Aging: Coping With A Saturn Transit – A Sense Of Humor Helps.

Saturn transits age and depress you one way or the other.ย  There is always a reality check involved not that this is a negative thing because everyone knows how ridiculous a woman in her 40’s looks when dressed like a teenager. A reality check when it comes to her is a gift from God. The soldier and I both have Saturn transits underway and I thought I ought to start chronicling this… for a myriad of reasons.

Last night he was standing in the bedroom and the wine he was sipping dribbled down his chin and stained his shirt. “What is the matter with you?” I asked. “That’s the second time you did that. I couldn’t get the dribbled ice cream out of your other shirt.”

“Don’t act like you’re not getting old too, P.”

I laughed. “Okay, I’m old! I’m old, I’m old, I’m old. How’s that for you?”

“Well, P, I’m just sayin…”

A half hour later I walked into the living room where he was pacing and threw my arms into the air dramatically. “See this?” I said twisting slightly at the waist.ย  “See my waist? Better yet, touch it. You better hug me around the waist while I still have one because soon it will be gone forever.ย  Yep, because I’m old like you said. Come on man – HUG ME, I’ve just got a few days left!”

Where is your natal Saturn?

34 thoughts on “Aging: Coping With A Saturn Transit – A Sense Of Humor Helps.”

  1. My natal Saturn is in Virgo, so I’m starting up the big old Saturn return. I didn’t think I’d feel much pressure, but I definitely am. One thing I’m noticing at age 28 is that I don’t feel in any way like I did even just a year ago, and it definitely has to do with getting older.

  2. My natal Saturn is in Gemini, in the 4th….not sure how I feel about aging, actually (I chose ‘about average’)…I look very young for my age…people still guess in the mid-late 20’s & I’m well into my 30’s. I guess I’ll check back w/you once I hit 40! ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

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    double pisces-n-then-some

    Saturn in Taurus in the 6th. I was recovering from a life threatening condition during my Saturn return. I almost died, but ultimately recovered quite well. I’m still trying to learn how to work constructively with my Saturn energy. As someone with a ton of Pisces energy, it’s difficult to practice limits and disclipline while going with the flow…

  4. double pisces: Glad to hear you recovered. I have Saturn in the 6th as well, and I’m dealing with minor ailments at this point, but they’re very noticeable. I feel like I have to stay seriously on top of my health lately, but I find it difficult as well.

    On another note, Jupiter is also in my 6th. What effect can having both Saturn and Jupiter in the same sign and house have? Restriction versus expansion?

  5. AAAAACK! It was so hard to hit 40! I still haven’t recovered….

    I’m not even sure it helps that I don’t look my age. I almost feel like I’m in the twilight zone sometimes.

    I mean when guys in their mid-twenties are checkin you out, you know you’re gonna have trouble. And guys my age don’t even do anything, because I’m too young, right? I can see them (guys of all ages) do a double take when they see me with my kids (11 and 9)!

    But truthfully, I have never been in a better place in my personal development. Wouldn’t actually want to go back, because I feel way more self-confidant now.

    Saturn in the 1st (with my Asc.) in Pisces.

  6. Saturn in Tauus in 10th house. I have felt old since my 20’s. Or since I was a kid, I guess. See, I have no Libra, and still cannot decide.

  7. hmmm…I kinda like it. Of course I’m not old yet, but each year has only made me look and feel better about myself. I’d say people improve with age, and definitely become cooler – they become themselves ๐Ÿ™‚

    Saturn in Libra in 4th.

  8. Saturn sits on my Sun in the 1st. Come on, I wasn’t comfortable at all being young, gimme a chance to at least savor finally being at home in my skin in my 40s before it ALL goes to hell.

  9. saturn in pisces in the 7th. i’m pretty comfortable with aging. i just ignore the rules and do what i want. (had to laugh at your example because in my 40’s and i DEFINITELY dress like a teenager, much to my own teenagers resigned chagrin.)

    i like the mental part, being comfortable in my own skin, being happy, confidence, etc. that comes with it – perspective – but when i get the little aches and pains, it just pisses me off. and i’m well aware of time careening wildly ahead.

  10. Saturn in Libra in the 9th, conjunct Neptune and trine Jupiter. No problem with aging, life is getting much easier. One good thing is that people don’t throw their expectations on you anymore – and you don’t have so many either, it’s a kind of freedom. I actually don’t remember my Saturn return, maybe Neptune and Jupiter took care of it… What do you think Elsa, would a Saturn with trines and sextiles be easier to live with? And would this influence the way we feel the Saturn return too? I’m thinking, does the return activate the aspects of Saturn in the chart, what’s your experience?

