Natal Charts Of Children- Yes, They Work!

santaA person’s chart shows itself at a very early age. If you happen to have planets in signs or house that taboo, too bad! It is not like you are going to be able to avoid this stuff just because you’re eight years old.

If this is hard to accept it may make it more accessible if you apply the same principles to a more comfortable chart. My sister’s son comes to mind. He’s Gemini with a Libra rising, a very smart and sociable kid. Consequently, growing up he was selected for anything and everything that required these skills.

Need two kids from each school to ride with police escort to the mall to have lunch with Santa? Her son was chosen.

“What are they going to do?” she said.  “Pick a kid who is going to fall apart? Pick a kid who is going to be scared or not know what to say? Maybe start crying and want to go home? Of course not! They pick my kid, because he’s elegant. He has manners. He already thinks he should be mayor of this city, he’s such a diplomat….”

saftey-patrol.gifAs another example, when I was a kid, I was an authority figure. It didn’t matter that I started school early and skipped a grade which made me two years younger than everyone else.

It didn’t matter if I as a complete and total runt, I was still chosen to be the BANKER for the school AND the head of the SAFETY PATROL.

That’s right.  Those kids could only cross the street when I said it was okay to cross the street and if they showed up to make a deposit into their savings account, it was Elsa P who checked their math and stamped their pass book!

I also passed my first petition when I was 7 years old which upset the principal. She damned near came unglued.

“Of all people,” she scolded, having taken me from my class to stand in the hall. “I just can’t tell you how disappointed I am in you, Elsa.”

And I was thinkin’, “Lady, get a grip.  Can’t you see I’m bored out of my mind? I have to do  something to get these people goin’…”

But no. On and on she went, talkin’ to my little hologram there, what else?

Want to see what’s in your child’s chart? Child Natal Report

What were you like when you were eight? Alternately – Can you see who your kid(s) was born to be?

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  1. A miniature adult, lol. I was serious, quiet, cautious, orderly, well-behaved. And I loved accompanying my Dad to the bank 🙂 All the stereotypical Capricorn stuff. But man was I shy. Don’t know what to attribute this to. And I still do this sometimes! ::blush::

    On a funnier note, I used to collect paper and pens at that age. Anywhere I went, I grabbed every booklet, pamphlet, flyer and stuffed it into my bookbag. To this day I still like paper and pens. I’ve got quite a collection. Gemini rising 🙂

  2. Yes, I was a miniature adult too. I was very shy and quiet and prefered to play by myself – and I did because I was an only child. I prefered to be around adults and pretend I was grown-up to. Pretend was a very important word because I made stories and make-believe games like…a kid. lol

    People really don’t change that much from what they already were.

  3. Pretty much like your sister’s son. Except.. catholic school and all. When I was 9 I made a collage on current events. Remember that famous photo of the Vietnam War protester sticking his middle finger to the camera? I stuck that picture smack dab in the middle of the collage. the nun who was my teacher was furious. My parents were speechless. But to me it just seemed the natural thing to do. (I even thought folks would be impressed!). Sun’s in Gemini, but it’s also in the 8th house….

  4. Very mischievous,daring and bold! Trouble all day and everyday, but still escaped what they called dell. A school where big fat people sit on you because you were bad in school. A bunch of bologna that was.It was an alternative school that I never made it to, no matter how much trouble I got into. I was the class clown. My teacher would give me (at the time) a cool pencil at the end of each day If I didn’t get a color change. I was still the child on honor roll, and in student council that the teacher expected a lot out of.Don’t ask me I don’t know how.

  5. 8 is 2nd/3rd grade for me– 2nd was my lost year, no memory of it at all and 3rd was my best and worst. I started the year with my favorite teacher ever, bliss, then was moved to the situation that damaged me immeasurably.

    full 8th house.

  6. As a Capricorn, I was also a minature adult. My 5 year old daughter is an imaginative, dreamy, water loving Pisces. But put her in public, and that Aries Ascendant takes center stage. Her Moon in Scorpio is just confirmation of the rock solid attachments she has with people. Last, but not least, her Venus in Capricorn is the source of her practiclity and attention to detail that is dear to my Capricorn Sun.

  7. Bold at school, teacher’s pet, beaten by a sister daily, intensely loved by another.
    I was in regular written correspondence with an Uncle in Australia, who wrote me such gems as:

    “That dog who lived next door was a bad dog. If I had a gun I would’ve shot it dead.”


