Sagittarius Love To Travel And Give Directions!

If you ever want to know how to get somewhere, ask a Sagittarius. Sagittarius Sun, Moon or rising, a lot of them actually carry little notebooks around for exactly this purpose… here are some stories:


I was new to a city and a Sagittarius Moon I met suggested I check out this specific bar. He thought I’d hit it off with the bartender and to make sure I could get there, he pulled a pad from his shirt pocket and drew me a map. He ripped the page from his notebook and handed it to me, and then drew me a second map.

“If it’s rush hour, use this one,” he said.


 I had a Sagittarian draw me a map to a fish taco once from the airport in Puerto Vallarta. The part that killed me was that this was on foot.

He had me leaving the airport on foot, walking down alleys, jumping over dogs who were sleeping on sidewalks, and then going up the stairs and past the first two doors, to the third door… doing some other weird hijinks, all so I could get to the best taco in town.

And then there was the Sagittarius I dated for awhile. He showed me a better way to get to my own house. I’d lived there for five years so this was humbling.

Another Sagittarius showed me how to climb up the side of a rock house. You know. He showed me all the good hand holds. He told me there were three ways to go, and he rated them: easy, hard, hardest.

I kept a straight face because I was in love with him.

One more. I was in Phoenix, visiting a Sagittarius friend. We were in the car and I was telling her about this: “Yeah,” I said. “A lot of them even carry a little pad with them. My grandfather did…”

Smiling, she reached down and unzipped the fanny pack she was wearing. “I do that,” she said as she pulled out a slim notebook and a tiny pencil.

“Oh, well I rest my case.”

Have any stories about Sagittarius sharing their travel expertise? Tell ’em!

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    Something funny happened yesterday that made me think of this post and chuckle to myself.

    My husband is getting ready to go on his annual fishing trip with his brothers. I offered to wash and vacuum his truck as he’s been so busy and it was a mess. Went to the car wash and on the way home, I come across a stray dog. Black lab mix. Collar, no tags. So I’m speak to her out of the window and she comes over and looks and acts lost. I put her in the truck and go to the neighbors’ houses. Two are not home. One was and I probably should not have gone to that house alone for safety reasons, but I did and I was sorry I did, but he said “no, I don’t own a black lab mix”. I got out of there as soon as possible.

    Once home I can’t find husband. Then I hear the lawn mower. He’s mowing (riding mower). I go on-line to the local animal rescue and get their phone number. Called them, they would take her but they are a 45 minute drive each way from where we live. They give me the county sheriff’s dispatch number and said they might come to your house and pick her up and take her to the local animal hospital where she will be held for five days to see if her owner comes looking for her. If after five days no one is looking for her, she will be put up for adoption.

    I called dispatch and they put a call into the animal control officer. He has to call me back. In the meantime, husband is done mowing, parks the mower is looking over to where I have the dog tied out with food and water. I go outside to explain what happened. While I’m outside I miss the call from the animal control officer. Come back in the house, there is a message that he’s calling about “the dog I have in custody”. I thought that was funny… in custody.

    So 10 or 15 minutes later he pulls in the drive. Super nice guy, very friendly. Assures me they will not put her to sleep. Asks me for the correct spelling of my name for the report. Then asks me my date of birth? What? Why do I have to give that? So I tell him. He says “oh, your just a baby”. Well, not exactly, in my early 50s. Then to make me feel better he tells me his birthday – 12/21/51. Then he tells us that he lives just up the road from us. “See that roof up there, on the hillside, then see that brown patch just beyond the roof?” Um, “yes”, even though I didn’t see what he was talking about. Well that’s my back yard. As soon as he tells me his birthday, I think he’s a sadge and then as soon as he points out where he lives, my mind is going to this post that I just read a day or two before, and I just can’t believe how it fits.

    Sorry so long, but I thought it was funny and wanted to share. 🙂


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    Anna in Canada

    My sag moon husband knows the shortest route to everywhere. It drives him crazy when I insist on taking my own (more scenic) route. LOL.

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    I am not a saggitarius but I do have sun and mercury in 9th house and I LOVE ADORE AND LIVE for traveling 😀 I also am a human GPS 😀

  4. This made me laugh Elsa, i have mars conjunct venus & moon conjunct mercury in Sag, i was a route driver for years and i’ve always loved maps, i had short-cuts that no-one else had thought of 😆

  5. haha reading about that sag moon individual who carried a pad in their shirt pocket and draws up maps made me laugh. for me,i’m the worst sagittarius moon there is: i can’t navigate, get lost alot. infact, i’m directionaless. Even in college i had a hard time figuring out what i wanted. i lack ambition in that way but there was always a desire to want to see other lands that feel safe and happy to me. So for some reason, it happened although i did not pursue it, it just so happened. i’m definitely motivated with alot of saturn flavour because as i get older i know what i would have liked to do and pursue. but it’s mid life now, and i dont think i want to go back to college a 2nd time lol Definitely for me the sagittarius part is education and learning, which i love to do. travel not so much. especially now, i’m too scared. 4th house dominant maybe why. Maybe if my sun and moon were in 9th, but nope, 4th and 12th dominant. hibernation is what i love. my husband has strong sagittarius and he’s a homebody like me. xD also 4th house dominant. Cancer/crab flavoured.

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