What Happens When Saturn Transits The Nadir or 4th House?

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Is it normal to feel homesick with Saturn approaching the nadir?

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Hi, Curious.

Saturn transiting the nadir is an important transit. It generally marks an emotional low. Homesickness certainly fits.  I would say the feeling is normal but it’s not necessarily typical.

When Saturn transits the nadir you may want to go home.  Another person may not have a home to go to. They may be orphaned or unwelcome in their family.

Another person may lose their home or be forced to downscale when they’d rather not. They may feel a lack of nurturing or just plain lonely. Others struggle with some heavy family burden.

The transit frequently coincides with an “empty nest”. But I had both my children with Saturn in my 4th.  You can see, in both cases, it takes a lot out of a person.

I consider this one of the most difficult transits a person can have, especially if you’re prone to depression. But we all need to get our living situation straight at some point. You create a foundation for your life and once you’re on the bottom, you can only go up!

What happened when Saturn transited your nadir or 4th house?

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      1. This. When the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of early 1980s hit my IC, it completely unraveled my family. I was little then but the impact of it has rippled on for decades. While I recovered, I’m not sure my mother (IC) ever will. I would look at your mother’s transits as well.

    1. I´ll be having that soon and I´m terrified of it. I can´t even think what will happen when transit Mars conjunct those. Three malefics at once in a sensitive point like Nadir…guess will be horrible.

      1. Loui, Pluto is conjoining my Nadir right now, and Saturn is conjoining my moon in the 3rd. In 2020, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in my 4th house, at some point conjoining my Jupiter at 24 Capricorn. At best, it could mean retirement since I’m of that age; maybe a move. I’m hoping Jupiter in the 4th means a successful ending to my career. But the past 1 1/2 years have been unsettling as parts of my life I had counted on suddenly vanished. So the current Saturn transiting my Capricorn moon means I’m mourning those losses, while Pluto conjunct Nadir lets me know something new will eventually be built up if I do the work (Capricorn moon, Venus square Saturn). Try to look on the positive side. Whatever ends needs to go!

        1. Thank you, Lou. Let’ s hope The coming lunar eclipse is a friendly one. I could do with a lucky break. Take Care, Lou, and be blessed.

  1. Eeeem…really terrified expecting this transit…it will hit my Ic in 2020, adding Pluto conjunct Saturn to the equation. Both malefics. I prefer not to think what to expect. It is not going to be easy at all. I´m having some problems now (renting is expensive where I live, can´t afford to buy, my father is unhealthy….), I´m expecting all of that to explode soon. I have natally Sun conjunct Saturn and Moon opposite. Isolation is the least I´m concerned actually.

      1. Yes, you´re right, very hard to see anything positive sometimes. Venus is square Jupiter natally, and this one trines Mars. Libra rising also 😛

  2. I haven’t had Saturn transit Pluto while in my 4th yet, however…with Pluto in the 4th”, some of the best ways to use the energy is to consciously take on “fixer upper” type places/projects or other transformation energy around family & home. That’s what I’ve done & while draining at times, it has been profitable & also “used up the energy” so to speak. I am more than halfway through & ok but definitely transformed & it has become the pathway to my new vocation moving forward.

  3. Not much, well as a 29 years old I started University atlast!

    My natal Saturn is 20 degrees sagg, and so I had my saturn return last year. It was oppo my natal Moon, mars chiron. I still live at home with my parents, since I’m single, have no job and its nearly impossible finding rent houses in Stockholm! So well I’m happy I have arents thats there for me.

    When saturn hit my natal saturn, uranus and moon, mars chiron I started to have huge fights with my mother.

    Before that we just had find balance and things had been calm for a couple of years, but it all went to hell. She is a rage monster, and I’m too when someone instigates me so yeah, it has been ruogh. But luckily neither I nor she is the type that holds on to groudges! So we always quickly patch things up and move on haha

  4. When Saturn transitted my nadir at 28 Pisces I fell out with my two best friends, never spoke to them again. At the same time I started an ambitious remodelling of my flat which ended up with half the floor falling through into the neighbour’s bathroom below, when the conjunction was exact. Talk about crisis at home and feeling lonely!

  5. Saturn conjunct my IC was in my 3rd house…that was a pretty good time, in retrospect. It coincided with my first year at a new school. Very formative year that set me on a better path.

    Saturn in my 4th house had a lot of ups and downs. Major milestones and some really difficult experiences. Family struggle was a theme. It’s not like things were perfect after that, but I had a certain inner contentment after Saturn left my 4th house, that I didn’t have before or during for the most part. I just became much more grounded and more thoroughly formed as a person.

    I did live away from home for the first time, during that transit. I lived in the dorms my first year of college. Homesickness wasn’t really an issue because my college was in the same part of town as my parents’ house and I would come back on the weekends. I just thought it would be good to experience on-campus living for at least a year, but I decided it wasn’t worth the money to do so in the remaining years.

