Astrology And Music

“I’ll shoot the Moon right out of the sky…”
–Tom Waits

Neptune and Venus are associated with music. Leo and the 5th house are associated with creativity. Mercury is the senses and the voice. So where do we find our capacity and tastes for music? All of these can be involved, in combination. Other planets and houses in the mix flavor this as well. I have Venus in Aries and enjoy simple, military-style music. I have Jupiter in Neptune’s house, the 12th, with Mercury in Pisces (Neptune ruled). I like gospel and love to sing. Venus on the cusp of the 8th/9th likes deep, sexy music and world music.

Pallas Athena shows whole pattern intelligence; in aspect to Neptune or Venus it can denote an affinity for songwriting or appreciating the finer or higher mathematical qualities of music. Leo and fifth house planets often give a flair for performance. Add in some Uranus aspects and you may like shocking or unusual music, perhaps see the beauty in dissonance. Add in the Moon and it becomes emotionally affecting.

I also find it interesting to look at the charts of my favorite musicians and compare them to my own. It’s striking to see their connections to my musical, aesthetic and creativity placements.

What are your musical tastes? Can you see the astrology behind them?

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  1. I love Jazz Bop and nature sounds, especially the videos with the ocean waves ~ Gemini Mercury in the 12th house plus Virgo Moon.

    I also love songs that really rock when I’m driving ~ Venus in Aries.

  2. Interesting. Many years spent following the Dead, and it turns out that Jerry and I share a Venus placement. Go figure!

  3. I have the moon conjunct neptune and venus in the eighth square jupiter in the fifth house. Music was my first love and my only real talent but it was something that had to be sacrificed. I was never in a love relationship with anyone — romantic, parental, or platonic wherein this was not somehow discouraged, blocked or forbidden. Sometimes shutting up is the only freedom you have.

    I was thinking about studying again but I think I’m too old. The only way I could possibly justify it would be to do it for my next life but there is so much pain there when I think about it I never even pick up my guitar. By this time, twenty years hence, I won’t even play in my own house by myself because I’m afraid I will bother someone or someone will hear me.

    Most astrologers never even pick up on a musical signature in my chart and often tell me straight out I have no creative talent at all. I’ll tell them but look, I’ve got jupiter in the fifth, neptune is totally elevated, and they’ll just…you know, pretend they didn’t hear me. It’s the strangest thing.

  4. Funny you should bring the subject of music up today Satori. Today here in Finland we celebrate the day of the Finnish music and the day of our national composer Jean Sibelius. I love these “co-incidences”:).

    Personally I have Neptune in 4th house Libra, Venus in 10th house Taurus. Leo ASC and Saturn in conjunction with North Node in the 5th. Mercury at the Aries Point in 9th house.

    I love most the classics and especially the Renaissance music and also most of ethnic world music. The only kind of music I really dislike is country & western :(.

    My relationship with music is very personal because of the momories involved, also very emotional. The beauty of music often makes me cry.

    Unfortunately I am not musical at all and my voice is nothing to write home about.

  5. Neptune in 5th trine Pisces Mc and opposite Taurus Venus in 11th.

    I love music. Life is just not the same without.

    Gemini Asc/Mars. Can actually sound like just about anyone. Not my calling altho it would have been fun if it had been!

    Eldest very musical. She took piano for 9 yrs.

    Thank you for this topic as just recently I had been wondering about such things.

  6. I love deeply emotionally stirring music. I also enjoy music from different cultures. Sound is very important to me. I like to hear original instruments, not techno..NOT TECHNO. LOL. I like music with meaningful lyrics that touch upon a depth that others may shy away from. I play the piano for my own pleasure. I can read sheet music fluently and picked up on it very easily. I can easily pick out the different beats and rhythms in music. I dance. I despise most rap.

    I listen to anything from heavy metal, to classical, opera, country, new age instrumental, pop, name it. yes, even a FEW bluegrass songs. I like vintage music from earlier eras a great deal.

    I have Neptune in Sag at the MC (10th) square Moon in Pisces (1st house). Pallas conj Pluto in Libra in the 8th. Venus in Virgo 7 sextile Merc in Scorp in 9. My 1st house moon also trines my Libra Sun in 8 and Scorp Merc in 9

  7. Neptune in libra, mercury in pisces and venus in the 8th taurus. I enjoy most although my soul has no affinity for the russian heavy dark classical, rap or techno. Disco was so bad that I enjoyed country and blue grass during that period.
    I do notice that during the recession, big production and large band music is now artist and acoustic. No touring money!

  8. I love all types as I study music but I truly love avant garde or deep seductive or heavy Rock. I think this is my Pluto Venus trine Neptune Mars in Sag. My favourite composers are Thomas Newman, Toru Takemitsu, the band Portishead. I love weird 20th century music. Just tones and space between the notes. Im a lover of world music too!! I love alll music though depends on my mood ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I have venus in gemini and it’s not odd to walk thru the house and find two or three different things playing (in different rooms) lol! I love music and a good variety as well :). My leo pallas athena is exactly trining my 5th house sag neptune and I do truly love the creativity of music in all it’s various forms. Pallas is also conjunct my merc/mars in my 1st and I find who I am thru music often. I also find music to be mentally inspiring and physically motivating as well :).

  10. Hey nice topic ! I always wondered how come my voice isn’t good LOL I have mercury in second house in libra :p

    I love old songs and singers I do enjoy “current” hits but I DIG old songs my neptune is in 5th capricorn house? Hehe my fav singer is one of my mum fav singers saturn 5th ruler in 4th house possible?
    My venus in libra 2nd house appreciates good music I listen to anything as long as its good, in my early years I loved swan lake music that was introduced to me by mum ..moon trine neptune ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m loving this thread .. Thank you satori !

  11. Funny how the site won’t let me post my answer – it was a really nice and indepth one too -but I don’t want to retype itl.

    I will just say I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 1st house conj Asc (3 degrees) AND Moon conj that Neptune (moon is in Sag though). Music is an actual healing tool for me. It can physically make me ache. RE: U2 – the Edge’s guitar – no sound more wondering that can actually make my body vibrate. Seriously…

  12. I have an eclectic taste in music. I know everyone says that, but it’s true! ๐Ÿ˜€

    The one major theme that runs through my favorites is a clean, driving rhythm and what I call “symphonic overload” — heavily layered soundscapes. A cello concerto can move me beyond words!

    I have both Neptune and Pluto hitting my Venus (my most heavily aspected planet). With Uranus in the 5th, I can definitely find beauty in dissonance and think this probably contributes to my love of industrial and metal!

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