Bullies, Negative Projections and Burning Witches at the Stake

I mentioned my current interest in people who fixate on me in a negative way. This is such a constant theme in my life, it finally occurred to me I ought to study it and now that I’ve broken through I can see that what I have learned has positive implications and applications I did not anticipate.

For my example, my daughter gets bullied at school at times. She is targeted and as a parent, it’s horrific. It is terrible to send your kid to school to be persecuted however it has to be done.

I am fortunate in that the negative attention does not bother my daughter all that much. On a scale of 1-10 it bothers her at about a 2 or 3 where it bothers me at a 9! It would bother me at a 10 if it bothered her more than it does but as it is, I get off a easy courtesy her nature. So here’s the thing:

When your kid is being bullied there is little you can do. You wind up saying all these classic things that parents and counselors say that may be well-intended but really don’t help all that much. But after exploring this in my own life I have something new to tell my daughter which I imagine once applied will bring my pain to a 6 and hers to near nothing. Not bad.

For the record, I think people who attract negative projections are by and large Scorpio / 8th house / Plutonians; sort of like the witches who were burned at the stake. And in fact my daughter is a Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct so she is going to exude power anyway you turn it. And I guess I see it this way these days:

If it is going to rain on you constantly, you may as well plant some crops. Scorpio (in whatever form) has got to learn to say, “Bring it on”. That’s all there is to it.

Can you relate?

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  1. I can, speaking as a scorpio w/ pluto conjunct sun and mercury. I was picked on in middle school horribly, but it toughened me up a ton. It taught me how to overcome that kind of thing, and own my own self-confidence. By high school I had become a social butterfly. (Which may be partially due to Uranus conjunct Venus in the 7th and a Gemini Rising with Jupiter in the first house.)

    But that experience of being made that kind of outsider, a kind of exile, helped me shape my identity in a very powerful way. It was a definite scorpionic kind of rising-from-ashes phase.

  2. George Bush has Pluto Rising, he was the one who said “Bring it on” (which he later regretted), and he certainly attracts negative projections. The extent to which the projections are justified is a separate point: people often need a hate figure, and GWB is good at being that, probably because he actually IS one of the bad guys.

  3. Gotcha, Dharmaruci and that’s a good point. It makes me want to refine mine! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I ain’t no George Bush!!

  4. Scorpio moon and ascendant. I think being the subject of teasing when younger has made me more sensitive to everyone really. I wouldn’t trade charts with anyone. I agree. Let it rain.

  5. I have Scorpio rising and Pluto Conjunct Sun at Mid-heaven. I always attract negativity, especially at work, especially and most always, by other women. At times I’ll let out my lion’s roar (I’m Leo)and at other times, I just do my own thing. I’ve stopped lunching with these people. I’ve had cat fights, been exiled, gossiped about, etc. etc. It’s taught me to stand alone and stand strong. If you saw me, you’d think I was a pushover. I can even attract negative vibes by doing absolutely nothing. I thought something was wrong with my personality, but now I know it’s the astrology.

  6. I have never been without friends, but I have never been without a bully either. I’m happy to take the abuse so that someone else is spared.

  7. I haven’t been bullied much, but I have a feeling my daughter will, she’s a Scorp sun/rising conj. with Pluto in her 1st house, she exudes tons of energy. And it breaks my heart to think of her bullied, but I know if I can help her channel all that energy she will be a wonderful force. And you’ve given me tons of tips for helping her over the years. Thanks!

  8. My son has a packed 8th house and used to attract that negative attention. He probably still does, but the thing is, it never bothered him. The bullies are still bullies, but my son has risen way above.

  9. When I was younger, I had all kinds of trouble with bullies, largely because of my (apparently puzzling) appearances as related to my ancestry. Translation? I’m half American Indian and grew up in areas where an Indian was a complete novelty. Kids were forever asking, “What are you?” and then mocking when they heard the answer.

    My 8th house holds my Sun, Merc, and Venus, all in Aries. Over time, I’ve learned to shrug it off, ignore the crap, roll my eyes at the perps, get right back in their faces, and/or go invisible. I’m used to the questions now, and whether it’s because of my age (29) or my demeanor, people generally wait until they know me fairly well before asking.

