Astrology, Challenge And Balance (The Aries / Libra Axis)

all-cylinders.jpgMs Scarlett writes on Please Don’t Fix Me:

“…maybe that’s the Libra wanting us to have the balance between the very direct and the dipshit (your words) grin. I bet that grin has saved your butt many times– As in how can I take her head off for saying something like that when she has such a nice smile. I think that’s a gift Elsa.”

Ms Scarlett,  I agree. I think what I do here is dare-devilish and I would not be able to do it  if even one hair on my head was different. I can’t look too good, I can’t look too bad. I can’t be too young, too old or any other thing. I have to be sort of palatable if that makes sense and yes, it is a balance.

Every experience I have ever had also contributes to the production of this blog. I can tell you for sure I am firing on all cylinders when I write here which is something I am grateful to be able to do. I am constantly challenged and constantly stepping up to meet the challenge and I mean this occurs on a daily basis.

Although I do not have an easy time here, there is nothing about this blog that is a grind and I am grateful for that.  I recognize myself as someone who wants to push against resistance.

Do you enjoy challenge? Where is your Mars?

7 thoughts on “Astrology, Challenge And Balance (The Aries / Libra Axis)”

  1. I almost enjoy a challenge too much. So many times I go after the absolute thing I should really stay away from…and the more people tell me it’s bad, the more appealing it becomes… almost to a point that I become MORE in LOVE with whatever it is I should stay away from. It really sucks but it’s really interesting all at the same time. It breaks my heart but it also brings meaning to other things in my life so there’s this aspect of creating appreciation in things I’d otherwise overlook.
    I think it is the inability to just STAY in the middle because I need one for the other. I have double libra and Mar in Taurus (I think) so I just cant quite decide and I am pretty fixed on not being able to stick with just one side.
    I know I am gonna be OK no matter what and I can get out and move on if I want to no matter what and I am pretty fixed on that belief too. So in a way I am only “stuck” because I just WANT TO be stuck.
    I am constantly presented with challenges within and without in my closest relationship. It is a cycle of birth and death, a cycle of extreme happiness to complete darkness.
    I can’t decide if I really LOVE a challenge but I can tell you this, even when things look completely hopeless and dead, I still believe in miracles. I almost wish I can be realistic about situations but that’s just not me, even when hope is dead and future is futile, I still believe in miracles with a shit-eating grin.

  2. yes, as long as it’s not also involved in cutthroat competition. i refuse to run over anyone to get where i want to go.
    which can be a weird way of moving, involving a lot second guessing. aries sun with a pisces mars leads to some odd forms of locomotion 😛

  3. At first, that picture makes me nervous. I have mars in the 3rd house in Gemini. But I also know that, if I had to, I could learn to fix cars, computers and whatever. Just that I don’t really want to do those things.

  4. Yes, sure do. Being “challenged and constantly stepping up to meet the challenge” is the perfect setup to always staying sharp and on your toes. There’s a great feeling when you get to use all you’ve got to it’s maximum potential. It’s hard to keeping feeling that unless you’ve got a challenge – it keeps you on edge 🙂

    Aries Mars in 10th

  5. Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd conjunct the Moon. Yes I love a challenge but I don’t look for them, they come to me. I can do anything if I put my heart/mind in it. Invariably things that haven’t been done before and once they are being done, it is remarkable how very simple the unknown actually is.

  6. I like challenge, but not too much and only in one arena at one time. *lol* With Mars in Libra/4th sextiling Neptune, I need some float space where I’m free to veg.

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