  6. Checked out this site to review the comments of others on Saturn transiting the fourth, since tr. Saturn is now going through my own 4th house. This is the third time Saturn is transiting my 4th. Last time…28 or so years ago…I closed escrow on my current house. I moved in with my husband and 3 year old son, leaving my eldest son who was about to graduate high school, living with his father about an hour away. I left ‘home’ my beloved community by the beach, to get a new house in a more affordable neighborhood in the dry and dusty suburbs that would accommodate my younger son’s needs. We moved from a small condo to a nice size house near an elementary school. Interest rates were rising so I had to make a choice: see my eldest through high school or think about my youngest. It was a bittersweet time, from which I have never totally recovered, and I felt my eldest was fine, spending a lot of his time socializing and studying and being independent. I was confident seeing him 1X a week until he went off to college, would work. In retrospect, I think he felt betrayed. Now, the youngest is 33 and lives in another state, and the eldest is taking his wife and children and moving from California to Nova Scotia (where his wife’s parents live), and my heart is breaking. The cycle is obvious. The house itself needs about $40,000 to update it and I keep going back and forth about what to do. Just little fixes and sell…but where do I go? Probably will have to invest, and be somewhat insecure about my future. I’m hoping the Universe will deliver an in-your-face answer. So far, its just anxiety and an acceptance that I’ll be doing a lot of flying soon. Loads of questioning my past choices that got me to this point, and it is a struggle to be positive in the present, but I’m managing, if anyone reading this is wondering if this transit is subject to coping. Anyway, here’s the kicker that led me on this investigative quest in the first place. My IC is at 19Sag07. When Saturn hit that point my 94 year old mother became ill and passed away (Saturn was opposing my 10th house Uranus & had just passed the IC). While the call from the hospital was unexpected, her passing was not a surprise to someone who has a lot of astrological background…coupled with the fact that she was 94. But, right now tr. Saturn in 4 has moved over my progressed Sun/Mars in the 4th and I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I did some research and discovered that 19 Sag (my IC) is associated with the left femoral neck – sort of the hip. I asked the doctor where the osteoporosis is, and he said the left femoral neck! So, tr. Saturn on my IC and moving through the 4th seems to represent the passing of my mother, the re-location of my son and grandchildren,and the disintegration of my inner skeletal structure, in addition to a renovation or moving of my home. I’m in the investigative stage right now about what to do about the osteoporosis. But, I have a feeling if I resolve the issue surrounding household renovation to meet my needs I’ll be able to successfully address the osteoporosis!Mainly I want a bigger dining area so I can entertain friends – I am a Libra after all and having a better place to accommodate friends will help me express my Sun in Libra and relieve some Saturn transiting the 4th sense of isolation.

    1. Diana, many parallels between your experience and mine of Saturn transiting 4th. I have 25 Sagittarius on IC. I’m 68 and looking to sell the house I have lived in for 11 years in around 2 years time. I’d like to do it sooner, but for financial reasons I need to wait till 2020 or so. I’m debating on how much money to spend on updating and decorating before I put it on the market. in fact I have an estate agent coming to give me a valuation and advice in mid April which I hope might give me some guidelines on where any money would be best spent .

      Due to chronic illness I have been forced to spend far more time at home than I am comfortable with in the last few years (since transting Pluto entered the 4th in 2010/11. I feel strongly that a new location, in the centre of the market town where I lie, probably a retirement flat that will be easier for upkeep and maintenance and which will mean that I can easily walk to where I need to go and help relieve this sense of isolation.

      The last time Saturn transited my 4th I was forced to move back with my parents due to a strange, difficult to diagnose illness. It was resolved once Saturn moved into the 5th.

      I feel the resolution of my housing situation and the prospective house move are key to my getting handle on how best to move forward with the rest of my life.

      1. Thanks for replying. Tr. Pluto in my 4th has been, to say the least, a revelation, forcing me to take off some rose colored glasses. I always knew what lurked beneath the surface of my family, but I didn’t believe it was really as bad as it turned out to be. It will be interesting, to say the least, when Saturn and Pluto and the sun meet on January 12, 2020 at 22Cap45 (in my 4th house but on the cusp of my 5th at 23Cap19). This is when you plan to sell your home so it should be a positive transition for you.

        1. The same applies here!! I always knew my family is no good but this year, after Pluto and Saturn together I´m just flipping out!!

  7. Well, Saturn has been transiting my 4th house for almost 4 years now and there are 3 months left to go. It has been one of the most difficult periods in my life. Before it entered the 4th I wanted to finally move out of my parent’s flat and start my independent life at 30!, I am almost 34 now and I am still there. It feels as if I went through hell with hope to get to something better on the other side, but ended up up in the same place where it all started. I have no idea if I manage yo change something during these 3 months of the transit that are left, but what is really sad that I don’t feel I can and want to change the current situation. It’s not that I started to like it after all that turmoil it’s just that I got tired of all those struggles to change something as it feels like it is a never ending story.
    Don’t want to sound pessimistic, but have no idea what’s going on and what else I could do and what I want. Well, Neptune also started opposing my Sun recently, so I guess that contributes a lot as I have no idea who I am anymore and this affects nearly everything.