    “I’m sorry you think it’s so sad that your family is so far from each other. I can’t say the same. Not all of us are nice people, you know.”

    (He was a Leo with Moon in Scorpio)

    He was still my favorite Uncle. He came to live with us for a year after suffering from a stroke. Pity about the photo of my crying on his lap and Violent sister showing him the tampon she found in the can, ha ha ha!

  8. I’m the youngest girl with two elder brothers. They were bigger, faster and smarter and would stir and tease the hell out of me until I was down to my last defense…screaming, screaming, screaming! my parents would rush in angry and tell me to stop the hell with the screaming…and I would be gasping and pointing at my brothers “but, but but they just…” but no one listened to what they had just done to terrorise me. Just stop that screaming. Somehow the patterns changed after 8, me being less gullible and able to stand up for myself.
    Years later, as adults, I debriefed with my brothers over a few drinks, we all laughed our guts out with my stories of my terrorised childhood with them and it was very healing for me to release it. Of course they couldn’t remember any of the incidents.

  9. Ridiculously responsible, wounded, driven, and desperate for independence. Saturn square Sun/Uranus. I was MUCH older then than I am now.

  10. Hm. Let’s see. . . At eight I was in 3rd grade with a teacher I disliked intensely because she yelled at me for doodling on a desk the previous year. I had also been socially ostracized the previous year and was still trying to make it back in with my old crowd. I was wearing a C cup and one year away from starting my period, and was still the tallest kid in class for maybe the last time in my life.
    All in all I was pretty miserable, with no one to talk to except my sister (five years older than me) and I didn’t even know I could do that, talk about my problems that is. Hell, I didn’t even realize they were problems until the next year, I think.
    My mom was becoming increasingly belligerent and drinking more, and my dad shut down because he didn’t know how to deal. Neither side of my extended family was close enough to care and the only non-family people I saw regularly was mom’s drinking buddies and their families.

    I was absolutely a little adult. I’ve felt like an adult for most of my life and unfortunately I’ve got the life story to back me up.
    And discussing it all is making me depressed, so I’m leaving now.

    The astrology:
    Sun-Merc-Saturn conjunct
    Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunct trine Moon in 8th

  11. Avatar

    Oh this is juicy. I was invisible at school, read library books behind my textbook. At home I was the designer/foreman of my local building crew of 3-4 neighbor boys to build the coolest two story treehouse ever seen by our parents. They were all 2-5 years older than me but couldn’t figure out how to put the thing together and I guess I could.

    They didn’t really believe that I was the one who told them how to make it work until all the boys said the same thing. Then the “adults” all kind of looked at me weird. They haven’t stopped in all the intervening years. ;*

  12. Very imaginative. Loved to read all the time–my mother said if anyone spoke to me while I was reading I wouldn’t answer because I was in another world.
    Teachers always gave me extra responsibilities and odd jobs. I liked grown-ups and was considered smarter than average.
    And I loved anything to do with etiquette, manners and table settings.

  13. Oh brother.

    Eccentric, introverted, shy, writing books, studying animals, mortified by everything, intense, deep-thinking, wild curly hair (my parents did nothing to tame it), only interested in wearing dresses, super religious and believed in God punishing those who were bad (kept stickers on my wall to count my “sins”).

    Cap sun, Libra moon, Aquarius rising. But I don’t really know what accounts for all that.

  14. (((SaD))) I bet you were really sweet.

    I also have in my grade 2 yearbook that I was going to be an astronomer when I grew up. I loved the night sky, especially being out in boony-land.

  15. I was the class artist, jeweler, and pad of paper decorater. If there was something to be drawn, it was myjob. It was the 60’s and i was stringing beads like crazy and I charged a dollar per bracelet, and I felt bad that I was getting the better end of the deal. When kids bought a new pad of paper and it was blank on the fron, they used to hire me to decorate it and they would give me a dollar.

    Venus conjunct mars in capricorn in the 1st house
    mercury in pisces in the 2nd inconjunct uranus in leo

  16. when I was 8 I decieded that I didn’t want to believe what my parents wanted me to believe (religion) When I was 8 I told the person that had been molesting me for 2 years that it wasn’t something he should have ever done and if he tried to again I would make sure he didn’t have his parts left to use for what they were made to be used for(he was 17 and knew I meant it) When I was 8 I knew I wanted to have loads of kids and be a “mom”…I have been a “mom” to loads of kids more than just my 4.

