Diet: Vanity vs Jupiter – I Wouldn’t Bet If I Were You!

vanity.jpgLoonsounds on Dining With Taurus:

“I am Taurus Sun, Leo Moon…vanity will not allow a lot of weight gain…”

Well, sure as long a you’re not lucky. 😉

I have Venus in Leo and have a vain streak a mile wide however I have managed to gain 50 pounds to many not once but twice. I chalk this up to the other blog today… Jupiter in the first house which does tend to expand a person.

I guess I would say that Jupiter is going to override vanity because you just feel so damned good about yourself.. you are so inflated, who cares if you’re fat!

Bottom line, I don’t think anything keeps Jupiter down for long outside of more Jupiter – that is sport! If I did not exercise, forget about it. I am going to grow and grow and still have a vanity streak a mile wide.

6 thoughts on “Diet: Vanity vs Jupiter – I Wouldn’t Bet If I Were You!”

  1. Jupiter is going through my first house & I’ve gained some weight — both flab and muscle. I’m trying to expand just the muscle part though haha.

  2. Interesting. Jupiter is exactly opposite my ASC, and people have always thought I’m taller and skinnier (the Aries rising) than I actually am.

    Well, after I had my babies, I grew horizontally as well…;) Sigh. I was lucky that I got curvy, not obese, but I still need to tone up. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get up off the couch and get moving, however…;)

    Leo Sun (we kitties need our cat naps *grin*) and Libra Moon.

  3. Venus in Leo here too + jupiter in Leo. I have also gained 50+ lbs in no time at all 2x. I am down 30…20 more to go. Usually gain when I’m unhappy in my relationship. Note to self: Stay away from men!

  4. I am jealous of the people who have Venus in Leo because I have Venus in Virgo and while I can shine pretty bright (Leo sun), it takes a lot more effort. I can’t smile at everyone and mean it; it drains me. My boyfriend’s cousin is a Leo who has the same birthday as me (different year) and she is one of those tall, blonde, sparkly people — I occasionally feel like Gollum next to her. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to be weird.

  5. Elsa, is that a typo, “Well sure, as long as you are not lucky” or did you mean to say “as long as you are lucky.” If it’s a typo, I do admit I am lucky. If it’s not a typo, I am not quite sure what you are saying.

    I hear you on the possibility of being huge and at the same time still being vain. I am seen one or two *or three or four) Leo sun women (and a man or two as well) who have done just that. Otherwise, maybe there are different kinds of vanity, and maybe the Leo moon says, no, you will not get gigantic because it is not regal, or something along those lines. Leo Venus is definitely a different animal than leo moon, don’t ya think? Venus can be so decadent, after all, and I guess that takes the form of whatever its sign, placement and aspects.

    I, too, have Jupiter prevalent (Pisces rising) Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th 1 deg. conjunct Uranus, but that is a different kind of Jupiter all together… sag. jupiter is a more clear, pure form of the archetypal energy of Jupiter, Pisces Jupiter fuzzes up the Jupiter energy or maybe goes a bit more toward spiritual (or alcoholism, whichever), but it is still Jupiter for sure.

  6. Yup. I’ve got Jupiter going through my 1st House and although I have stayed the same (very lean) weight for 10 years, I have finally, finally, got the extra 7 pounds I was looking for.
    Lest anyone scoff at that, I’ve been suffering from the gruesome side-effects of a gross parasite which prevented me from putting on any weight until now–my lovely Jupiter in the 1st!
    May we all expand in ways our being seeks us to!

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