  8. I apologize ahead of time, I’m going to sound super negative but its pretty honest (I am not normally a negative person by the way). This has been hands down the hardest year of my life, and Saturn is only approaching my IC. He will be crossing for the first time end of January 2019. Pluto came through first 2014-2017. Plowed through my IC and totally destroyed the foundation of my life. In a nutshell: diagnosed with endometriosis, having difficulty conceiving, relationship of 11 years ultimately ended (not due to lack of love but differences in foundational desires and beliefs), in the process of foresclosure, moved 1200 miles to live with family and get on my feet financially. I feel homesick for my ex, his kids, our dog, and the life I had. My family is a blessing, however I still feel alone. Pluto is hanging out in my 4th house, I’m trying not to be afraid of Saturn coming next. I’m hoping Saturn will come through and help to build a new foundation and sense of “home”. I’m hopeful, as Jupiter will be coming through in 2020. Good things to come? I certainly hope so! But right now…. wow…. literally hanging in there and trying to find the light in all of this.

  9. 01.06.19 As I write, Saturn is crossing my IC (Capricorn 12’05)! As it is doing this it is squaring my sun, about to square my natal Saturn, moon and north node. I am 50, so it is the second time in my life. I felt the beginnings of the transit in spring of 2017 with some poignant dreams. The first involved me driving a plastic preschooler car to meet my parents for my mother’s birthday dinner, she decided to go to an expensive restaurant and I was expected to pay for it. I was chastised by my dad for not making more money to afford the dinner. I drove off, running away. In the escape, I lost my wallet (my ID -identity)! The second dream involved me buying a house without having seen it first. It was a rectangular house, you had to go through each room to get to the next, no hallway (no bypassing!). The bathroom had a circular queen sized porcelain tub (baptism anyone?) that was overflowing. Two men resembling Jesus and John the baptist were there (they were the previous tenants!–note, I am spiritual but not a Christian). Getting to the back of the house and out the back door I could see a hidden town! This was a town that no one in the area knew existed. It felt exciting!

    Anyway, these two dreams seem related to this transit. I am definitely working out resentment from the weight of a secret I held for my mother since I was 10, and being exhausted by how it has impinged upon me expressing the full spectrum of my emotions in my life. I have a graduate degree in transpersonal psychology, I am a hospice chaplain doing intense work, yet I feel that I am not living a Wholehearted life, as Brene Brown would say, and am struggling towards self-realization as Maslow would say. I live in a beautiful yet small 350 sq ft studio underneath my landlords who are nice but loud and it is too small, the ceiling too low. These phrases relate to the life I live, I am living too small a life, and with a ceiling (of accomplishment) too low. I have just started dating a person who I think may be able to love me (meaning I may be able to feel lovable), yet she lives in another city 2.5 hours away. I feel like I am on many cusps….of reclaiming my ‘treasure’ from living too small an emotional life, of starting my own private practice as a spiritual director (Saturn in 4th /Capricorn good for starting/building a business) , and perhaps moving to live near my g/f, possibly growing roots in a relationship that welcomes my whole self. It all feels very life or death to me. I feel depressed that I haven’t made enough from my life even though I am intelligent, have charisma and skill, and the transformation to change shells, like a hermit crab moving from one size to a larger shell, feels impossible, daunting, scary. The sense of pressure feels nothing short of epic. A book which has been helpful for this transit and all things Saturn is Erin Sullivan’s ‘Saturn In Transit’ where she addresses the heroic journey as lived through the transits. “It is at the base point of the horoscope, this dark place, that the treasure is guarded by the dragon. The treasure is that spark of individual destiny, the inner glow that provides one’s unique essence, and the heroic experience is the retrieval of that essence.”

    1. Interesting, I admire how well you remember your dreams! For so long I desired a loving relationship. I got relationships that brought out my hidden blocks and hindrances for me to see and acknowledge. Now, I no longer hope to find love because I have it. Astrology nor planets make things happen in our lives. Release in many respect, has brought more moments of happiness and fulfilment in my life. I send you, and everyone who reads my comment, my warm regards, be well!