  17. SaDiablo I don’t know if it had to do with what my asto data is (if you want to check 10/31/1970@8:54am in Colorado springs, Co) I can’t seem to get anything astro to stick in my head…so I don’t know.

  18. I’m not very good at interpreting charts yet either, mahEGGO, but holy stellium in Scorpio, Batman! And I thought my chart was compact. 😉
    Maybe someone else will give us a heads-up, eh?

    On a related note, I always seem to resonate with people born on Halloween. I have no clue why that is. 🙂

  19. SaDiablo…as for my chart for some reason I can’t remember a thing other than scorpio…and some more…and then some more…LOL.

    That is cool…I haven’t met anyone else that was born on Halloween…I just know no one would sympathize with me when it came to bemoaning the fact that no one showed up to my parties because costumes weren’t allowed with my parents…and it was Halloween for goodnesssakes!!!

  20. *lol* I’ve known four or five people born on Halloween and we always, without fail, get along. It’s freaky.
    I knew a guy born on Halloween that would totally sympathize — he was brought up Mennonite. 🙂 No costumes there, either.

  21. All I remember from being 8 is the summers. Lots of bike riding, sitting in my room watching movies and playing for HOURS in the sandbox with my little plastic animals. I was very quiet in school, I read a lot and kept to myself.

    My parents used to read to me every night. I remember one book in the “Mr. Men” series called “Mr. Small”. It was about this tiny little red guy who wanted to go visit his friend but was too small to reach the doorbell to his house. He climbed up the wall next to the door to try and ring the bell but fell off and bumped his head. I felt SO BAD for the little guy I cried all night. To comfort me, my mom tore the eraser off a pencil, drew a face on it and called it Mr. Small. I took care of that eraser, making it a tiny Kleenex bed, giving it pop caps full of water and frozen peas for dinner for weeks before I lost it.

    I have always considered the Mr. Small situation the epitome of my Pisces/Virgo nature.

  22. Charlotte, that is absolutely charming. *smiles* I had some Mr. Men books, too, and I remember Mr. Small. He was very Pisces/Virgo!

  23. Well, my mom said I was going on 30 when I was six, so I guess I was going on 32.

    I constantly had my nose in a book. I was writing short stories.

    And that Pluto/Uranus first house? I was up in people’s faces. *big grin* I was terrorizing the Sunday School teachers with questions that no good Fundamentalist little Christian should be even coming up with. And…in my packing last week, I came across a copy of the school newsletter that year that named me at the top of it for winning the contest to name it.

  24. I started instrumental music when I was 8. I was quiet & did what I was told. I seemed to get picked for things like “Write down the names of everyone whos talking during study hall”, though I also did the hall monitor thing.

  25. I was borderline failing in school (geometry! Grammer! Cursive Writing! Curses!) despite testing at grade 8 level for reading and acing fractions. I yelled my head off in the hair salon when my mom tried to trick me into a hair cut (again! After she’d promised I could grow it). I had one good friend. I hung out with the grade eights reading their english and history books, (while not reading my own english and history books) and talked about them with the teacher (mr. Saunders) when he watched the yard at recess (at least til he found out I wasn’t doing my grade two level history and refused to talk). I loved the monkey bars and the balance beam. Oh AND I snuck off for lunch everyday because why be locked in the lunch room for 30 minutes when I could be off exploring the park? It was also the year Leanna came and made my life heck for my being different (and I decided not to change because then she’d win and frig that, I was going to nuke her in the long run the kids loved me before her, and if they had any sense they’d love me after her) and I took my first oversea’s trip. Plus I was in loooooove with Louis whose mom would totally take us for a spin in her car after school sometimes (going somewhere just to Gooooooooo! and goinnnnng FAST!!! *Loooooooooooooooove!*)

  26. I knew of my hidden self and gave no credit to anyone who didn’t. I hated condescending adults who just saw this quiet, shy girl. None of them knew my iron core and it was obvious to me. I would daydream a lot and at times it seemed to affect my schoolwork because i remember one teacher giving me a lecture. On her condescending “Now Elizabeth..” I tuned out. She didn’t know me. I changed my name to Liz in high school to shake off the shy Elizabeth persona that kept me from actually connecting with people they way I wanted to. I went to university and got a combined degree in Film and English.

    Sun/mars/venus/pluto Libra planets in the 12th, jupiter in pisces, mercury in the 1st in scorpio, moon in gemini in the 9th, saturn in cancer.

  27. This is good stuff.

    I remember thinking “Ten more years until I can move out.”

