Upside To A Bad Aspect: Moon Square Venus

electric griddle“Never date a man who’s prettier than you.”
–satori (me)

Simply put, with moon square Venus I find that if I’m getting what I want I’m not getting what I need. If I’m getting what I need I’m not getting what I want. That Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” used to piss me off royally. It’s a great song, but it hits pretty close to home for me. Mick has moon trine Venus and it feels kind of like the trim, hot chick preening in the mirror next to you, “Oooh, I’m so fat, and look at this, I think I’m getting a WRINKLE!” Keith Richards co-wrote the song and he has moon sextile venus but his moon receives a square from Saturn. Maybe he gets what he wants and wants what he gets but inexplicably feels depressed anyway.

In any case, I have written before about an upside to this aspect, HERE. I’ve just thought of another. Last Christmas my present from my man was a ring. I really wanted it; I really liked it, but it was just a present and what I really needed was a commitment (which was not offered). This fall I got a commitment which I needed, but he didn’t tell any of his people about it, which I wanted. By the time Christmas rolled around again I really needed him to tell his people about our commitment.

So last year he got me this awesome present that people ooh-ed and ah-ed about. What did he get me this year? Cooking stuff. I don’t cook. What the…? I could have gone off on a sit-com type tear. It’s the stereotypical bad gift from a lover, something practical. I didn’t get what I wanted, something pretty. However, he told his family about our engagement, which I needed. Do you see the pattern here? And I’ve finally stopped chewing my fingers off and holding him at gunpoint. I’ve realized I get one then the other, one then the other. It’s time to take the long view of things.

He and I dated briefly when we were young; 20 years later we started dating again. I probably threw him back based on my moon-Venus square. I thought I was going to find someone who would address both my needs and wants. After dating him I instituted a rule for myself: Never date anyone prettier than you. Twenty years later I gave that up. I realized that the love, warmth and affection I was getting were worth the bother of putting up with the pretty. Good looking is not my currency and it’s a huge bother to deal with all the rampaging twats for whom it is, the ones who chase him. So I’m happy to be with this guy who thinks I want an electric griddle for Christmas but holds my hand and cuddles on the sofa. I guess it’s worth the few times a year I actually have to cut a bitch for humping my man on the dance floor.

It’s interesting to note the synastry here as well. His moon squares my moon. My Venus conjuncts his sun and opposes his moon. His Mars opposes my moon. These are supposedly big time, hard aspects in a relationship. We could concentrate on things feeling bad, and we have, but frankly over time we’ve both worked through a lot of personal crap together. It works. Why does it work for me? Because I accept the reality that for very specific reasons I cannot have it all. That is not something most people are willing to tell you. Maybe the very fortunate can have it all, but most normal people cannot. Pretending otherwise is not dealing with reality. Deal with reality and you can have the best of what’s on offer for YOU.

Do you get what you want? How about what you need? Do you get them both at the same time?

39 thoughts on “Upside To A Bad Aspect: Moon Square Venus”

  1. “I guess it’s worth the few times a year I actually have to cut a bitch for humping my man on the dance floor.”

    I’m peeing my pants right now!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE you Satori!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh and the astrology…

    “Do you get what you want? How about what you need?”

    I have Neptune so I’m still trying to figure out what the difference is…:-(

  3. I can get what I want and need at the same time, but lately I’ve been running from it instead.

    Working on that, I promise. πŸ˜‰

    Moon trine Venus. Whee!

  4. Well I have a t-square with the moon in Virgo opposition Pisces Venus squaring Uranus in Sagittarius. Maybe if I could figure out the difference between wants and needs I would be able to answer!

  5. i also have moon venus square! I can also relate to the poor gifting issue!

    thanks for the reality check, satori, it’s been highly interesting to read!

  6. thanks guys! yeah, on one level I appreciate the gift, but I like my food to arrive fully formed, ready to jump into my belly. normally he just brings me doughnuts and cheeseburgers, which I totally appreciate… but they make me fat! poor guy, he just can’t win with me!

  7. I LOVE the not wanting a pretty man thing. I don’t either. I have always been drawn to the not physically lovely, slightly “off” men that are perfectly fine looking but they are not drop dead – rather they have…something. I have read it referred to as “ugly sexy” which is a horrible term, because these guys were not ugly.

    The not getting what you want/need thing resonates. But I don’t have those placements. Hmm.

  8. mars sq. moon here, i run around like a bat out-a-hell trying to get what i need, but half the time, i ….’can’t get no satisfaction ….but i try, and i try and i try : )

  9. i never really know what i need. i’ve found trusting in the universe and paying attention usually covers that. eventually.

  10. I have Moon semi-sextile Venus… but Venus is trine Neptune and Moon is square Neptune so I probably get what I want and what I need but I’m not sure what that is πŸ˜€

  11. I’m still laughing at that “cut a bitch” comment.

    Venus/Moon trine doesn’t always get what it wants or needs, but probably because Neptune is involved, shrouding those things.

  12. I guess it’s worth the few times a year I actually have to cut a bitch for humping my man on the dance floor.

    lol..yeah, I hate it when that happens but we deal right? I love your voice.

  13. Great post Satori! And I promise not to ever hump your man on the dance floor!

    My Moon is Inconjunct my Venus… which, if I’m learning things correctly from your previous posts, acts much like a square. right?

    Luckily, my Moon is mashed up (conjuct) my Neptune, so I dream up what I need and get go out and take what I want (Aries Venus)!

  14. Coincidence ? In this household, we’ve been listening to a lot of classic Stones in the past few months. Of all the great songs in those albums, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” has been the one playing in a loop in my head. Saturn square Venus natally, transiting Venus square natal Saturn . Transiting Saturn square natal Moon.

    And hey, I’m getting married, I couldn’t be happier, yet, well, there’s my Scorpio Venus that’s been slightly rowdy with all the action around it. πŸ˜‰

  15. What are you talking about? Not getting what you need or want?? I don’t even have that aspect and I’ve hardly ever get what I want or need. Most people don’t not just you. It cant be because of that aspect, you are not getting less than others, you just perceive it that way or dissatisfied easily. Honestly your post was so petty,nitpicky,ungrateful. My ex had that aspect and he was a notorious cheater who was never satisfied with anyone or anything but did he ever consider the fact he’s imperfect and disappointing others? No. Spoiled aspect. Good riddance.

  16. Where was I when you posted this? Some slice-and-dicey Satori here, with lots of humor and things to think about. The Moon. My Venus. My Capricorn Moon, and Sag Venus are stressing my boundaries (my buttons are poppin’) So I relate to the gifts of cheese burgers and donuts, I have a man who brings me them too. He is a tall lean guy who just wants to satisfy our common 11th H Venus wants. Things to think about as we head into Cappy Moon soon.

    I was late to this party, but that’s plenty here to satisfy my Moon. Thanks, Satori. And the pretty man?

  17. Please help me Satori I have that aspect and my whole love life has been a roller coaster. Also my ex and my current boyfriend have that moon square venus and it’s hell!!!!

  18. May I ask, is this a natal aspect, or composite?
    I have this aspect exact in the composite. (0,25)
    Fortunately, his venus sextile’s my ascendant exactly, in synastry. (0,00) The more expect the aspect, the stronger the connection right?

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