    2. @IndigoMonkey

      I was in the same boat professionally, knowing that Im qualified and intelligent but going nowhere. In 2012/3 I gave up everything to embarked on a journey with no destination. Only to learn years later that I was on a journey that involved Pluto(chart ruler)-Uranus (at critical 29degrees in natal chart transiting moon sign Aries)-Neptunian(coruler of my North Node with sun NN in the 5th house in Pisces)-Chiron(returning in 2019)-Jupiterian(transiting Gemini my 8th house of death and rebirth). Phase 1 of this journey ended on 8 November 2018 the day I found tarot which led to me fidnign astrology before the full moon. New moon in Scorpio on 7 November would orbit to become a full moon in Gemini on 22 November. It made perfect sense that my sun and rising signs closed the first Phase 1 and opened Phase 2 of my journey. In June 2012 VenusRx occulted the sun in Gemini 2degrees from my natal sun, in 2019 Mercury occulted the sun in Scorpio and my rising degree was in the Rx zone. I took this as a sign that I was ready to proceed, 2020 has been the year of laying the foundation. In 2020 Venus Rx in Gemini my sun was her retrograde zone. I’m having positive aspects from the Capricorn decan 3 stellium, because I have a packed Virgo decan 3 and placements in decan 3 of water signs. In 2021 I’m taking the first practical step towards rebuilding my life and this time the structure will be as solid as a rock. Its a been a lot of hard work since finding astrology, I took myself back to school of self teaching.
      My 10year journey of death and rebirth continues. Its a lifetime process.

      Thanks for sharing the quote:
      “It is at the base point of the horoscope, this dark place, that the treasure is guarded by the dragon. The treasure is that spark of individual destiny, the inner glow that provides one’s unique essence, and the heroic experience is the retrieval of that essence.”

      I just posted that the light bulb went on when I did my dwads and woke up to the sextile that my North Node (the dragon’s head) makes to my IC. The South Node (dragon’s tail) trines my IC and sextile my MC.

      COVID-19 showed me my North Node, I dont know how the IC comes into play, am keeping an open mind and listening to the energies.

  10. “Keep in mind, once you’re on the bottom, you can only come up.”

    Or just not being able to come up and being forced to stay at that bottom.

  11. I had Saturn transit my nadir in 2014. I bought a home amd closed on the day the conjuction was exact. I am now selling because it is too large for me with my Mom passing this year and my kids moving on. Now I have Saturn hitting the fourth in my solar chart along with Pluto and the home I need to sell needs lots of work. I hope I can get everything fixed and sold SOON. Pluto and Saturn SCARE ME. I have read Pluto transiting the 4th can prevent sale of home. But I am hopeful that may only apply to the Natal chart 4th. Booooo I am afraid I am sunk. ?

    1. Where did you read that?? I mean, Pluto transiting 4th can really prevent to sell a home?? Oh I hope not. I´m gonna have that bitch for 20 years transiting … 🙁 I also have Saturn, but this one is faster, until 2021 will be there. I´m scared anyway. Too many things going on and all bad.

  12. Saturn is currently transiting my IC, beginning in March 2020. In the second week of March I suddenly lost all three of my jobs (due to CA shelter in place order) and coincidentally was asked to leave my rented cottage on the same day! Luckily I was already pretty downsized so I was able to pack up quickly. I ended up moving to my older sister’s place (moving home) in Oregon where I am now happily living in a tiny room amidst 7 members of my extended family. It’s a huge change, one which the whole world is going through right now, and I know how blessed I am to have had a safe, loving place to land. I’m currently laying low for a bit (the duration of the transit?) and am very curious about what the future holds…for all of us.

      1. So pleased that you see the positives that come from Saturn crossing your IC. The Universe took care of you. My mother passed as Saturn entered my 4th house. Then I inherited from her. So, bad with the good. But,that’s how the universe works. Again, there is so much fear expressed in some posts. It hurts me to see that. And, your comment illustrated how,if you’re ready to listen to what the Universe is saying, you can see Saturn’s gifts. By the way,I have Pluto just finishing its 4th house transit. Can’t say its been a bag of goodies,a financial betrayal by a family member for one, but – good riddance and Truth – I can see the benefits with opened eyes & opened heart.

  13. Saturn is about to go back to my 4th from July-Dec but mostly over. It was the most challenging time of my life. My family had to go through almost breaking apart because of my husbands legal status. There was a lot of waiting, uncertainty, and frustration and paperwork. We have three kids and our family had ptsd through it all. He almost did not get to come back home and had to leave for months not knowing. I got so ear problems, some high blood pressure and drank a lot of wine. And then I decided what will be will be and stopped trying to control it. If all the worked out in the end!!!

  14. Saturn station direct at 25 of Capricorn trine natal Jupiter-SouthNode conjunction at 26 Virgo, opposite MC at 27 Cancer, sextile both North Node at 26 Pisces and Neptune at 26 Scorpio. This Saturn transit is good to me.

    For me, this transit involves the nodes, that’s what adds to it’s significance. Saturn and the South Node are involved, there’s something karmic about it.

    Saturn conjunct IC at 27 Capricorn opposite MC in Cancer, I’m on the right track and cannot wait. 2020 was/is said to be the year of laying foundation and for me it turned out to be exactly so. I had started laying what I thought was a foundation when the first Saturn-Uranus square threw me a boomerang, debunked that, redirected my focus and energies. Another square is coming before Saturn enters Aquarius, this one will involve Jupiter.