    I read other books behind my school books. Every Nancy Drew book. I had the biggest feet in the class and got made fun of for my cool dark red Nikes. My parents made me be a Brownie and I got in trouble for not praying before I ate my cookies and for not following instructions to make the same crafty item that the group was making. I hated that ugly brown uniform. The hat was insulting. I spent plenty of time alone outside making magic potions with various natural ingredients I kept in empty baby food jars.

    I couldn’t wait to grow up.

  28. With the exception of a fear of the dark, I was an *extremely* self-confident kid, until the age of five – at that age, I was almost killed (by a boyfriend of my mother’s), and we were living with my grandmother, who had me stuttering by the age of six. I don’t remember much of the time I spent with her, but I do remember her not liking me that much. I was fine everywhere but around her.

    When I was eight – no stutter in sight – my mother left a sociopathic boyfriend, that we’d lived with for two years, and we moved into our own little council house. I made friends that I still have today, and was mostly upbeat, curious, very artistic, adored dancing, drawing and reading – I also wanted a piano – and loved learning whatever I had the chance to; having minor problems with shyness (that got a lot worse when Saturn hit my ascendant, and I went to high school – aged eleven – where the bullying really started. I turned really quiet, except when I was around select people.) and anxiety attacks, but having no idea what they were, but when they were bad, I just told mum that I didn’t feel well. Saturn and Pluto were opposing my Aries planets at the time. I wouldn’t go to anyone with my problems – until it got to a point where I couldn’t handle them by myself – because I thought they were mine to deal with, nobody elses. When I got a bit older, my mother knew I was having some trouble at school, but had no idea of the extent of it, because I didn’t want to bother her – she had enough going on.

    Despite the more horrid things, I had a great childhood – there was plenty of good to balance out the bad. Oh, and throughout my childhood, I had an obsession with felt-tip pens – I was like a magpie zooming in on shiny objects, with those pens. Always an animal lover, and my favourite movies at the age of eight, were E.T. and The Fox & the Hound, both movies that I’d seen when I was seven. The latter movie impressed me because of a scene near the end of the movie, where the hound protects the fox (from his owner, who was hunting the fox). It’s been my favourite Disney movie, ever since.

    (Back to lurking…)

  29. liz – I was a daydreamer too, and I remember doing this anywhere and everywhere. It was quite a useful skill. Anytime I got bored, lectured or yelled at I’d just ‘change the channel’ in my mind to something more entertaining. Most of school felt like the Dr. Pepper commercial with the Muppets song “manamana” –

    Not sure whether my teachers wanted to slap me or join me. Manamana…you can’t take the dream out of the daydreamer 🙂

    Pisces Mercury in the 9th, Neptune in the 6th, Gemini in the 12th.

  30. My son- definitely. 11th H stellium in Aquarius, Pisces rising and Jupiter conj ascedent. Listen to his sentence structure and word play and he’s obviously smart and quirky- but the Pisces can be in lala land and the Jupiter is just cheerful. He’s not trying to rebel but he’s not great at following directions or doing things other people’s way. Authority figures are exasperated by him and artistic types/some teachers are delighted by his enthusiasm and root for him to grow up and be something interesting. He jokes a lot. He needs a lot of guidance and reminders and staying on top of him, but I am very glad he’s not mean or petty or critical. I would find a sullen kid a lot harder to manage than a disorganized one.

  31. Hyperactive… always breaking things… always going through my parents’ stuff when they weren’t there. ‘Experimenting’ on my 2 sisters (well… tricking them lots into doing things just so I could see how it turns out lololol). Was always thinking up new things to do and new games to play, most of which landed me into trouble with my parents.
    Was also quite sensitive to being compared with my younger sister. I wasn’t so good at school but I wasn’t so bad either, but she was REALLY good, she was always top of her class and doing all the things my parents expected her to do, and she was also advising me when i was doing things i wasn’t supposed to do lolol.
    Which isn’t surprising since she is a Capricorn rising… with a Virgo Sun, LOL.

    Me, Gemini rising with an Aries Sun.

  32. son with HUGE scorpio stellium and leo rising. don’t know yet, but something intense and dramatic. here’s to hoping the virgo moon keeps him grounded b/c his energy is powerful and will do great things if he stays on the “right” track.

