What is it Like to Have the Moon in Leo?

lion leo moonRecently I’ve had a streak of clients with the Moon in Leo, and there seem to be a lot of misconceptions about that placement. It’s Leo! Leo is shiny and bright, so these natives must be walking rays of sunshine, right? Leo is bold and confident, so they must not have to wrestle with insecurity like the rest of us! This placement must be a cakewalk! Well, not exactly. In fact, I would argue that it is one of the harder places to have the Moon.

You see, there’s a fundamental difference in nature. Leo is shiny, bright, and public. Leo is on a stage. Leo is always aware of its audience. But the Moon is private. The Moon is soft and mushy and vulnerable. Leo wants to express. The Moon wants to feel.

So what we end up with is a good deal of insecurity. People with the Moon in Leo tend to walk around with a camera trained on them in their mind’s eye. They’re always aware of how they’re being perceived. They know what they’re supposed to feel. They know what other people want them to feel. They know what a Shiny Leo is expected to feel. But when that’s not what they actually feel, they become riddled with feelings of inadequacy. They wonder what’s wrong with them, why they can’t just be what they believe they’re supposed to be.

And since no movie is complete without an audience, they sometimes turn to external things for validation. One woman who is very close to me has this placement. Growing up, her father was very dismissive and largely ignored her. She has spent her entire life attempting to fill that make up for his disinterest. She has transformed herself with cosmetic surgery, shrunk herself to skeletal proportions, and developed a pathology that borders on nymphomania all to obtain male attention in an attempt to fill that yawning void inside her. Little does she know that she shines so brightly already, without all the window dressing.

And that is the real lesson for Leo Moons. They must learn to shine on their own, for their own sake. Not for their audience, or for others’ expectations. For themselves. That is how they save the world. Through radical authenticity and a devotion to their own happiness. Because if other people can see that even someone as amazing, beautiful, and powerful as a Leo Moon person can feel insecure at times, they feel less alone. And when other people see Leo Moons feeling the insecurity and getting out there and living boldly in spite of it, they can be empowered to do the same. That is the purpose.

And don’t get me wrong. Leo Moon people can be absolutely wonderful. They are bold and brilliant. They are perennial cheerleaders and lionhearted warriors, always looking out for the underdog. They can love hard, fight hard, and look good doing it. But it is only when they learn to shine with their own light that the truly access their gifts. Only when they step out of the shadows do they learn that the light was within them all along.

Do you have the Moon in Leo? How have you learned to shine?

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    Wow, amazing article, this clears up a lot of stuff for me.
    I have moon in Leo and Saturn in Virgo, have always found my perfectionism and performance anxiety cripples my attempts to shine despite music being my passion

  2. My father has the Moon conjunct Pluto in Leo ( opposite Sun, Venus and Jupiter) and he does not give a s..t about other people and about how they feel. Generous and over the top.High functioning alcoholic.
    My mom has the Moon in Leo,opposite her Venus and she is also quite arrogant and non attached.
    I was left to roam freely as a kid, alone with mountains of toys. Freedom was ok, but there was no bond
    My 2nd son, lovely 2 year old, has the Moon in Leo but also a stellium of Sun Mercury Mars in Cancer and Venus in Taurus that makes him the sweetest guy in the area. Luckily he cares about other people.

  3. Quite a twist in this post! I generally love moon in Leo above all the fire moons. I think I have my own mild sun problems because my sun in the 5th aspects Chiron.

  4. A Leo Moon is a lovely thing. Caveat – if not ill-aspected etc etc.

    They can make you feel like a million dollars. There is something about that bright confidence which is just ever so slightly egocentric but in the nicest way possible.

    “I am the King or Queen here, and you are my most respected minister/beloved court favourite/best musician in my orchestra, because I deserve and recognise the best – and baby, you are it.”

    1. Ab-so-lutely. This is me to a T!
      Slightly big headed, Queen reigning in my sovereignty, making people around me feel special.
      Really REALLY glad to read this article. Also identify with the feeling like I’m always in the spotlight, imagined or real, and many moments of insecurity and low self esteem.
      Couple this with your recent article on 0 degrees, I have learnt bucketfuls from you Midara, and with that clarity came inner peace and calmness and reassurance. Thank you. Moon 0’29” Leo
      Shiny (mostly) happy person 🙂

  5. My son has the Moon in Leo. He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever known. His Moon is in H8 trine Venus in Aries H4 and trine his Asc/Pluto in Sag… opposite Saturn in Gemini. He is literally the kindest person I have ever known. There isn’t a mean bone in his entire body. When he was little he was full of energy and light. He still is, but you can see his Saturn more now…life happened and that’s Saturn for you. He’s not as spunky as he once was, but still a sweetheart.

  6. Wow, Midara, I have never heard this, ever; and it really rings true – at least the part about always feeling on the stage, and also vulnerable and insecure.

    My moon in Leo conjuncts Pluto and is in the 8th. I always felt the inward (lunar, 8th house) and outward (Leo!) urges opposing each other – but I can see how that would be so even with an unaspected Leo moon in a sunnier house. Juicy post, thank you.

  7. Spot on, Midara! Revealing – and reassuring. A timely reminder of my need to be authentic without obsessing over whether it’s okay to be authentic. (Transiting Pluto is I conjunct my Moon/Pluto exact conjunction.)