    My Saturn-IC conjunction comes at the right time, I’m not complaining because I surrendered to the universe and have done the hard work. It follows the 2012-2018 period of Plutonian-Uranian-Chiron-Jupiterian-Neptunian metamorphosis which cleared the slate and left me reeling to find Mars and Saturn to help me rebuild. It has been quite a journey and a very difficult one. 8th house death and rebirth is not easy. Right now a fresh writing is on the wall and it reads: “Im on the right Saturnian track”.

    As we approach the end of 2020 I have Saturn transiting my IC in Capricorn which is known as a cold and rigid placement for such a sensitive moon-ruled point. In dwadashamsha (dwads), the 27 degrees of Capricorn is linked to my North Node in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio, both water signs notorious for keeping things hidden. I don’t know what my Saturn-IC transit has in store for me, what I know is that I’m moving forward. Dwads highlighted aspects that are already there in my natal chart but which remain hidden because astrology systems don’t show IC, like they don’t show South Node and their aspects. The link/sextile to my North Node and the trine to South Node-Jupiter conjunction highlighted the significance of my IC. This Saturn (and Jupiter) transit takes it to another level and points to this being a karmic transit. Last year the South Node transited my IC, those eclipses were on me IC-MC wise. Remember that big January 2019 eclipse at 0degrees of Leo, which involved the stellium in Capricorn, Pluto Mars Saturn and the works? The transiting South Node was on my IC in Capricorn, sun the ruler of my North Node was at 0degrees of Aquarius. I can’t even remember how I felt, what I remember is that I was about to learn I was moving in the wrong direction. Confirmed by the Jupiter (big) square to Neptune (illusion). The 2020 debunking by Saturn-Uranus square was a second move in a wrong direction.
    This eclipse squared Uranus, the Great Awakener. At the time Uranus was conjunct my natal Saturn in Taurus. My natal Saturn at 4degrees Taurus already squares MC and IC. So Uranus joined that.
    On the other side that eclipse happened so close to my natal North Node at 27 of Cancer with the transiting North Node at 26.
    As they say, what you don’t know cannot kill you, these transits and eclipses didn’t kill me because I didn’t know the meaning, I was new in astrology and had no clue. They started worrying me towards the end of 2019 when I knew too much to not be rattled, and I’m not getting younger, I’m 51 now but people say I’m young which I don’t like. The youthful Gemini look.

    To have Saturn and Jupiter activate my IC is music to my ear. On the one side my IC completes the kite for my Grand Water Trine which includes Neptune in Scorpio, North Node in Pisces and MC in Cancer, on the other side Jupiter-South Node conjunction closes the Kite in Virgo. Moving home? Definitely, I will be moving town to set up my businesses and leave this God forsaken town.

    I don’t know what the activation of the IC has in store for me but I’m very happy that this transit is happening this year, at this time of the year…after the activation of my Vertex by Mars in Aries, and at the time when I’m ready to take the plunge in 2021.

    1. Correction:
      On the other side that eclipse happened so close to my natal MC at 27 of Cancer with the transiting North Node at 26.

  15. “Keep in mind, once you’re on the bottom, you can only come up.”

    Gemini sun – versatile mental sign that is able to adapt to different situations or search for better alternatives if the current situations aren’t worth adapting to.
    Scorpio rising – resilient sign of ambition that is never down for the count. Is this Scorpio rising down? YES. Is she Out? Definitely NOT.
    Aries moon – a pioneering sign that is not afraid to go solo. I have 4business ideas that I’ve developed into business concepts and plans, all will be implemented in the next 2years? In fact, its 2business ideas one has 2 spin-offs to make the 4. 2 businesses for Castor and 2 for Pollux. There’s my duality. I’m Aries moon with Mars in the 1st house cusp in fire Sag. I’m going solo and will find employees.
    IC in Capricorn sign of structure, lofty goals and achievement ruled by Saturn. IC joined by Pallas Goddess of strategy and (Juno). Transiting Pallas is in Capricorn, during the July eclipse in Capricorn the full moon was in exact conjunction to my natal Juno at 13 degrees and then I had a full moon in exact conjunction to my Ceres in the 4th house in Aquarius.
    I’m observing the energies to see what that means. Natal conjunctions by two consecutive full moons one an eclipse cannot count for nothing. If that eclipse at 0 of Cancer so close to the NN, square my natal NN, counted for something, the full moons in Capricorn and Aquarius have to count for something. Juno must give me a good not so Saturnian/Capricornian husband. Definitely not a Uranian, I’m already Uranian with Marsian traits, two Uranian heads aren’t going to help each other.

    And yes, I can and am only going up.