  33. I was much the same as I am today.Only then,I thought Happiness as an adult was the norm.*Eyes Wide Shut*.My favorite television program was “In Search Of”narrated by leonard Nimoy(Scorpio!)I enjoyed creating art contests and the like.I would be the judge,and then I’d pass out the prize to the “winner”.I’d say I was a bit industrious.I was sooo in love with Benji C. This “foxy” long haired hispanic lad.he wore a beaded choker,which added to the rebellious allure.I was totally besotted for the entire year.I stalked him like mad.sent him love notes on a daily basis.Gave him my allowance each week.Brought him bags full of candy.I didn’t even allow him the chance to return my affection.If I had just pulled away a little,maybe ignored him for a day.I know he would have missed the attention.(venus H8 squared by puto.)OK I did “cheat” on him for a spell.I announced it to the class I was too be the future wife of Donny Osmond.A brazen and bratty young girl said There is no way that will ever happen.He’s too good for YOU.I was so crushed by her words.When I got home that night Played Barry Manilow’s Mandy and I write the songs,over and over,,whilst i cried myself to sleep.I remember my teacher scaring me half to death with “The Communists Are Coming” propaganda.WE’d have to hide under our desks,during make believe Russian bombing attacks.I lived with that fear for quite a few years.One day used some wire to fashion my braids like Pippi Longstocking.I didn’t have the Beautiful red hair.Did have the freckles.I went to school like that.Funny,I can’t recall any backlash?That was the grade I declared myself Vegetarian,much to the chagrin of family members.Then typically we moved in the middle of the year.I started anew in a larger metropolis.

  34. I was born totally laid-back and sociable – I got along with everyone, and everyone loved me – and then certain things happened, I developed anxiety disorders, and didn’t recognize myself when trying to socialize. I maintained a certain amount of self-confidence, but not when it came to opening up to people. I didn’t try the conventional help, because I didn’t trust the doctors, and did my own thing.

    I argued with a teacher, when they accused me of something I didn’t do, by yelling across the room at me. I burst into tears, yelled right back, surprising everyone, and we argued for a while. She later apologized, privately.

    I loved being around people, and I loved a certain amount of alone-time. It shows in my chart. I was mature and grounded, and did my best to treat others well – I still do, although I’m losing patience.

  35. a social outcast (target for childish cruelty… i was unarmed in wars of wit, let’s say, and extraordinarily sensitive to emotion) who read old science fiction novels, synopses of 1950s horror films (the blob, it came from outer space…) instead of doing classwork, and dug underground cities in the hill by the playground during recess.

    i do see my 8th house at play here. other things, too. the pluto/venus aspect, for example. the girls were always worse to me than the boys.

  36. eris, I became a target for bullies, as well – one of their prime targets. I dropped out, when I felt I couldn’t hold up anymore.

  37. I was made fun of and had a teacher I didn’t like at the time, I was in my own world and didn’t pay attention to shit, but I was helping teach the kids ESL even though I didn’t speak most of their languages, and writing. Teaching kids, languages, writing, and being weird. I’ve been told I “don’t follow directions” from a very young age, too. Elementary school was not kind to me, though. When I was 10 it got a lot better.

  38. scorpio moon.. I was the lead in the school plays… I was antisocial and according to my teacher had major “attitude issues!”

    ahahaha I never understood people’s deal they either loved me or hated me… (needless to say, feelings were mutual)

  39. scorpio moon.. I was the lead in the school plays… I was antisocial and according to my teacher had major “attitude issues!”

    ahahaha I never understood people’s deal they either loved me or hated me… (needless to say, feelings were mutual)

  40. Already strong and knew who I was – but very unhappy and very shy. I spent my whole time trying to stay out of trouble and to avoid my mother’s wrath, also the nuns’ – I started at a convent when I was eight, and it was really horrible, quite psycho. Some of those nuns were very sick and twisted women!

    I spent as much time as I could with horses and dogs, enjoying their kindness and empathy (as I still do), The rest of the time, I had my nose buried in a book

  41. My biggest ongoing conversation with my mother when I was a child..about everything.
    Whether I was being punished or observing something about someone else…
    I’d say, “Thats not fair!!”
    She’d say “Life isn’t fair”
    I’d mutter to myself..”well it should be”
    Sincerely statements that defined my childhood life. My mother says life isn’t fair, I’m going to prove her wrong or MAKE it fair. I’ll have a’ll see..I’ll fix it

    Libra sun with 3 or 4 other planets lined up there (I don’t have my chart in front of me so I cannot check)and Capricorn rising. But I’ve always been plagued with the desire for justice and balance in everything for everyone.

    You deal with the stars you are dealt even before you know what they are.

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