  10. Maybe only in love it happened to me BAD (venus in scorp). When I pull the plug, or when my lover’s decide to leave it never just happens. One threatened to kill himself, told my parents, friends and grandma (!) that I was sleeping around and had sexual diseases, and a year AFTER told my new boyfriend the same, which took such a bad turn he left me. In milder forms, the same thing happened with others. It was 99% projection. It was so extreme that other people could not even take it in. But well, I have accepted it as a part of my energy, I suppose.

  11. People tried to bully me at school, even though i was taller than everyone else i was a bit of a geek, but I’d only take so much before lashing out. I punched 1 girl in the face because she kept leaning over whispering nasty stuff in my ear. She didn’t do it again and in fact was horribly nice to me after which just turned my stomach. I used to get picked on by racists for having indian friends too and 1 girl i pushed off her bike after she’d been giving us abuse for too long. She didn’t do it again. I was brought up to ‘ignore them and they’ll go away’ and i did but if they didn’t go away, the hulk would emerge and i guess when i’m angry i look quite threatening. So push me if you like but suffer when i turn. I’m pretty much the same now, i’ll just ignore catty comments and the like and keep out of trouble because i like a peaceful existence and do my best to get on with people. Taurean, so a placid cow munching happily on the grass but once i’ve seen red i’m a raging bull.

  12. I’m more of a “weirdo magnet” than a magnet for hate (Scorpio rising) these days, but I was disliked on sight in kindergarten, and by certain people thereafter. Luckily, the effect seems to have changed into “weirdo magnet” around the time I hit 18.

  13. I am a Scorpio with Pluto on my ascendant. I have attracted projections for forever, only recently let up. Even my parents projected on my their own deepest fears and insanity.

  14. I have always wondered what it was that made “people hate me”. I am a Pisces Rising with Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th. My Mom, Daughter, and Brother all have Scorpio Risings. All of us complain that people just don’t get us. I have developed a great fear of job interviews, because I am sure that whomever were to evaluate me, would do so in a negative way. I was abused by women on my first job, and later jobs were also difficult with women. Don’t even bring up High School.

  15. hahhahhhaaa – They see placid and sometimes even mild salsa, until it turns to literal hell on wheels (think Freddy Kruger’s Medusa of a MUTHA fresh from SF training camp on Carrie Prom Night ghoulish steroids) and you can actually see their face go into appalled mode and wondering “What the H just happened here and Oh Holy Sh*t & Dear Mother of G*d, I’ve stepped in it now” and then they freak, pee their pants and yes, you actually see them cartoonishly running in place trying to get away!!

    1st house Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon w/Scorpio Rising, Jupiter and Neptune both in Scorpio, Mars in Taurus.

    I’m much like Z above mentions. Nothing like unleashing the hellish fury of the bull! The Aries portion usually displays in me attempting to do my quickstepping zig-zag boxer style footwork to avoid them & their stupidity but if provoked it jumps in a bulldozer and razes them to the ground and then the Scorp portion digs ’em a grave and stomps them into it.

    And usually I try to warn them not to poke the bruise. Woe betides to them that ignore the warning. Oh, and while you’re at it, leave my friends or the downtrodden alone you imbecile! The Scorpio portion remembers what they did and will haunt and torment their soul throughout all eternity.

    IOW, make especially sure you want a fight on your hands before we get started and I give you great heaps of applause for being smart enough to back away while the gettin’s good.

    Your daughter will do just fine Elsa! Tell her to turn her death ray eyes upon the foolish and to give them the blank deadpan face combined with the “Eat dirt and die Sucka!!” look. That usually takes care of most except the totally unfocused and pitifully confused. Round two can usually be won w/zero blows by just going crazy-eyed & ‘you actually crazy enough to want a piece of this?’ on ’em!

    All my best to the little one. Ding, Ding, DING – you have a winner!!

    -dreamsareality (female)
    Peace Lover, who can whip
    your AZZ in a NY minute if
    you just need it!

    Asking “Why can’t we all just get along?”

  16. i have a scorpio sun conjunct pluto in the 12th house, and scorpio rising. i was bullied by my brothers when i was a kid, until i lifted a plastic monoblock chair and the only action i knew was to hit him repeatedly with it. the next morning his face had bruises all over, and they were careful with me ever since.

  17. Avatar

    I’m 16. Sun sign Scorpio(8house),ScorpioMOON(8house), Mars(scorpio)8th house, Pluto Scorpio (8th house) my rising is Aries. AND THAT SAYS IT ALL.

  18. I submitted a question right up this alley! So what I wonder is does a stellium in the 8th house in virgo manifest this way only worse?