  16. i have natal Saturn in Aquarius conjunct IC in a tight 1 degree orb. Transit Saturn is approaching this aspect. So my 2nd Saturn return is beginning along with this 4th house Saturn transit.I have natal Neptune in the 12th square this aspect within a 2 degree orb & natal Venus conjunct the aspect within a 4 degree orb.
    The issues before me at this present time are contaminated water via the defense force RAAF base near my home & a compensation case I am involved with because of it. Also very recently, a coming to light of the prospect of a government compulsory land aquisition of between 5ooo & 10 000 hectares of my & surrounding rural suburbs. No more details will be given to us until the 2nd half of this year. I live in a land lease community where there are a number of elderly residents among us. I am blessed to still have both my elderly parents living independently in their own home but I’m aware that this transit could bring changes there also.I would dearly love to move back up North closer to my children & grandchildren but money (can’t sell my home due to contamination)& being available for my aging parents are issues.
    I can see the Saturn energy of authority, patience, restriction & the elderly connecting with the Neptune water, chemicals & secrecy energy and the Venus energy of finances & fair agreements in play here.

  17. When Saturn crossed my IC, I moved to be nearer my job. I knew nobody where I lived and was very lonely. The job turned out to be a dud (with a crazy, vindictive boss that marginalised all her staff), and I ended up homeless. Had to move back home briefly to lick my wounds, but happily moved on to pastures new!

  18. It’s also a positive, though, isn’t it? It can be the start of something new, some new work of sorts. As Saturn starts climbing your chart, you start a figurative climb in life. Start things you’d like to see pay off during the Saturn cycle, perhaps?

    I started my teaching career when Saturn was at the bottom of my chart. Now I’m homeschooling my children which is pretty crazy and not something I ever would have expected. Saturn’s cruising through my 10th house now.

  19. My family and I moved into a new house when Tr Saturn was conjunct my IC. It was the beginning of a new phase of our family and, fortunately, light as my 4H is 27* Taurus with lots of Gemini and a Gemini Mars. We (4H) moved (Mars) for better schools (Gemini) for the kids and we hosted lots of school-related parties.

  20. As Saturn approached my nadir time ran out on where I was and what I was doing. I could feel a change coming that would involve a major move and not knowing what it was going to be, I pared down and remained quiet. Out of the blue I received a phone call that my uncle had died. After hanging up the phone, my hand immediately picked the phone up again and dialed back. A voice from within me put in a bid on his house. And the rest is history. It was not at all planned, but the stage was set and I walked right in. My nadir is the last degree of Aquarius. Shortly after arriving here, my goddaughter was born followed by my godson. My life was forever changed.

  21. Now I am getting my Saturn square Pluto natal aspect in looking at Saturn transiting the IC opposing natal pluto on the midheaven. I will always have to deal with the seamier side. Like moving here snd finding a bio unit off kilter with me being targeted by the ring leader. I just did not get it. It wasn’t until 15 years later while taking care of my mom as all my siblings were carrying on some kind of war with each other, that one of them blurted out the big lie as an attack on the one. Hit me like a ton of bricks. The event that happened, the horrible repercussion, and the coverup story. I finally understood the family politic. And in the end the family fell apart. The structure was built on a lie. And ‘the event’ happened when I was in the womb. How apropo for my natal Pluto square Saturn setup.

    My very first Saturn IC transit brought me a 85 year old nun they pulled out of retirement to teach one more year. I saw classmates being punched on the back mercilessly, her fingernails relentlessly rat a tat tatting on their heads, their knuckles beaten with wooden rulers, and their backs as they were made to kneel on the hard tile floor with their hands in the chalkboard tray. When I told my mom, she told me that the nun was an agent of god and therefore right. She was protected by religion just like the sibling who was protected by the coverup (yeah and the covered sibling hides her actions behind the church too). I think of this now as there have been a number of murderers lately whose defense is that god told them to do it or that the person(s) they killed was spawned by satan. Why religion is mixed into the seaminess I experience I do not know unless it is just the popular go to excuse. Talk about taking the lord thy god’s name in vain!

  22. I had this transit in 2004 at 19y-old. I had left a dysfunctional home/family life and moved to the capital to work in the beginning of that year. All was new, and although i managed to maintain the job I could not find a place I could pay for and call home and problems arised and followed me every time i moved. I was lonely. I could not go back, and I couldnt find a satisfying solution. Chiron was transiting my MC/10H (same area where pluto has been transiting since 2017 till now!) thus opposite saturn so it was all very painful in both fronts. I could get not much understanding/sympathy for what I was going through either. I had to keep the job no matter what! I also had the NN return at that time, in my Taurus 1H! What a year 2004/05… Im having NN return again in 2022. Even though Saturn is far away from the nadir now, Im having chiron in the 1H in my 2022 solar return… its an ongoing story of having to fend off for myself despite the wound (i still cant pay for a house and feel not at home) and the necessity of letting go and letting god…

  23. My daughter is currently having this transit. She just told me today that her landlord is selling the home she and her husband have been renting for 4 years. They’re stressed. They’re also both having their Saturn return.

