Dating Dracula

dracula 1958This is a true story…

Dracula the Scorpio was an actor who lived in the artist section of the city, on the top floor of his building (the 13th floor). Scorpio doesn’t like to live under people; they prefer a high perch. This is not to lord it over others. They just want to maintain their own privacy, but have the ability to see into your backyard. Drac had four planets in Scorpio and make no mistake, he could really exude. His Leo rising gave him dramatic ability, and a pronounced stage presence. My Venus in Leo made a fine complement.

One night we were in his apartment and we got into a fight. Our fights were intense, passionate, and highly theatrical. We had scripts embedded in our psyches, damned near. Scenes right out of a movie and a good one, no kidding. I was thirty at the time, so a seasoned actress.

On this night, we were up out of our chairs, pacing and stuff. You’ve got to move on stage, you know. It’s more engaging to the audience. The argument heated up. We were circling, pacing, smiling evilly and cocking our eyebrows. I flipped my hair while he lit a cigarette. We were getting our licks in, our little barbs, a snarl here, a flinch there. It was kind of fun, can you tell?

Things escalated, of course. I told him that I was leaving, of course. This was the part where I would walk out on him, and slam the door with a dramatic look on my face. I wanted a good shot too. It was possible I could get a still out of it.

He got in close and he whispered, “If you walk out that door, Elsa…”

I interrupted. “If I walk out that door, then what? What!” And then, “Are you threatening me?”

He was in my face. “I just want you to know that if you walk out that door…”

I smiled wide, opened the door, passed through it, and *SLAM!*

“Not bad.” I thought. I rode the elevator down 13 floors with adrenaline pumping.

dracula 2“That bastard! What a jackass!” I was thinking things like this. I really loved fighting with him, but thinking like this was necessary to stay in character. When the elevator door opened, there’d be another camera, right? It was about 11:00 PM.

I stepped out of the elevator into the lobby of the building, and passed through the glass doors of his apartment building, to the street. I looked up at the full moon, hazy behind the clouds, between the branches of the fifty year old trees that lined the street. Gotta love that. I turned crisply on my heel to walk to my car.

It was autumn in the neighborhood, and there was a chill in the air. Enough to give me a little blush in my cheeks and allow me to wear a coat. Black. Vintage. It had one large button at the neck to frame my face, and it swung as I walked.

Chin up for the camera, I walked down the street, platform pumps, click, clack on the sidewalk, and this is when I heard him. His voice was low and came from the trees.

“Major mistake.”

I didn’t lose my cool. I’m very good at what I do. I knew where he was. He was on his balcony, thirteen floors above me. Whispering. A stage whisper, I mean. One that you can hear, just so. He said it again with slight foreboding in his voice.

“Major mistake.”

Man… he’s goooood.

I didn’t look up. I didn’t break stride. Just the slightest hesitation in my step, this is what the camera wants.

He kept repeating his line. He was almost chanting it.

“Mayyyyy -jor Mis-take!”

The guy had a gift. His voice mixed with the wind, and made a song. Man, he was tasty, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction… until tomorrow.

I kept walking and his voice faded out.

I got in my car, turned the key.

He could see the exhaust in the cold air.

I flicked on the headlights and two beams light up the cold night. Driving away, I sneaked a peek at the balcony in my rear view mirror, but he’s gone.


This is dating, Leo style.

31 thoughts on “Dating Dracula”

    1. You’re right, it is very tiring after a while if you’re like me and have a load of earth. But drama is what keeps us alive and breathing! Somehow, Scorpio tends to be drawn towards this chaotic energy like a moth to a big fly zapper.

  1. You know whats dating Leo style? Getting arresred after a fight and still be crazy about eah other a year after. Venus in Leo

  2. I’m so dramatic. Except when I’m not. …but I can be so dramatic. ASC/Venus in Leo. Moon/Pluto/Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio conj Moon and all my Virgo help pacify and control but when I get going… Drama. It feels good to release, to be dramatic but in my own case it would probably be better to divert this energy into the arts, or my imagination when I’m running. (Don’t mind me, just having personal revelations…) I loved this story, intensely. The setting is dark and cold but the emotional drama makes it oh so fiery!

