Astrology and Diet – The Taurus / Scorpio Opposition Diet Redux

Astrology and Diet – The Taurus / Scorpio Opposition Diet – Part one

The opposition in the soldier’s chart is apparent here, as is the opposition between out two Mercury’s…

“I know you’re going to complain about the food,” I said, on the phone last night. “There is too much food.”

“Well, P, I am not going to complain. But I have enough food here to feed the Chinese army. If they show up hungry, I’m going to tell ‘em no problem. I can feed you guys. Here, eat! Have some of this!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Well I admit, sometimes I do wonder what could P have been thinking?”

“I am thinking this: Every time you say you’re hungry, I go to the store and get some food. It’s my nature! You’re hungry, I will feed you. And it makes no difference anyway because no matter what, you’ll complain.”

“I do?”

“Yeah. If I were to bring you a whole chocolate cake you say, blah, blah. The Chinese army. But then you eat the whole thing and call me up to say, P! P, I’m out of cake. I’m out of cake here. Boy, I wish I had some of that good cake you brought me that time!”

He laughed.

“Yeah, so hearing that, I go to the store and get you some cake. And if I don’t see you for awhile, those cakes stack up, I admit. But there is no way to win. You’re either going to be starving or fed and you’re going to complain either way so who cares? Eat the cake or not, I don’t care. It’s not like I’m going to check on you! Did you eat that cake? I could care less. I only care you have the choice and you say, P! You’re trying to kill me with all this food!” I wailed. “Next day you tell me, oh, P. You must love me. Look at this food you got me. So as you can see, you are crazy. This is irresolvable – End of story.”

What is unsolvable for you? Do you have an opposition in your chart to match?

8 thoughts on “Astrology and Diet – The Taurus / Scorpio Opposition Diet Redux”

  1. My moon and my Mars do NOT see eye to eye. Moon in Cap, Mars in Cancer. It seems to make damned near everything just THAT much more difficult.

  2. Mars-Neptune opposition. I dream up great plans that never get done. And I have to struggle not to distract myself from work by daydreaming and other mental tangents.

  3. My moon in Aquarius opposing both my sun in leo and jupiter. I don’t exactly know what that means but I often feel outcasted and misunderstood, yet I don’t mind it sometimes. It’s a hard energy to synthesize.

  4. Scorpio sun, scorpio stellium in the 1st house in opposition to Mars in Taurus 7th house retrograde.

    I was probably in my mid 40’s when I finally realized I cloaked almost all my dealings thru the lens of a carefully strategized battle plan – one I was going to win – and became aware that other people didn’t necessarily operate the same way. And I did win in most instances but no wonder other folks ran away! I probably lost out in many ways that I’ll never understand.

  5. Saturn in Aqu(10th H) opposite Moon in Leo (4th H)
    was difficult as a younger person yet after the lessons of my Saturn return is much better to deal with. Saturn says: work hard and learn your craft well as this will bring recognition, approval and acknowledgement. Moon says: stuff you Saturn…I’m great, shiny, talented with great hair and don’t need any ones approval!

  6. What’s irresolvable for me? I feel a strong urge to bolt at very inconvenient times (Sun opposed Uranus). Letting myself be as big of a freak as I really am.

  7. Moon in Pisces (9th) opposing Pluto/Uranus in Virgo (3rd). If I follow my intuition I make choices that are more theoretical or wistful than practical and/or doable, yet if I follow my head I often misjudge the emotional impact of the decision and get tripped up in the end. Blooey. Often I resolve this by simply remaining indecisive until someone else gets fed up and takes the lead…

    It plays out in other ways, too. I seem to alternate between being rather philosophical & floaty, or being downright obsessive over detail from the inside-out and also prone to unexpected comments or observations about whatever is capturing my attention at the moment. “Needs to improve organizational abilities”…”Needs to remember to stay on-task”…”Has deep understanding and almost encyclopedic knowledge of the work”…”excellent trouble-shooter”…”has puckish sense of humor and you never know what she will think of next!” These are actual comments that have shown up on my official annual employment evaluations.

    Could be worse, I suppose–I could have a Pluto/Mars opposition manifesting to be a manipulative, rage-prone destroyer, wot?

  8. I have a rectangle in my chart so 2 lots of oppositions helped out by trines and sextiles. The main one is the exact opp betwwen mercury & neptune which battle on a daily basis, sometimes i just cant communicate very clearly, my thoughts get muddled, i get dyslexia of the mouth tripping over words, get my facts wrong and other times it comes out beautifully clear which is frustrating cos then people wonder why i cant do that all the time. These 2 planets rule the other opp’s in 1st/7th so this is a theme. Logical and to the point some days, off in la-la land the next. Ho hum.

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