Astro Fairy & Guest Fairy Day!

two fairiesAstro Fairy is a longtime client of mine. I’ve helped her with many different things over the years. She sees people struggling and she wants to pitch in by gifting a consultation to someone in need who can’t afford to pay.  She wants to do this once a month, for the dual purpose of helping you and supporting the site.

If you’ve got something you need help with but you’ve not got the funds, please let us know in the comments. Astro Fairy is an evening person so she’ll be around late morning to choose someone.

This month, another gal has offered to pay for a consultation for someone. She wants to do this to honor an elderly man who passed, last Thursday.  She said he was a nice old man, and though he didn’t have many friends and family, he did have people care for him.

We’re flying seat-of-our-pants here.  It the two fairies choose the same person, someone will choose again!

This will be a 30 minute consultation by phone, skype or zoom. It sounds like a small amount of time for your large problem, but you’d be surprised at what can be achieved!

If you’re interested, please leave a comment.  Thanks, fairies!

Note – Astro Fairy has chose people to gift. I am closing this thread… Guest Fairy will let me know what she wants to do. I don’t know her schedule. I have to leave for the dentist so I will be delayed getting notes out to people. I’ll catch up this afternoon. THANK YOU!

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  1. I would love a free reading thanks to your lady customer and the old man who died. My birthay is on the eclipse-famous April 8 , and I thought it could be of general interest.

  2. I need a reading and can’t afford it. Would appreciate help from a fairy. Thanks for considering my request.

  3. Elsa, as you know I have been estranged from my oldest daughter for 5 years. She married October 29, 2022. She gave birth to my first grandchild sometime in the days before Thanksgiving 2023.

    She has written about me on Reddit which I discovered November 11, 2023. I can provide you with the links to those which I think you will need.

    I’m gutted.

  4. I would love to be on the receiving end of the Fairies generousity. I could use some divine help 💫

    Such kind souls for doing this, thank you for you both! 🌷

  5. FYI, Astro Fairy tends to come around mid-day. I have a dentist appointment so we may be delayed until the early afternoon.

    Guest Fairy can email me, whenever she wants.

    Thanks everyone!

  6. I would appreciate a reading as I was unexpectedly let go from my job on March 1st and have significant medical bills. I believe that, in some way, this may have been a blessing in disguise. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone, hoping that their burdens are lifted in 2024.

    1. I would love a reading! I moved into social housing nearly four years ago as I’m long term unemployed for health reasons but my neighbours have been extremely hostile to me to try and drive me out. I’m looking to move again so I can be safe and in a more peaceful environment, ideally to the town where I grew up.

  7. Thank you Astro Fairy, for your generosity to the lucky person today. My request is guidance in a new (not yet a) relationship connection. Have been alone for the last eight years and didn’t expect to ever meet someone compatible again at my late age of 69. Wondering if this is real or an illusion. Elsa can advise so well!
    Love & Light

  8. Confused, feeling stuck and short on funds. Just turned 70, a month ago. Don’t even know how it all went by so fast. I am not where I thought I would be. Would love to have a reading…

  9. Without worker the last 8 months and could use an astro perspective on what to try next. Many thanks to the kind souls who are sponsoring these readings.

  10. I’d love a free reading. My birthday is Wednesday, and I’d like some guidance on the coming year. Things have been very hard lately.

  11. Hi Astro Fairy, would love a reading, lost my job last year in October around the eclipse (in my 10H) and would love guidance/ideas to work through for next cycle. Thank you!

  12. Hi Astro Fairies,
    I would love a consultation…the last year has absolutely kicked my ass, excuse my French, and while I understand every adversity is making me stronger, most days I want to just give up so badly….I’ve invested into healing and therapy in the past, still feels like I’m missing something as I continue to have the carpet pulled from under my feet anytime I dare think I may be feeling solid ground under these tired feet. Maybe my chart can shine some light on how to best navigate these trenches….

    Thanks a million in advance!

  13. It has been a challenging life, especially these past couple of years. I lost my mom suddenly in January of 2023 (Pluto on my IC/Moon) and had to take over the heavy burden of caring for my sister who has a TBI and is in a skilled nursing facility cross country from me. Despite all the time/hours I have put into caring for her, her health has steadily declined (she has become morbidly obese) and I am worried she may pass this year as Pluto will be hitting IC again when it backtracks to that 29 degree mark. My sister has a late degree Capricorn moon too. I have been single for decades with no support system and I would like to know if there is any light at the end of this dark tunnel that has been my life. My food addiction has been kicking up due to all this stress so not feeling great physically as a result. Thank you for your consideration.

  14. Hi i would appreciate this reading. i am at a crossroads about whether i should leave where i am and move or stay here. Also the changes in this world are making me feel totally alone…and i know i am not alone in that feeling.. thank you and the two generous people who donated

  15. Hello, to all that wrote in today. I feel honored, that I can help, some of you today, in some small way. We are living in extraordinary times. I wonder, what will be written, in the future, about this time period?
    Thank you, to Guest Fairy today! Guest Fairy will be, making her choice later, this afternoon.
    I am giving a reading to: Corrine, Vanessa, and Leatt, today. Congratulations, to all of you!
    For those, not chosen so far today………Hang in, there!❤️

    A quote from: Booker T Washington, that my father loved.
    “Success is to be measured not’ so much by the position that one has reached in life……… as by the obstacles which are overcome, while trying to succeed.”

    ✨This thread closed around 11:30am, today.

    1. Thank you, guys, for picking me up, the consultation was amazing, it left me feeling empowered and ready to use the keys Elsa showed me to open even more doors for the rest of this year and beyond! I appreciate it more than I can even express…..

  16. I’m back from the dentist. Thanks for choosing three people, Astro Fairy. I appreciate this greatly!

    Guest Fairy chose, Rikki! THANK YOU!

    I am going to email everyone now. I’ll do my best to help you(s)! 🙂

  17. Hello there fairies, I would love a reading as I seem to be going through a quite a phase here and need help figuring out the possible options. We also lost my father-in-law a few weeks ago and this makes things seem more fated. Many thanks to guest fairy for remembering someone who’s recently passed away and doing a good deed on their behalf. Much gratitude to you both

  18. Hi dibi,
    I am sorry, but this thread closed this morning, around 11:30am. Sorry about your loss.
    Take care,
    Astro Fairy

  19. I too would love a free consultation. My husband has been struggling with radiation treatments, and trying to less his alcohol use, basically worsening his existing problems. That makes him more irritable, defensive, and I have to watch out not to react much at all or he triggers and gets angry. Hard to give him even the most gentle positive feedback. Also, my grown son has been in crisis, in several ways all at once, and I’m struggling to figure out how to manage it. He needs counseling, or a pastor to pray with, or more friends who are wise enough to confide in, but he’s been isolationist too long, except for 2 women who aren’t healthy for him, and his religious views are so dogmatic not open to any kind of advice that isn’t what he already believes. Meanwhile, I’m preparing to sell my land an put $ in trust for him and his bro and his children, but hesitatant to trust him to manage the trust til he gets his feet on the ground better, recovers from separation from his wife, emotinal trauma, etc. Probably. my husb and I need couples counseling too.

  20. Just wanted to pop back on and say how wonderful my reading was the other day. So uplifting~~ I still feel buoyed by it. Thanks so much, Elsa!!

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