Weekend Love Forecast – Drunken Water-walking, Deep in Desire

river full moonFriday night, the zippy Sagittarius Moon heads into trine with newly direct Aries Mercury and square Saturn in Pisces, exact overnight. The mood is hopped up, for good or ill. If you’re irritable, expect to become more irritated. However, if you’re up for a good time, make plans to get out and about… or engage in a rollicking conversation or two.

That’s not to say there won’t be barriers to a good mood. However, with the right mindset, even barriers are exciting. Some are only satisfied by besting a strong challenge, by turning a supposed negative to a positive. If that’s not you, why would you not want to change that? Right now, you really could.

All weekend, Venus at the end of Aries approaches a square to early Aquarian Pluto (out of sign for now). Aries ruler Mars sidles up to Pisces ruler Neptune, both in Pisces. Livin’ the dream! The act of livin’ the dream may include water intoxication, where too much of a good thing is toxic. People (or groups of people) from the past begin to make an appearance. For now, it’s an interesting contrast of what you wanted, then and now, as well as how that could change based on a completely different present dynamic or desire.

Mars-Neptune might incline one to pursue the improbable, impossible, or unattainable, blind to consequences. But it also might serve as an entry point for experimentation that works out in spite of the odds, the impetus to follow your dreams. In any case, nostalgia may be tasty; so pay attention to what you’re taking in.

In broader terms, we’re faced with the challenges of what we as individuals want versus the power of demands and desires from the collective. Regardless of difficulty, we still seek the ideal.

Saturday night, the Sadge Moon squares Mars-Neptune and trines Venus in Aries. It looks like a wickedly provocative and pleasure-seeking mood to overindulge. Too much is never enough. Remember your limits and don’t try to walk on water. Otherwise… delightful!

Sunday morning, the Moon leaves Jupiter-ruled Sadge for the Saturn-infused, cardinal earth of Capricorn. All day the Moon heads into trine with the Taurus Sun, and Mars perfects its conjunction to Neptune by night. Rather than a come-down, it’s more of a grounding – the good kind. It adds practical wisdom to fairy-tinged dreams as well as a proper foundation for a realistic path ahead. Stand tall as you reach for the stars.

Mercury now direct in Aries heads back into conjunction with Chiron, and Venus will head into Taurus by Monday morning. Contemplation advances into growth, and a flirtation with short-lived desire sparks an appreciation for something longer lasting… soooooon.

Do you have any weekend plans?

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