Pluto Transit To Venus – Pick Your Poison

Pluto seatedHi, Elsa

Right now, I’m having Pluto EXACTLY oppose my Venus in Leo. This opposition forms a t-square with Pluto in Scorpio.

I’ve gone through a number of transformations last year. Weight loss surgery, losing 140 lbs. This has renewed confidence in me and I have begun dressing more in leather (tight) and this has brought me a lot of attention from potential sexual partners (I’m a gay make on grindr).

I’ve also began exploring my sexual side more and shame that I’ve had regarding it. I’ve also been in my first relationship with a Scorpio guy, which sadly ended after 2 months, when we decided we were sexually incompatible due to my kinks (thank God he wants to stay friends).

I guess my question is, during a Pluto transit, things will change or die regardless of how you try to stop it… but do we have control over letting something die that’s bad for us vs. letting something die that’s good for us?

Is Pluto a poison that WE can choose what to poison, instead of it being left to fate, luck or chance?

New Leather Man

Hi, New Leather Man. What an interesting question, never mind your story is textbook for your transits. You’ve transformed and liberated yourself. I had to publish this!

To your question Pluto transits can bring plenty that’s outside a person’s control but you can also get with the program, which I would recommend. I feel this is what you’ve done here.

The possibility of your transforming your aesthetic and with it, your relationships, has always been there with natal Venus square Pluto. This change did not happen to you, you chose it. This alone illustrates we do have something to say about what occurs.

It seems to me, you felt the urge and went with it. Now you are invigorated. What would have happened had you resisted? I suppose you would be feeling repulsive right now.  So yes! There is more to it than fate, luck and chance.

As far as what “dies”, it may or may not be out of your control.  For example, this Scorpio guy killed the sexual relationship. You have to absorb that. But you killed your old, self.  It seems this is also variable.

I also want to mention, your sharing your story is likely to inspire and empower someone.  Another Venus Pluto thing.

What do others think?

15 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To Venus – Pick Your Poison”

  1. What a great question and answer! So many of us are hit with Pluto (and probably not the first time, either). Forces you never thought you’d encounter, yet you still have to drive that car and keep it off the edge and cliff.

  2. Wow, that is a great writing!
    Dear Elsa, Would you consider writing on Pluto opposing Mars in Leo ? Square Uranus in mycase..
    Not poisonous but electrifying and exploding?

    1. I wonder if it’s going to be similar for Pluto opposite progressed Mars Leo too?

      I have that exact in a couple of months! I don’t ignore transits to progressed planets, seen it play out in events lots of times.

      1. Wow, Thank you so much. My Mars is on my DC 5 Leo and that sounds creepy as hell with this transit like being ivaded by Lord Voldemort🤣

  3. Right now Pluto is conjunct my Aquarius Venus. I don’t have much need for physical transformation but I have a great need for financial independence wich seem to be elusive for several years now. My career needs a jump start but being over 45 all my efforts failed seems like I’m unemployable.

  4. Pluto is going to oppose my 9th hs Leo Jupiter in several years….I hope that means all the overseas traveling I’ve had to put off due to being poor, starts happening. Or finally getting some masters degree classes in, and I’ll be one old student. But on the reverse, I hope Jupiter doesn’t expand the excavation of my 3rd house 🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. I have Pluto Opp my natal venus so far it’s two fold, one heart surgery(soon) and as an artist my style is changing! So more to follow bc once it finishes with venus Uranus is next then mars….yep stellium in Leo in the 7th house… after dealing with Pl in the 12th I am not freaked out, after that, I can deal with anything!

  6. I was wondering if the same applies to progressed venus. Currently my pr.venus is conjunct exactly my asc in Leo and it’s been there for some time which I really like but now I have tr Pluto right opposite.. does that make things more complicated? The last decade was disastrous for my finances, all my resources have been depleted even when working I still don’t make money. Venus is my sun ruler as well and sun is also my 2H ruler. Can I hope this aspect doesn’t bring more pain? Pluto is in square with natal Pluto..

  7. It’s inconjunct my Moon right now and when it gets to about 1 Aquarius, it will make the same aspect to my Venus, both in Cancer in 12. I get to deal with a strange repeating pattern in my life where I never get rejected or dumped “normally,” all of the men have cheated or picked another woman over me. Send help.

    1. Oh, and I know the thing is wrong with me. If you smell shit everywhere you go, it’s your shoes. I just don’t even know how to start dealing with this.

    2. If you get cheated a lot on your relationships I would guess it’s a pattern in your natal aspects. Venus and Neptune in hard aspects or maybe moon but definitely Neptune in the mix

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