  11. Saturn in Gemini – so I agree with Lilly… I’m also Cappy sun and believe I get better with age ๐Ÿ™‚ . . . but right now the ticking baby clock is making me not like aging very much. (But as far as looks and all that go, I’m totally fine with it/never think about it.)

  12. goddess, I have seen you and you pull that off. I am talking about 45 year old women in skirts that barely cover their ass who are not Tina Turner. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I’m pretty comfortable with aging. Saturn’s on my Asc. and I’m just coming off of the waning square before my 2nd Saturn return. I relate to the idea that Capricorns are old when young and young when old.

  14. You’re killing me here, dolce. 28 and you already feel like you’re aging? Why waste tie feeling old? Can’t people just live day by day? Or is it just that people feel the inescapable symptoms of aging as they live day by day, therefore admitting it becomes a “reality check”?

    P.S. This guy of Black/Indian ancestry blogged about cougars and how cougar culture is symptomatic of a society that doesn’t respect its elders. He talks about how they are usually women who build their careers and feel like they can start living at 40, mentioning how “the unfair truth is that men become more appealing as they age (this is womenโ€™s fault, so maybe it is fair), and they wonโ€™t find themselves shit out of options when they suddenly come up for air at age 40.”

  15. Totally comfortable, though I seriously hate the fact that I’m growing a fucking beard on my chin. Blech.
    As for the becoming old and dying part, I’ve got more than enough plans up my sleeve–mostly involving swimming and volunteering with young people before I fucking die, just like every other person I know will do.
    It’s inevitable, man…and to quote a wise woman (my sister) you are never any younger than you are today so you bloody well enjoy it!

    Saturn in Leo in 8th House (hence the emphasis on ‘we’re all gonna die’)!

  16. Dina: I don’t feel old. I can just tell I’m getting older because my priorities are changing, quickly and vastly, from ‘childish’ to something more adult.

  17. Saturn in Gemini at the last degrees of my 1st. Most days I giggle about aging because I look 10 years younger than I am ๐Ÿ™‚

    My struggles with aging are average: energy, physical changes, and making sure that as I get older that I’m still marketable/able to compete in the workplace.

  18. I’ve got one word for you Kashmiri: Laser!

    Maybe I’ll see you there sometime when I bite the bullet and go get my moustache taken care of!

  19. Saturn in Cancer in 12th. I definitely LOOK older, my body isn’t as nice as it used to be. But, back when I was hot, I didn’t know it. So even though I look worse now, I actually FEEL like I look better. I appreciate my middling body now.

  20. So far, there are a few things about getting older that suck but, overall, I have never been better off or happier in my life. I am no longer afflicted with that crippling trait known as people pleasing, and things I never wanted to do, (such as worry a lot about how I dress) now, joyfully, I have just given them up all together. Many things about getting older have made me feel totally empowered, and I would not go back and live the first 27 years of this life for all the chai in India.

  21. Wow Goddess, you’re looking great! It’s so nice to put a face to a name :o)

    P.S. definately love you with darker hair, rather than the blonde…

  22. Snap! omg that is so freaking funny…we could meet while we’re zapping our facial hair, LOL! Yeah, I’m totally thinking about it.
    I don’t give a lick about wrinkles but the hair on my chin has GOT TO GO!

  23. Avery could have written my comment for me:
    i>Saturn sits on my Sun in the 1st. Come on, I wasnโ€™t comfortable at all being young, gimme a chance to at least savor finally being at home in my skin in my 40s before it ALL goes to hell.

    I’m Sun/Saturn 1st house too. Thing is, I’m a Gemini so while I’m actually RELIEVED to be in my 30’s, I don’t always act like other people’s idea of grown up. I’m sure I have grey hair – last I checked I had four *laughing* – but I don’t wear my hair anything close to a natural color so it’s not like I’d know. I didn’t start in on the piercings til my late 20’s and the tats til my 30’s. Yeah, it was a relief to hit 30 and I think a bigger one to hit 35.

    And I admit, it’s flattering to still get carded …. *grin*

  24. Kashmiri – any day now! I’ve about had enough of the tweezers!

    Shannon – I got carded a couple of years ago when I was at a liquor store. Maybe I was just about to turn 40 (?). Man that felt great.

    Not sure my friends were quite as happy though, considering I was the oldest in the group!

    Yeah, I’ve got a couple of piercings as well – mine aren’t in obvious places, though. I mean I will start looking my age at some point – wouldn’t want to freak everyone out.

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