Astrology And Greed, Generosity And Abundance

Loonsounds writes, regarding her mother

“…every penny she has saved for her whole life and now her portfolio is down 60 percent and it really actually does look like she could run out of money. So, in addition I have now learned that being cheap is no guarantee of financial security in late life anyway (not that it would have changed me)…”

Very good point. In fact, greed has a pretty sorry reputation actually.

It was some years ago I realized that people who gave invariably always had something to give and people who did not give… well they really had nothing to give, regardless of how rich they were and then tended to wind up bereft one way or the other.

Giving is Jupiter (9th house) ruled and this blog is a very good example of how this works. I have Mars in Mercury in the 9th, so I am very motivated (Mars) to share my ideas (Mercury). You may notice I have no shortage of them but I wonder if this would be the case if I were miserly with them.

As a matter of fact I had an astrologer tell me once I should NOT give so much for free. This was a paid consultation and while I have thought about it for years, I have never been able to make it make sense when applied to a chart like mine.

Anyway, Loon, that was a good point and I wanted to pull it up. If your plane is meant to go down, it’s going to go down no matter how many precautions you take because guess what: You’re not running this show.

The cure of course is faith. If you have faith a lot of suffering is alleviated.

Have you noticed this phenomena around giving?

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  1. Yes I’ve been very aware of this phenomena for some time. I also see this truth as a huge reminder to avoid judgment. If you see someone wrecked and struggling the appropriate response is compassion. It is impossible to know whether they could have avoided whatever tragedy they are dealing with and it is not ours to make that distinction.

    That isn’t to say I toss money at drug addicts because I feel sorry for them but I don’t revile them either. I assume they must have a lot of pain to want to escape that way and when I have something to give I try to put it where it will do the most good.

  2. Oh God, yes.. this certainly has played out in my own life. I’ve been wondering lately about astrology too. I started taking it more seriously after a very painful chapter in my life. It certainly has helped, but these past few months I’ve realized no amount of astrological knowledge can give me control over the universe. Letting go is essential. Faith even more so.

  3. Absolutely – generosity is of spirit. I am a sucker for people with big hearts. I also see a link between the way people are with money and their generosity which is I guess why Venus rules both love and money!

    Elsa – you do give a lot away for free and it is why I have used you for consultations because I got the sense very quickly that you weren’t out to fleece me in any way. Firstly, you have never charged alot but most significantly you have never tried to foster dependence. This is a very rare quality!

  4. I have. It’s actually amazing. Things, come to me very fast, often easily…but they disappear and depart just as easily, too. I have Jupiter opposed Neptune, trine Pluto.
    I’ve learned to enjoy the mystery of the phenomena…and my faith that the Universe provides is CONCRETE. I give everything I can. Everything.
    I’m also very fond of the expression “You can’t take it with you when you go.”

  5. I think the frugality such as loon mentions is a result of the great depression and many people having no money.
    For the most part i have found that generation most giving, not neccessarily monetary in nature. I did work for a stinking rich fellow in my youth. That probally had more money than a sane person could ever spend in a lifetime prove to be the biggest cheapskate I have ever witnessed. This cheapskate and I had finished a meal at a diner. Upon leaving I left a tip and he didn’t. As we getting ready to drive off he mentions to me: “That it was foolish to feel obligated to pay someone else’s help” He was of the depression generation, that is the only exception I can recall. My take is, it woudn’t have mattered when he was born or under what economic situation greed was his driving force.

  6. Kashmiri we have a lot in common,lol. It seems (money) to run through my fingers. When I am in need though something seems to open up and the need is taken care of.

    I too am generous sometimes I think to a fault,as others want to take advantage of. My husband is quite the opposite, which grinds me, as is his parents who are very well off. Then there is my fam who is giving and is always provided for but still tends to stuggle. oh well.

  7. Walking away from a downed plane is a picture that sticks with me. I have walked away from many downed planes/people/marriage/homes/friends because …well, at first I didn’t know the answer to that.

    I get it now … with so much Neptune and Saturn in my chart and heavy activity in my life until 2010, like you say, the Universe has a plan and I don’t know it all.

    Money, like Neptune, has come in with the tide and out with the tide. I get scared and scary when I see the goodies almost gone … and yet, more of same or different value shows up, and I am here to keep telling the story.

    @Lupa … your view is such compassionate expression … “if you see someone wrecked and struggling” … how could another know what it’s like to live in a plane going down?

  8. Regarding giving your services for free:

    I don’t think you have, actually. When I was deciding on an astrologer to consult with, you were the best choice (for me) mainly because I can see how passionate you are about your craft. You share information with confidence, allowing others to learn more about astrology and integrate it into their own lives. Having consulted with you before, I feel that the consultations are very specific in nature – much unlike the info-sharing on the blog.

  9. Lunalie – that is true. What I do in consultations is night and day from this blog.

    I was referring to the advice. You have an experienced astrologer, looking at your chart and advising you for free… albeit in brief.

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