Character Assassination: Who Does It and How Do You Deal With It?

character-assasination.jpgSpeaking of popularity as we have over the last week, there are two people in my life who have recently had their character assassinated in their communities. I guess you might say these two are “darkly popular” and I had conversations with both of them this week from opposite sides of the issue.

I asked one of them what kind of person does this to another? What is going on inside someone who lies about a series of events to devastate another person’s reputation with malice?

A few days later the other person asked me, “How do you deal with it when someone tells someone else things that are so bad the other person wants nothing to do with you? How do you deal with the emotion of that?” I told her my method but what is yours if you have one?

Say you break up with someone and they run around the town with a bunch of stories about you that are remote from the truth. And for whatever reason, maybe they get the jump on you or maybe you are not around to defend yourself or maybe they are just stupendously convincing, the people take on the distorted reality and you become the designated absolute shit head. What do you do? How do you deal with the emotion?

Have you ever had your character assassinated? Have you ever strung someone else up? What are the astrological correlations? Who is most likely to victim and who most likely to be perp?

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  1. I haven’t that I know of. Oddly enough I have sun pluto conjunct midheaven. I don’t put too much stock in my reputation either way. And I also make it a point to use my instincts regarding peoples character as opposed to gossip. Sometimes gossip is right though.

        1. A person can also have a reputation they didn’t earn.

          This is just what I learned, when I was 15. See for yourself. So if I heard someone was a hothead, I would keep that in mind but I would be not be expecting them to go off. I would be waiting to see if they went off. And I’d set the odds at about 50/50…probably lower. Because people just aren’t that reliable and they have their own bias.

          It’s the same in astrology. People have one experience with one person and tag an aspect and call it to blame. Life is a lot bigger than small minds and/or opinions

  2. Has your character ever been murdered? Yes. I am reminded of a particular time when Uranus transited in 7th Aquarius (the medium was technology. nothing compromising but in the wrong hands like mine, confident and not very aware of how uncomfortable or disliked I could be and those of others: very loose in these things and that with technology and the internet they had the ability: intent on finding anything that could hurt me and throw mud on me.. make me furious on several fronts, without being held responsible. square to my Uranus radix in Scorpio in the 4th; and Neptune in transit first in 7 then in 8. I used my naivety and metaphorical tendency towards suicide. Have you ever hanged anyone else? No. I always let it go and concentrated on looking inside myself and my mistakes, stupidity, ignorance etc. in fact last a long time the social consequences but I don’t feel I have to do the same or worse. Those responsible hurt themselves without my help or voluntary contribution.
    Who is more likely to be a victim and who is more likely to be the perpetrator? it depends, in a general sense, whether the victim does not know something about who can hurt him, why and what means they can use. awareness and ignorance. even the guilty party is unaware of what it means to do harm and is unaware of what it means to suffer that harm, especially if he believes he will never suffer the consequences. there is psychopathology, but if there are more people it is disturbing and delusional. Let’s say I’m happy that I wasn’t the psychopathic or disturbed person to the point of causing harm. but I tell myself that I had problems if I was hit or fell into it. I could have been angry, I could have been confused, scared, deluded during that time, but… damn did I intercept that? in this world nothing can last as it is, at least it has to change levels, I say now. however, the “Similar” events afterwards, whether they were lightning bolts, thunderbolts, storms, at the right time I suffered (for less long) and the intuitions (which I didn’t listen to before despite the bombarding stares), helped me not to implode or explode and I hope I have acquired the lessons.

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