Jupiter – The Invisible Protector

protectorIn my last post, Why Does My Jupiter Transit Suck?, Alison commented, “Jupiter transits can act as protection. You avoid a car accident as you swerved the other way, like a near miss. Or disappointed you didn’t get that dream job to later find the boss had been swindling company money.”

This is a fantastic point! We often notice what we receive, but we can rarely know what we were protected from receiving. As someone with Jupiter in the 12th house, I have experienced this many times. The blessings are hidden, but they’re so, so valuable.

When I was in kindergarten, a tornado tore through our town and did significant damage to our school, including my classroom in particular. This just happened to be a day when I had such horrible strep throat that I was in a hospital a few towns over. My illness may have saved my life.

When I was 16, I was rear-ended while sitting at a red light. After stopping and exchanging information, I went on my way, only to discover an enormous wreck with multiple fatalities just a few miles up the road. My fender bender may have prevented me from being one of those fatalities.

In my mid-twenties, I was essentially forced out of a high-powered corporate job by terrible management. Right after I left, the entire department was dissolved and everyone was shuffled around to roles that involved significant pay cuts while I had gone on to find a job that paid more and fit my life so much better.

And that’s not to mention the literal ghost who saved me from a dark fate. I wrote all about that here.

Roots That Come Back to Haunt You (Literally)

And those are only the examples I know of! Think of how many instances there are where we never learn what could have been, but that served us nonetheless.

That is why Jupiter requires faith. Oftentimes our blessings aren’t obvious. We usually don’t win the lottery or land our dream job out of nowhere. But Jupiter asks us to have faith that life unfolds as it should, and that even our hardships can bring surprise benefits. Cultivating a sense of gratitude for what you’ve been given AND what you’ve been spared is an essential part of learning to accept everything Jupiter has to offer.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Tell us your story!

6 thoughts on “Jupiter – The Invisible Protector”

  1. Redeeming Jupiter time stories. When there is a feeling of a ‘hand of your shoulder’ stopping inches before pain or let’s say before things getting through my skull. A stone falling from a tall tree behind me (and it was so stupid because that tree barely had any leaves? which makes me wonder how can a medium sized stone just sit onto the branches of a tree like that?) an icicle falling right in front of my nose. I can hear and feel the woosh. Ticklish. That icicle was sharp like a pencil. It fell from the 4th floor. Something stopped me going forward. Pain. Inches. Details. Jupiter in the 8th.

    1. Thank you for mentioning this. I just ran them in my chart and found out I have Fortuna conjunct my north node. There has been protection. I am not taking foolish chances and pushing my luck, but this does make clear some things. That south node is hard to leave. There is a Neptune thing (Swamp) there.

  2. I cant disregard Jupiter for sure. Still wonder if its because of Saturn limiting me stuck in an country where I was not born without being able to work full time for 10yrs. Jup in my natal 9th house. Saturn conj MC in 9th I think.

  3. Hi Midara
    I also have Jupiter in the 12th house . I don’t recall any particular incident of protection but years ago I went to a psychic and what she told me stuck in my mind. She said in my past I had been in some very dangerous situations that I was unaware of and I was protected. I am forever grateful for blessings that I receive. It has been a terrible 3 years for me and I have not lost my faith. Btw, I had the most fantastic day today. The kind of day where what you want in a store just APPEARS before you, when
    a kind salesperson guides you to exactly what you need in an un user friendly store. When a parking space magically appears and a much anticipated check arrives. I know that the moon is in Taurus today but I have had some difficult moon in Taurus in the past so this must be many positive aspects for me today. In this awful Covid time I am grateful for this stroke of good luck. I look forward to reading your posts.

  4. My chart is ruled by Jupiter and my asc ,moon and venus is in Sag. I lost the love of my life during the last Jupiter in Sag transit. For the life of me I don’t know how this benefited me at all.

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