Lunar Return Charts Offer Insight Into The Month Ahead

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I’ve been tracking my lunar returns for many years. These charts tell my monthlong mood or emotional state. I look at them to get an idea what I’ll be dealing with, month to month.

This month I have Pluto conjunct my lunar return ascendant.  It’s not too handy, I want to blend in or fly under the wire.

Next month, I’ve got Gemini rising with ruler, Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries. Quirky, assertive brain will be easier to pull off.

The month after, I have my Moon conjunct the ascendant. It looks like a sob story, frankly.  

The following month, Pluto is back conjunct my ascendant. This is some summer, huh?

But I like knowing this stuff. It comes from playing cards when I was a kid. Sometimes you can get in and out, wad of cash in your hand. Other times, you’re left to sweat like some of those people you see playing poker on tv.  This summer will be a longer run of that time.

Minding lunar returns has taught me a lot of about flow and patience.  When someone goes does down or out, I give them a month. Two months. Whatever. Because these moods do come in and you may as well respect them. Not just your own but other people’s moods as well.

For example, there is no sense trying to get me to be fluffy this month. I’m focused and drilling down. Pluto, okay?  If it’s not important, I’m not playing.

This is a really interesting area of study.  If you want to look into it, we have the lunar return reports which are very inexpensive, especially if you buy a year of them.  I think you’d be amazed at what you can learn via study of this very personal area of astrology.  Check it out!

Do you keep an eye on your lunar return?

16 thoughts on “Lunar Return Charts Offer Insight Into The Month Ahead”

  1. Wow, I just took a look at mine! Moon in the 11th, I feel super supported by my friends right now. Uranus in the 4th – sounds just right for a divorce, change of place, lots of movement and electricity on the home front right now. Sun in Aquarius, great for detachment. AAAAAAND Jupiter is EXACTLY conjunct my North Node at 22 degrees. 22 has always been a very significant number to me. I really have never paid attention to my lunar returns. I will now! Thank you.

  2. A technique I’ve used for many years is to move the lunar return planets and angles one degree per day, and when an aspect forms from this movement, it manifests on that day. (i.e. if there is a ten degree orb between planets in aspect or applying to one, then it equals ten days–one uses wide orbs for this) For instance, if Saturn would conjoin the ascendant if it were moved 15 degrees, then 15 days after the beginning of the Lunar return, it will manifest. A person might be personally or physically tired or limited in some way pertaining to whatever house Saturn rules. I use this same technique with solar returns, but move those planets/angles one degree per MONTH. I learned this from my teacher in CA, Gina Ceaglio.

  3. Haha Elsa you finally posted one of these ads on my payday! Every time you post one I want to buy, but I’m broke. Now I’m super excited to see my lunar reports for the next 3 months! I pay attention to my lunar returns when I’m broke or have months of travel plans. I only ever look at the 2nd or 9th house. This month’s return is today, which makes the timing of this post even BETTER!

  4. Moon looks well supported in mine. That’s good, considering Jupiter and Pluto are in EXACT TO THE MINUTE square in the 3rd and 6th houses, respectively.

  5. Hi everyone! Ive been following up on aspects and horoscopes for months, because I lost a past relationship chance a few months back, and I was hoping venus retro would help which didnt! then at venus direct conjuct chiron and saturn retro… I was pretty sure we were gonna heal the past wounds. but we did talk and he just screamed at me. so I guess…. what is Chiron doing then????? are these things myths ?? cause i lost faith.
    Thanx for helping

    1. It sound like you had hope that a certain transit would bring a certain result, but the idea that Venus retrograde would heal a past wound is dubious. So the flaw was on the front end, the wrong reading of a transit, rather than in what did or didn’t happen.

      1. plus why dont u actually READ my post then reply. noone talked bout venus. i said VENUS SATURN CHIRON all together whether retro or direct. when u dont have info, dont answer. wth

        1. I don’t know. Maybe I am a stupid moron. I can’t imagine why wounds didn’t heal. Especially when you’re so sweet like this.

  6. Hi Elsa, I have a question related to this: can you also determine insight into the month ahead by looking at the sun at the exact same degree as your natal sun? Example: if your sun is at 7 degrees Scorpio, could you look at when the Aries sun is at 7 degrees to read the monthly energy as well?

    1. That’s not a technique I have experience with. I have been watching lunar returns, every month since my first pregnancy. That’s 20 years, now. I definitely see their value.

  7. question regarding solar return reading:

    I know someone who has saturn square Venus natally. I did his solar return and oh boi is his SR Venus exactly where his natal Venus is.. Hence squaring his natal saturn. But with transiting neptune sextile his Venus. How do you interpret that? Love but no love !?

    Interestingly his wife is also a Venus square saturn born. And her solar return also show the same thing. SR Venus at the exact same point of her natal Venus squaring saturn but with a twist. SR saturn squaring her natal saturn and opposite her natal Venus. Separation on the cards?!

    1. Ann, not necessarily.

      I say this as a native Saturn Venus opposition person, with a lifelong fascination for real-life stories about love (really – all the stories about Taurus and food, that’s me, re love stories in real life).

      Your friends might be working (Saturn) things (Venus things) out, together (Venus). 🙂

  8. Your lunar return report for me was both fascinating and, thus far, very accurate. Thanks Elsa! I am going to study the whole 13 months worth….

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