the nose indentation? always thought that was a capricorn thing. mark of the seagoat. which is a beast, for sure, but not _that_ one, i don’t think….

  12. I had Pluto in the 12th during my young adulthood. I loved it. Had a pronounced Goth period. Got laid A LOT. Experimented with tons of drugs. All kinds of fucked up psychological interactions in my relationships. No illnesses except the typical bad skin. I’m Scorpio rising so it really felt like the time I came into my own.

    I can see how this might be more difficult for people experiencing it during periods of their lives with less freedom. It can be chaotic and trying. But I luvs the dramz.

  13. My opinion is the 12th house is the most fascinating and have the most of potential in the human being. I want to publish it but my merc 12th dont’ leaves me (ha ha ha). I think there is the social persona, the charisma the subject of social rights, your name yout pertenence to a society, your identity recognizd and conscient. Charisma, magnetism, leadership, and reliability. A bad transit to it (supossed an bad lunar transit) and you will suffer in the most critical and valuable side of yoursefl: your social rights , your name your credit, your freedom. Actually the society has evolved and may be a bad transit is not so critic, it is less terrible than centuries ago (if my gammar let me to express my thoughts) The interiority , inner self is there. May be Pluto at the 12th lets you with your basic yourself, with your essence, may be you ge more obscured or,… powerfull I dont’ know. I agree, nobody should be afraid by a 12th house but I could take card of my documents papers, credit and so on.

  14. Well actually Conny – they were not using an astrological marker but my face! It was my appearance that tipped them off.

    ::runs off to wiki to read:: 🙂

  15. from wiki:
    “Until that time, as Fracastoro notes, syphilis had been called the “French disease” in Italy and Germany, and the “Italian disease” in France.

    ha ha ha

  16. Inherited syphilis is the disease when it has been transmitted from the parents to the baby, and not acquired by oneself, see
    No planetary constellation or transits can indicate nor cause any kind of disease. Some aspects can indicate a tendency to a lower immunity or to a stresses cardiovascular system if the core issue has not been addressed and integrated, which can include inherited tendencies too. But saying that a planet in a house or an aspect indicates a disease is a coarse threat, and is totally against the true spirit of Astrology.

  17. My God Elsa, people say the most bizarre things to you!!! Here I am reminded of how, another time, you were categorized into an entire different race at somebodies dinner table. I thought I had problems with how people see me, but it is Nothing compared to the strange and absurd things people say to you man, whoa dude. Thank you for sharing them with us so we can see how weird people are, it is rather entertaining.

    Now as to this astrology that scares the hell out of people, I don’t think there is ever any single transit that means anything at all…not in and of itself, no way. And I have looked! T Pluto into the 12th, I don’t see why that should be any more scary than T Pluto going over an angle or a planet..or the 6th or 1st or the 8th for that matter…T Pluto is going to be somewhere.

    I have been studying 800 charts for a while now (200 are control charts). I believe that I am finding some indicators for longevity, and maybe for some kinds of mental illness indicators, but not any clear consistent marker for point of death.

    I have seen some websites that claim to have the key astrologically to determine date of death (came across one recently). So I took a stack of my charts where I had the exact death date (and exact birth data) of the person, and I started flipping through to see if she was right.

    Not one of those charts confirmed her theory. I just got tired of looking at them because if it was going to be a trend I should have seen several at least, but I didn’t see one single one, so I put them down after about 30.

    Now I know some astrologers/psychics have accurately predicted the date of their own death, and that is interesting, but one person who comes to mind who did that was Edgar Cayce, and, as you all know, he had the most incredible psychic abilities, healing people from afar in his sleep and all that. Naturally, I would think, he could see things like his own death date.

    I know that such Natal predictions can be done, but I believe that it is so complex that a person has to have been studying astrology for many lifetimes to be that good.

    Also, as to retrospective “oh now we see this and we see that” in the chart which “proves this and that was going to happen”…any good astrologer can do that. It is interesting but it doesn’t impress me all that much.

  18. Yes, it’s always the neighbor’s disease, because we’re good people ha ha … Regarding the comment, next time you may tell them that there is a saying in German “you better touch your own nose” – the translation would be “sweep around your own door” 🙂

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