    I figured it was a powerful position to attract sexually, but in a good way not bad. Am I totally off base? Is this person really receiving a non stop “jokes on you” line-up of sexual encounters? Each suitor joking and teasing behind her back? Perhaps I should offer more sympathy?

  19. I’m a rising scopio moon capricorn. I’ve been picked on a lot. Just out of curiosity are we just doomed to be picked on just because our risings are scorpio?
    I know a girl who’s rising is scorps but moon in aries and she pretty much pounds people to their deaths if they mess with her…she dosn’t have a problem anyomore…
    I try to ignore them. Some say rising scorp can never be a singer or president becuz too many people hate them…but Gwen Stefani and Prince r rising scorps…juat want some opinions

  20. Leo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Pluto in 8th house, Moon in Aries

    The last couple of days I have been researching a bit of astrology. I never really got into it because I didn’t really see myself as your typical Leo since I always kinda felt ‘misunderstood’.

    I’m new to the whole houses theory. I stranded on this blog by accident.

    To answer the question

    I have had my share of ‘being picked on’ but I wouldn’t say it was THAT often (i remember 6 occasions), if it happened once i was silent in my defence, if it happened twice i’d make sure it wouldn’t happen a third time.

    To give an example:

    I once smacked a bully in the face while sitting in a classroom right when the teacher was facing the class, he was constantly sticking a sharp pencil in my left leg. It’s not something i’m particularly proud of but it’s fair to say it was the last thing he expected to happen.. He never bothered me again & that’s what mattered the most at that time.. The weird thing is the teacher didn’t even react, i guess she didn’t see it & i got lucky.

    And yes, I was considered a good kid & rarely got in trouble at school since i was rather ‘invisible’ most of the time.

  21. Oh hello, just stumbled on this site and I thought it was quite interesting… I have Moon, Venus and Jupiter in the 8th house. High school was the worst experience of my life. All the girls hated me the entire 4 years, for NO reason besides rumors that were made up… I guess you can say I got bullied a lot but moreover, I got bullied for rumors… I used to get emotionally tied up in it all and then I started becoming strong and not caring. I realize all those high school experiences just made me a stronger person. My friend has scorpio rising… and it has been the exact way with her as well.

    I beat up a girl 6 months ago at the mall for spreading rumors. Not proud of it… but I guess I can thank my wonderful 8th house scorpio intense emotions =)

  22. Here’s my Plutonian nativity patterns first, so here goes:

    * Sun in 2nd House Pisces Opposition Pluto in 8th House Virgo.
    * Ascendant in Sagittarius Square Pluto in 8th House Virgo.
    * Mars in 1st House Capricorn Square Pluto in 8th House Virgo.
    * Mercury in 3rd House Ares Opposition Pluto in 8th House Virgo.
    * South Node in Leo in the 8th House.
    * Lilith in Pluto in 8th House Virgo.
    * Orcus in 7th House in Cancer.
    * Eris in 3rd House in Ares.
    * Ixion in 9th House Libra cusp Scorpio (within 1.5 degrees).

    I practice transformational life coaching, which includes a sprinkle of ‘magic’ dust via astrology – client depending – and in almost every case, I’ve twigged that clients embodied 8th House projections. That is, the expression of Power & Powerlessness in one’s life.Through them I’ve come to recognise Shadow projections, past-and-present, and began taking necessary steps to accept and reclaim the personal power I’d so often given others over me, albeit unconsciously. This was especially the case with Intimate Relationships with women.

    I discovered my Scorpionic/Plutonian/Hadean nature through waking up to projections of Power & Powerlessness – I’d experienced some bullying at school and abuse in my local community as a child.

    Once we begin to shift our perceptions toward the frame of, “hey, I’m attracting negative people and situations into my life through my not taking ownership of my Shadow”, then we can make different, conscious choices. New possibilities abound :{D

    1. Abfab Elsa ๐Ÿ˜€

      A fellow Englishman, Jeremy Neal, pinged the Sun Opposition Pluto aspect as a potentially potent resource for the coaching/counselling work. I’m pretty relentless ;D that said I’ve not felt so…free…in my whole 42 years, as I do now…and that’s due to taking the plunge with the ‘esoteric’ side of life.

  23. Bravo! I completely relate to this.
    I was bullied at school. I developed a good left hook. Very soon, bullies left me alone.
    8th house sun chocka with aspects; Pluto oppose 8th house Mercury, also chocka with aspects.

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