  24. thanks for these posts! I have Saturn transiting my IC in Aqua now.
    I have Pluto at my MC 3 degrees past my MC so there are usually inner world outer /world stories. First Saturn transit to IC was at 10 years old. My family had moved cities 5 months before. I was settling into my new school and new home and loved the big tree in my garden where I could sway with the wind and see across the valley to the mountain. Second Saturn transit to IC was at age 40. I was already an experienced therapist and had just finished oral exams in Process Oriented Psychology in USA. I dreamed I was on a ship at anchor in mid ocean: the whales and dolphins leaped for joy! I would have liked to study further in Oregon but my teen-aged kids needed to be in New Zealand. Now I am aged 69 with grandchildren. I sold my home over a year ago and am living in a cottage by the ocean in Western Australia. I am looking at all my personal and professional resources and thinking about how to contribute professionally (Saturnine structure) over the coming years while being “at home” with my own need to live a simpler life. In my case it seems that the physical moves and the angst around moving homes/locations preceded the conjunction. I do have Neptune three degrees ahead of Saturn so perhaps Neptune has led the way. Saturn was at the MC in 2008 fourteen years ago at the same time as Chiron, Neptune AND the transiting north node were on my IC! And Uranus was with natal Mars/Venus in Pisces.(Now Neptune is with Mars/Venus.) In retrospect 2008 was a career peak. Right now I am working out how to draw on this, make what I say and write more authentically “mine” as I work with new graduates. P.S. Anne Whittaker has written about the transits of the outer planets to the IC in a moving way. Best everyone! Viv

  25. I guess, I´m no longer that bothered about transits.. Fearful thoughts create fearful expectations. Pluto has transited my N 4th H, and on it´s way out to Aquarius, will soon square my N Moon. I am a little fearful, I feel that isn´t this enough. What more will there be? Actually, alongside the process (lifetime) my prevalent thought is that I feel some deep questioning as to WHY these transforming processes come so late in life! My life would PERHAPS been happier and more ´successful`, had I had this wisdom (gained) when I was younger. Comparing oneself with others is bad, yes, I know. Looking back, Saturn transiting the 4th, the 5th, times were tough, but that´s life. Detachment and non attachment are great tools in life. Happy New Year 2023 filled with blessings to everyone!

    1. Interesting way to look at it! I’ve had most hard transits hit me in my 40’s ! I guess mine is a midlife experience! Ready for some peace and lighter living. Just had Saturn transit 4th, pluto conjunct my natal moon last month and now Pluto is squaring my sun, a few years ago the Taurus opposing my sun, Venus, Mars was rough! Glad that is all over!

      1. I´m in my 40s too. Also had Saturn transit 4th conjunct Moon and opposite Sun/Saturn natal. It´s been HELL. Pluto will reach my Moon in a few years. Your experience must be really tough. Can you tell something about?

        1. Pluto conjunct my moon was all about accepting myself (my appearance) and listening to my inner voice. It crossed over my asc last month. My moon is conjunct asc. Pluto square my sun, Venus and mars has been a test of freedom for me. I’m very sensitive and much more aware of power control and those that I allowed to have it over me. Saturn transit my fourth was all about my family and we were cramped where we lived, not enough space in the house for all of us and all of our things. and my husband almost didn’t get his green card for the government. Stressful times but we made it through.

          1. That sounds positive. Pluto is squaring my ASC now and I seem to step only into sociopaths around me, it seems like most of my family and colleages at work are psychos. Maybe Saturn has got something to say in that too, while hurting my luminaries. I don´t think I will ever see positive in this period

              1. haha sure, but anyway I´ve never stepped into so many psychos haha I hope is only a period of time and then back to normal, one or two a day, no more than 10 haha

            1. Hi Lou ,
              Saturn has ingreesed one degree into the fourth and is now sat atop natal mercury.
              We are not yet moved , with Gemini on my 8 th house l live between the delayed building site of a wreck of a house and the one we will sell hopefully soon.
              Co vid ( Pluto ) delayed everything, no tradesmen, mercury, no wood, no deliveries, would you believe even no scaffolding ( Saturn) .
              Saturn still exact on mercury.
              Thirty years ago ( 1990-1993) l was also doing total renovations wen partner unfaithful and l chucked him out .
              House at the time had no roof, and no heating in new bedroom extension.
              My Venus is in the third house at 29 cappy.
              Saturn rolled me over with the co vid restricting all wat l stated but now Pluto on the March but slowly,
              My partners money is an issue as he’s selling ( mercury) shares in his company but with Saturn on sun mercury conjunct straddling I c and gem on 8 th cusp the Mars retro has made things unable to reach culmination.
              Eventually leo tenth cusp ruled by sun on I c will be end of the matter and this house will be “a showpiece”.
              It will arise out of the ashes like the phoenix as Pluto hits my Venus 29 degree cappy.
              Divine timing .

