Astro Signatures That Delay Marriage

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Elsa – Can you talk about late marriages in astrology? I have Saturn in 7th house (Cancer), squaring Jupiter and trining my Sun. I’m 47, an accomplished professional and still not married. If most people in the Western world get married before 35…what’s the deal with folks like myself? For culture background: living in USA and Jewish. Happy to provide more details, if necessary. In fact, I’m willing to drop in my chart so people can provide feedback. I can take any feedback/insight like a champ. (Pisces Sun/Capricorn Rising).

Hi, Pisces.

There are many reasons people delay marriage. Some of the reasons may show in a chart but societal influence plays a big part as well. 

There are multiple indications of delay or difficulty partnering in your chart. In a different era, you probably would have married young, anyway, simply because that’s what people did.  I can’t say you’d have been happy. I can say, it’s not surprising you’re single, based your chart.  I’ll explain.

Capricorn rising has Saturn influencing their relationship sphere. This is a Venus Saturn signature which commonly sees a person find love later in life. In a different era, the person may have married young, but the marriage would be serious and even difficult. That’s not the end of the world, but you can see how our culture teaches against such a thing.  Everyone seeks to be free and light on their feet, even if they’re not designed for this!

I have a Capricorn rising. When I was younger, practical concerns in love were scoffed at, but the fact is, a person like me wants structure. I want commitment. I do not want to invest in a frivolous relationship, beyond some weekend fling. I’m not going to stick with that. I want something real.  This is non-sexy and out of vogue for a twenty year old today, so problematic.

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In your case, you have Saturn in your 7th house, which reinforces this signature.  You’re really not cut out for unstructured, nonserious love.  But here you are, living in a time when it’s what’s on offer for the most part.

To further complicate your situation, you have Venus in Aquarius which is often commitment-phobic. It plays well with your Mars and moon in Gemini.

You had two choices here: serious marriage (deal with Saturn), or keep it light (Air signs).  You also have Aries which is quite independent. It sounds like you went with the Air / Fire option, which would be easiest in this era. You satisfied your desire for structure with your career, emphasized.

Now you feel the lack of relationship (Saturn in 7th) and the good news, it can be addressed.  Asking this question can be the start of that.

I recommend this workshop to anyone with a Venus/Saturn signature in their chart: even if they’re in a relationship, just for the clarification and support for the type of person you are. It is OKAY to not want to pour your love and money and effort into something that’s not going to last of be sustained.  When it’s stated plainly, it’s hard to deny.

Find Your True Love & Soulmate – Workshop Transcript

Saturn in the 7th house will benefit greatly from defining what they want and rejecting that which falls outside their definition. It’s about accepting limits, in large part.  And reality.

Are you getting older and struggling to partner?

13 thoughts on “Astro Signatures That Delay Marriage”

  1. Such good advice! I’m not a Saturn Venus person but I’ve attracted a lot of them probably because I could learn from them. 😀 I find that signature of energy very interesting.

  2. See, I think if this woman would have been born in a different time, she’d have lived the Saturn option with Venus in Aquarius, wigging out.

    But with astrology, you can see the whole picture and work it out.

    The most important point though – is to not let external things deter you from living, true to your personal design.

  3. I have capricorn rising, air sun, with chiron in 7th and venus square saturn. I strongly believe there are more than the two options – marriage or flings. It’s possible to live in a relationship for years without being married. It has been my reality to know people living in a commited relationship for long years happily without involving the state and officiants between them. You can be commited and loyal for many years and not married. Not being married doesn’t mean an unserious or superficial relationship. My personal aversion to marriage comes from 7th house cancer ruled- with moon conjunct uranus in 1st. I do think that this chart and the chart owner- if this would be their goal- could handle and thrive eventually in marriage- as seeing cancer rising folks with capricorn in 7th and saturn on the cusp of 7th/8th having struggles but also growing and being more mature and grounded through marriage.

  4. I’m not married and have a very wide Venus Saturn square (9 degrees). I also think it’s to do with Sun opposite Pluto in 1st/7th and Moon Uranus (2nd/8th) square Mars in Leo but it’s on the North Node, so I do hope to get married one day.

  5. I am a late Capricorn rising, but I have Venus in Leo in the 7th house. I’d have thought finding the right man would have been easy. The astrology doesn’t work here.

    1. Have you looked at your whole chart? What aspects do you have with Venus and /or Moon? I have Sun in the 7th and have also struggled. But I also have Chiron there.

  6. I have Venus & Lilith sitting on my ASC in Libra, opposite Eris. Sun in Leo/H11, Moon in Aqua/H5, Saturn in Aqua/H4 is trine Venus. I’ve never had any relationship last longer than a year. Kinda sucks, but it is what it is. At 61, I’m no longer considered desirable anyway, so I’m not really expecting any late blooming relationships to materialize out of nowhere. I would enjoy companionship, but as far as the day-to-day logistics of relationships go, I am just not inclined to put up with a bunch of BS from a man, and my past experiences indicated that there was always quite a bit of that to deal with.

  7. I have had several long and serious relationships (almost nothing else) and superficial stuff doesn’t do it for me. I am 40 years today.

    I have both my Moon and also Saturn/Pluto in Libra, S+P is in a conjunction so that’s my prerogative.
    I am from THAT generation…

    I also have Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio. Superficial just doesn’t cut it, cause my Moon and the two biggies is (in the Placidus house system at least) in the 8th.
    Mars in Cap, in the 12th.

    Even with the Aquarius rising, I have pretty fixed ideas about how my structure should be, especially in regards to my own image.

    I finally met my Saturn person in 2019. Not surprisingly, he has a Cap Ascendant, Sun and Mercury in Cancer, 7th house. He also has his Moon I
    in Libra, but had been unpartnered for 20 years until I came along.
    He didn’t want superficial relationships… and he has Venus in Gemini, but she is retrograde. So he is the opposite of Venus in Gemini, which I am very grateful for!

    But his Venus also has a square with Saturn/Mars in Virgo.

    The good thing about this, is that Saturn/Mars sextiles my Scorpio stellium, and the challenge is that Venus quincunx my Scorpio stellium.
    We have to negotiate everything all the time, and too much criticism feeds into his Venus-Saturn square.

    But the Saturn/Venus signature in our synastry keeps us level headed, rational and gives a no-no sense “we will be able to fix this”.
    It has kept us together through a lot of trouble the past 4 years. I have also come to realise that we will also be a couple who

    1: Wants to/has to do “the right thing”

    2: Get to work on it, and figure out a way to do it together. Virgo needs to serve, and with all that Saturn, the results are often delayed, which can be sometimes really challenging for the Piscean underlay and opposition to all that Virgo energy to “keep the faith” in a difficult, heavy situation.

    I think that if our life was suddenly easy, we would actually CREATE more work, simply because we need (Libra) to be a team and have a purpose and a problem (Saturn) to fix and apply ourselves to (Virgo).

    But I would have to say, that I am beginning to feel tired … when will the wedding be? Will there be a wedding, and if so, what will HAVE to be fixed and worked on in that regard? Why does this have to be so bloody hard all the time? Why can’t SOME of it not feel just a bit easy? Is this relationship so Saturnified that we get ALLLL the trouble in the first part, just to enjoy the fruit of out labors when we are old and every other health problems start to surface so that we will not be able to enjoy it? That would be so f*cling typical and so unsatisfactory and not at all fair! I get it, lige isn’t fair, but boy, could you fucking tune it down a bit, Saturn? Give us a fegging break, will you?

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