Entropy & Your Love Life

The identification of entropy is attributed to Rudolf Clausius (1822–1888), a German mathematician and physicist.  This is a trip! Check the science of your degraded relationship… and our degraded society as well. Hah!

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What do think? Ideas??

9 thoughts on “Entropy & Your Love Life”

  1. Elsa, you’re the first astrologer I’ve ever heard use the word entropy! Though it is probably the most important law of thermodynamics, and ultimately destroys all human schemes..Very innovative to apply entropy to relationships….Love, I believe is eternal..Temporal relationships often deteriorate, but I have had some that have improved over the years, even as our bodies relentlessly decline……

  2. Great insight! Thanks for a thoughtful start to the day. I think everything worth value requires maintenance and effort to prevent entropy from degrading it. Regarding relationships, one of the most heartfelt Christian rock songs is by Sanctus Real, called “Commitment”. Dedication is definitely needed to fight entropy in a relationship to keep it real and enduring. But living in a throw away Hollywood created culture doesn’t help people learn this principle of nature! Have a lovely day!

  3. Mirror mirror on the wall.

    Entropy: In the Hawaiian cosmology the taxonomy would view it this way … the ocean is ever being, earth builds but evidence of erosion taking placing all the time is at the shoreline (those white sandy beaches)

    I can relate to your viewpoint and itch to keep my older version of the bliss state; but the white or gray sandy beaches and my similar color hair way “Whoa,” My mirror mirror on the wall shows I am no Cinderella.

    Timely post, thanks

  4. Could this be said in simple terms “ Nature takes its course”? I agree that it takes work, like a garden to keep a relationship going, whether happy or blissful in the beginning. There are some relationships that are blissful til the end (case in point, a friend of mine’s parents deeply in love for 65 years until death took one away). These are few and far between though. I watched my parent’s relationship go through entropy but never thought of leaving (well did a few times but did not). Their relationship was a garden of flowers and weeds which they happily ignored.

  5. I have rose colored glasses perpetually on. This made me stop and think!

    I’ve always been divinely discontent, which is no good for anyone who wants to be with me or…me!

    I have a lot of 5th house energy and Venus sextile Neptune. Venus rules my 7th. Neptune is IN my 7th. And to top it off, Jupiter is right smack on my Descendant!

    Jumping from relationship to relationship isn’t going to reverse entropy or cure divine discontent.

  6. So smart and rational. Haven’t heard this way of describing a relationship, but this is a keeper. Should be taught this way in schools. But then self-awareness isn’t taught is it. We all get to muddle through occasionally lucky enough to find a good therapist if we’re open to it.
    Anyway, this is classic. One of those gems to be saved and passed along. Thanks Elsa.

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