            2. Greetings to all and best wishes for 2023.
              Hi Lou, i found that Uranus(planet of sudden change) in Taurus(ruler of earned income and physical structures) has a lot to do with psychos and socios re: finances and accommodation. Skyrocketing cost of living is steering my way sociopaths (total strangers with hidden agendas, hit hard by the PlutoSaturn conjunction austerity measures) who think im going to be part of their Uranus in Taurus triggered
              changes and adjustments regarding their finances and accommodation. Not going to happen at my expense. Uranus direct involvement with the eclipses is giving me no reprieve from these people but i can handle them thanks to Pluto trining my Uranus in Virgo and Saturn transiting my 4th while squaring Uranus and eclipses stationing direct in a trine to my Sun in Gemini. Evolution is a hard and long journey psychos and socios know that thats why they resist it while expecting to reap the benefits. Universities should be penalised for producing the worst kind of psychos and socios who think others are on this planet to evolve on their behalf, these are 1D level of consciouness university graduate psychos and socios with delusions of grandeur who will not evolve in this lifetime because the souls are in a contract with evil, only God can terminate that. They need powers beyond Pluto, well beyond that which is visible to humans.

              1. The castrating Uranus opposite my Ascendant in Scorpio has torn down to the core of the Scorpio magnetism that has in the past seen me feel attached to people i should not get attached to, people i have no relationship with including those ive just met especially people who need major intervention in their lives which some dont see. Speak of the shrink of the zodiac that Scorpio is believed to be. Only this time i was not the one attracted to these pschos and socios because i knew what Uranus’ intentions were when he entered the 2nd decan of Taurus to activate a transiting YOD with Chiron in Aries and the NN (and other transits in Gemini in 2021). This configuration coupled with the Saturn square forced me to adopt the cold detachment of Aquarius while remaining aloof refusing to connect or reconnect with psychos and socios i should have no contact with or get attached to, and do this without fear of anything, because planets are on my side. Going forward, the analytical Virgo’s involvement with my nodes means im going to let loose Virgo’s discrimination in picking and choosing who i allow into my space and who i get attached to and why. I cant rebuild new Saturn structures on which my Asc will stand, only to repeat the same.

        2. Lou, I, too, have natal Sun Saturn conjunction. Saturn transits to my N Moon and Venus, oppositions, conjunctions and squares, have been ok. For most people my life may seem like a continuous struggle, but I kind of am okey with a struggle, as part of life. Shedding unnecessary stuff within oneself. Pluto is soon squaring my Moon, and I fear it will be tough. When Pluto transited my N Moon in conjunction (Scorpio Moon), I was young but I had MAJOR changes in my domestic life. I moved abroad, moved together with a lovely and kind man, he had a lovely family. Major domestic changes, several relocation abroad, new homes, transformational emotional experiences which were really tough.In my case, my life changed 100 per cent. I hope the Pluto square Moon -transit brings equally great changes which I am hopefully better equipped to use to the full.

            1. You´re right. Perhaps my expectations as to what´s going to happen, are mistaken. However, somehow I feel that some themes of the time Pluto was conjunct my Moon, are re-occurring but on a higher level. In a way, dealing with my childhood conditioning, mother and the roles I took and have carried since. There already have been painful moments, but I sense I am ready to release all the old me, with compassion. I also have a new Moon in my solar return chart, and read that in an adult life, it may mean new beginnings in one´s professional life. I hope so, and I am taking brave steps. The Moon rules my 10th H. New Moon in a solar return chart may mean a new relationship. Well, that would be nice, but have no idea how he will turn up! I am not interested in online dating.

            2. I was previously telling about the time Pluto transited my N Moon in Scorpio. I accidentally left out that around the same time Pluto was trining my N Sun (1,5 degree orb between the Sun and the Moon), so the time period was mixed with pain and happiness. I was not open to that happiness, though.

      2. Jen, Pluto transiting Moon in conjunction is tough. I had it as I was rather young (20), alongside as I was having Pluto trining my Sun. I was too young and screwed up to benefit from the Pluto trine Sun -transit which brought fantastic opportunities. In retrospect, I feel that I missed these fantastic opportunities even though they were presented right on my lap and for a longer period of time. Pluto square Sun -transit is once in a lifetime experience. In my case, I feel it was an inward change.

        1. Pluto square sun-what house is your sun. Mine is 10th and the power struggles are with people outside like bosses and parents.

          1. Yeah agree. Pluto´s gonna be a stab in the back from people in power or even men. I´ll be having it in few years. Saturn has also brought a lot of fight with authorities so I guess Pluto won´t be that different. Sun in 10th Moon in 4th

          2. My Sun is in the 5th in conjunction with Saturn. My beloved dad also died. I don´t know, I sincerely feel that Saturn has to do with karma.

      1. Right, a blessing in disguise? Same here, despite some fearful anticipations (Pluto square Moon -transit and Saturn transits), I do not feel too bothered any more. I am quite happy with my modest circumstances. If there is something to be shedded, be my guest.

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