  3. And then he killed her the next day. lol. just kidding. I half expected him to be in the bushes πŸ™‚ Great story. I love mysteries.

  4. Neptune in Scorp, Leo Moon in 8th. Yeah, I can do drama but the Cap/Virgo/Aqu parts of me find it all very tedious. πŸ™‚ Since Scorp is on the cusp of my 12th, most of my drama is internal. LOL!

    1. @Colleen, i have a 12th house moon, and i cant stand too much drama either (internal) lol my husband has leo moon but he would prefer less drama in his life, i read virgo venus likes argumentative women though. 5 sun signs can have virgo venus, lol including Scorpio. πŸ˜€ so it all depends!!

  5. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Love this!!!
    Reminds me of my favorite play, Noel Coward’s “Private Lives.”
    I’ve lived more than a few “scripted scenes” — Leo Pluto in 7th.

  6. I know this script, (I’ve a stellium in fifth house – pluto (stationary retrograde, uranus, south node, jupiter – all square my sun.)it was great dramatic fun but hell I’ve got lots of libra and it just wore me out, I could get nothing done, there was no teamwork. Like you Elsa, I walked away. I couldn’t stand his games anymore, life had so much more to offer. After the Great drama and hot atomic air highs I got my health, sanity and equilibrium back. P.S. Loved your writing Elsa.

  7. I am a Leo!!! And my prospect is a Scorpio with also Mars in Scorpio he is sexy…there’s so much sexual tension, it’s hard for me to breathe, but I am playing hard to get. He likes it lol

  8. ugh. i dated a scorpio sun with leo rising and our relationship was pretty much like this. my capricorn stellium tired of it very, very fast. but i still think about him…

  9. Great story, it was like watching a movie!

    I’m leary about this full Moon though. I have, Taurus Sun,Leo Rising at 3′, Leo Moon 12, His: Mars in Leo 10′,and about 7-10′ Scorpio Moon. Advice anyone?

  10. When I was younger I would have liked a story like that.

    I’m tired of being the drama queen. I have enough Scorpio energy to last me a lifetime and a buzzing power plant too, but I am weary of power plays and ego bashing and anode remarks. Tired to be honest. I want a good and trustworthy partner and a peaceful relationship, thank you very much.

    Dated a Leo in 2018. We never fought but he left me in a rush and broke up on messenger when Uranus transited Mars in February 2019.

    I bounced back, (as Scorpios do) and vamped up my life in a fashion that was a Leo Queen worthy. I am pretty sure he didn’t expected THAT.

  11. I had a Leo Sun friend who mistakenly took home a Scorpio Darkest Night male. She thought she would have some light hearted fun, Next thing I hear, she was in a shower feeling like she had been raped. He had bitten her all over and well, his kind of sex was definitely not her kind of sex. 5th to 8th house sex. Beware of what you get yourself into with the Darkness of Scorpio. And no, she never reported the guy.

  12. This was a fun read. I have a personal theory about fixed sign relations. I understand that the fixed signs are about different ways of working with light as an energetic force. Out of the two polarities (Leo-Aqua, Taurus-Scorpio) Taurus and Leo seem to hold and attract more easily using light. So they make a pair, and Scorpio and Aqua, expressing light differently, also make a pair. I am still working on understanding their way with light. I don’t think the fixed oppositions in relationship work so well over time once each gains something of the other side of the polarity from the other. I’m a Taurus with a Leo, I was with a Scorpio but it was eventually too much, I would not consider being with an Aquarian full stop. So as to Leo-Scorpio…incompatible light issues!

  13. I Have a scorpio stellium…I have never been attracted t an Aquarian ever. I am attracted to and attract Leos but it never turns out well.. I have dated taurus..sensual but lack enough passion for me. Never dated another scorpio.

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