Natal Charts Of Children- Yes, They Work!

santaA person’s chart shows itself at a very early age. If you happen to have planets in signs or house that taboo, too bad! It is not like you are going to be able to avoid this stuff just because you’re eight years old.

If this is hard to accept it may make it more accessible if you apply the same principles to a more comfortable chart. My sister’s son comes to mind. He’s Gemini with a Libra rising, a very smart and sociable kid. Consequently, growing up he was selected for anything and everything that required these skills.

Need two kids from each school to ride with police escort to the mall to have lunch with Santa? Her son was chosen.

“What are they going to do?” she said.  “Pick a kid who is going to fall apart? Pick a kid who is going to be scared or not know what to say? Maybe start crying and want to go home? Of course not! They pick my kid, because he’s elegant. He has manners. He already thinks he should be mayor of this city, he’s such a diplomat….”

saftey-patrol.gifAs another example, when I was a kid, I was an authority figure. It didn’t matter that I started school early and skipped a grade which made me two years younger than everyone else.

It didn’t matter if I as a complete and total runt, I was still chosen to be the BANKER for the school AND the head of the SAFETY PATROL.

That’s right.  Those kids could only cross the street when I said it was okay to cross the street and if they showed up to make a deposit into their savings account, it was Elsa P who checked their math and stamped their pass book!

I also passed my first petition when I was 7 years old which upset the principal. She damned near came unglued.

“Of all people,” she scolded, having taken me from my class to stand in the hall. “I just can’t tell you how disappointed I am in you, Elsa.”

And I was thinkin’, “Lady, get a grip.  Can’t you see I’m bored out of my mind? I have to do  something to get these people goin’…”

But no. On and on she went, talkin’ to my little hologram there, what else?

Want to see what’s in your child’s chart? Child Natal Report

What were you like when you were eight? Alternately – Can you see who your kid(s) was born to be?

55 thoughts on “Natal Charts Of Children- Yes, They Work!”

  1. I have Pluto in the 12th house so my childhood and teen years were pretty intense. I was foreign-born too, and didn’t speak English. I was a mystery to my classmates and teachers but with Libra rising I got by–and with Sun, moon, mercury and venus in Gemini I learned quickly. And learned how to play the game quickly. By that I mean I learned how to put on a facade which protected me during my school years. And I hid behind books too.

  2. I helped my kindergarten teacher grade school work and sit at the desk with her while all the kids played all day. I never fit in, I had tons of toys I actually wanted to play with at home, the kids were soooo immature, and I guess I just love a challenge. Does my 1st house cap stellium show?

    Also, when I was left alone to play I’d get into a lot of trouble since everything got boring for me so quick – neptune and uranus transiting 12th and 1st house my whole childhood.

    I think things like that all the time now and laugh, theres just no way around being you.

    the weird kid

  3. Went through a conscious change in grade 3. Was very unhappy in school prior to that point so decided to excel as it seemed I would get more support from teachers that way. I was right. Started to absolutely love (silent) reading & writing- had speech problems (Chiron in 3rd house)- reading aloud was dreadful. Began befriending other outcasts. Had a very strict teacher who would pull the ‘tails’ & ears of boys in the class (I was a child of the ’80s). Loved The Wizard of Oz, & wrote my first poem at age 8.

  4. I am feeling distress over the current practice of inducing Labor to suit the convenience of the doctors ( and family

    HOW will this effect a generation of souls?They intended to be born with an Aries moon but end up with an Aquarius Moon because the doctor wanted the 3 day weekend off!

    Not to mention the clustering of Rising Signs during office hours!

    My niece is inducing labor tomorrow so it is front and center in my mind.


  5. Two kids, a boy and girl, we’re chosen to be given bikes out of the entire school for I guess it might have be model students?? I was in the second grade.

    I’m a Virgo moon (12th) Virgo Asc, Sun in Gemini but opposing Saturn so I guess I was always a really serious kid.

    I’ve got a Chiron at 21 degrees next to my MC at 26 of Gemini and Elsa wrote a post about Chiron ruling Charisma. Unfortunately I just get seen even when I don’t want to be ever since I was little.

    I always get told I seem really honest and trustworthy! (Jupiter in Aries 7th??)

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