    1. What happened with Pluto conj the Moon? Are you ok? This is challenging for my little son he has this ttansit now- Pluto ttansits his Moon and Lilith…

  8. Brilliant post Midara. I’m Leo Moon 4 degrees, conjunct Uranus, H4. I Love this description between vulnerable and insecure, yet on stage = that is me. In a given year I’ll be on my own stage, loving it, all glittery and confident, yet the rest of the year will be gently hiding my inner sun, (Aqua 9H) strong yet not, fabulous yet nervous, wonderful yet quiet, shouting yet whispering, all knowing.
    This is bang on. Awesome, thank you. I save the Bells & Whistles for special occasions, and oh gosh feel so particularly delicious when the Moon returns to Leo. . . yum yum yum.

  9. Well yes, we act (Leo) out our emotions (moon), the original drama queens! But I’ll also make you feel like king/queen too, It’s Conjunct Venus Virgo so comes with its own critical voice, I’m a cancer sun too so it’s pretty melodramatic at times but I can laugh at myself now too, I’m prepared to be the court jester to help others feel ok about their insecurities, I’m prepared to bare my soul so others know they’re not alone…if I get some attention in the meantime, so be it 😉 but I know I inspire others to embrace their imperfect selves so that feeds my soul/sun

  10. I have Leo moon conjunct Uranus in the 7th, also Leo north node. Relationships are very important to me, the source of my greatest joy….and greatest despair. One of my biggest life lessons is realizing that true happiness starts within, and to stop putting others happiness above my own. My children gave me a Mother’s Day card last year, front of it says in bold letters “Queen Bee of our Hive.” Haha, love that!

  11. This makes so much sense! I have moon in leo (conjunct jupiter) and have felt inadequate most of my life although objectively looking, I shouldn’t. And what you say about behaving and feeling how everyone expects but not being you is so very true- So now I’m learning to live authentically and not be afraid to be truly me.

  12. The ‘Inward-Outward’ theme runs through my entire chart:

    My Moon is at 29 Cancer – 10th House. So, Cancer (inward) on the cusp of Leo (outward). I feel very protective towards loved ones and people in general. I spend quite a bit of time meditating and do some healing work – for people and the planet. Following my Cancer Moon there’s a Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Mercury stellium in my 11th House Leo – so very outward! Since I was a kid I’ve been into community activism or media relations of one sort or other – although I’m having a break from that right now. Next up is Pluto-Mars-Venus in 12th House Virgo (Virgo ASc) – so very inward, and devoted to service. I set up and ran a charity for vulnerable people for quite a few years. In my 3rd House in Scorpio there’s Neptune (inward expression – so I write along more reflective themes) at one end of the sign, followed by Jupiter (outward expression – politics and media) at the other end. Finishing up is Saturn at 1 degree 4th House Capricorn – directly opposing that 10th House Cancer/Leo cusp Moon. All this ‘inward-outward’ stuff just means I’m an introvert who loves people. I love to be out in the world and socialise, but afterwards I need time withdraw somewhere quiet and recharge my batteries.

    I enjoy having both introvert and extrovert qualities, and try to make the most of what this dual energy offers. It feels a bit like being invisible and behind the scenes most of the time, but with the ability to step out into the world and be seen when I want to. I like that.

  13. My experience has been interesting. Couldn’t ask for a more loveable person (make that 2 or wait, 3 people) with virgo sun, leo moon (square pluto). Work ethic, caring, humble, hard hustle, charming and fun! Gemini sun, leo moon all the same for fun, even in bigger doses but not as hard hustling. Pisces sun leo moon(square pluto), person 1- very romantic and charming, person 2 pisces/leo moon (square pluto) hard worker but besides that arrogant, and could add more to the list, like the bad side of this moon. Different from all the other leo moons I know. It’s all about what you do with what you’ve got. My fav is still virgo/leo, add a mars in scorpio and basically I will endear the hell out of you for a long, long, time. Leo just makes me feel very giddy inside and to love life more.

    1. I have to admit my Leo moon/Venus Virgo Conjunct blend gives me a lot of those qualities you ascribe and brings me great joy and connection to others

  14. Interestingly, when I had my first chart done, I was told I was born with Moon in Leo but as I got older it would shift to 0 degrees in Virgo, which it has. I am not sure if the person was doing a progressive chart, but he didn’t say that my moon would go around the chart every so often or whatever. And I just looked at my progressed chart at the time and my progressed Moon was in Taurus. SO in light of that, I guess I am an ex-Leo Moon. Up until I was 16, I was VERY shy, but something changed and I totally got into fashion and make-up but I didn’t do it to show off. I got into it because it was an expression of who I felt I was and it made me feel good. After my Moon progressed into Virgo, I got more natural and prefered less make up and honed in on health more than how I wanted to look. My progressed chart says my moon is now in Sagittarius. I have been wanting to travel and explore the Metaphysical.

  15. My advice to Leo is always keep that child-like (not childish) heart. All little children who are loved really think they are Emperors and that makes them confident, trusting, playful and kind.

    There is almost a naivety in Leo, they do like their flattery, but a wise Leo can also see when it is shallow or manipulative. After a few life experiences. Leo can also laugh at itself, in a general spirit of fun and merriment. Never underestimate a good Leo’s desire to protect its beloved court and its people and to lavish abundance on them.

    Leo should never find itself a frustrated one-man-band. Something has gone wrong then. That is what Midara is talking about. Leo is the warm centre which ignites a whole constellation of little fires burning.

  16. Midara – you summed up the Lion character (as well as the other characters) in “The Wizard of Oz” with your ending sentence, “… Only when they step out of the shadows do they learn that the light was within them all along.”

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