Mars in Virgo Opposing Saturn in Pisces: Happenings & How To Deal


Mars in Virgo is currently opposing Saturn in Pisces.  Mars is your get-up-and-go. Saturn blocks and Pisces dissolves.  A lot of people report feeling drained.

Mars acts. You can do it on faith or you can avoid (Pisces) or fail (Saturn) to act (Mars). This does not mean the former is the best option!  You may want to feel it out (Pisces). You can also get a reality check (Saturn), before you commit (Saturn).

As far as world events go, the writers (Virgo) have disappeared (Pisces), followed by the actors. Negotiation is a hard (Mars) no (Saturn).

Some are also perceiving (Neptune) a shift in their “timelines”. For example, most of my twitter feed looks fake. The reddit subs I like to read, have been infiltrated (Mars / Pisces) and are now controlled (Saturn).  Communication is hindered to such a degree, I’d say it’s disabled.  On that note, functionality on (Virgo) on Reddit and Twitter has diminished, hindering (Saturn) access.

Communications are direct and combative in many cases. This is no time to be wimpy astrologer, I’ll tell you that.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the Mars or Saturn side.  Conversations are productive and probably life-changing and life-affirming, but fluffy doilies? I don’t see any!

Some are moving to support people they feel are deserving. I like this. It’s a high expression of Mars Saturn. Doing the right thing, basically.  It’s the opposite of kicking someone when they’re down.

If you have planets in Mutable signs between 0 and 8 degrees, I’m sure you’re impacted. Probably in a stand-off over here; up against a delay, over there… you know.  Variety.

I continue to feel, getting with the grind is the way to go. More here:

How To Deal With Mars Opposite Saturn

What’s happening in your life?

7 thoughts on “Mars in Virgo Opposing Saturn in Pisces: Happenings & How To Deal”

  1. My perception of these two planets- Do it (Mars)- But I’m scared (Saturn). Do it scared- (mars+saturn). Mutable sun at 0 degrees. And Jupiter close by.

  2. Virgo Asc and Moon. Pisces Juno in 6th house. I actually have a grand water trine with the Juno and Pluto in Scorpio.

    I’ve been decluttering (again) and gathers some nice supplies to give to folks I know who would really like it.

    Other than this blog and one other astrological weekly I follow to learn about aspects, I can intuit the difference in what I read these days. My eyes start to glaze over…and it’s almost like a spell. I forget what I read almost immediately.

  3. This connects to the upcoming New Moon in Virgo which is opposed by Neptune in Pisces. All Water – Earth oppositions are about hunger ( inspiration) and how we feed it ( manifestation).

  4. This is quite the set up. I have Mars , natally, at 0 degrees Virgo and as Mars transits through Virgo I currently have my progressed moon at 6degrees Virgo. So that part has been with me for awhile.
    At this point in time I feel like I am in some sort of a sandwich between Saturn at 6 degrees Pisces and transiting Mars coming up to 6 degrees Virgo. Push, go, stop, wait. Patience has always been a “thing” for me. Getting mucho doses of that now.

  5. So I guess bitching out my insurance agent first thing this morning fits right in. I’ll hold back on that email to my so called best friend who I need to have a ‘come to Jesus’ talk with.

  6. This will be Part 2 of my Mars in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces.
    All this activity is in my 5th house.My natal Neptune is at 23 Virgo, My progressed Neptune will be at 26 Virgo, and my progressed Venus will be at 23 Virgo. In August I will have a Jupiter return in the 12th House. It will also conjunct my natal Saturn. I have a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction natally , Taurus, in the 12th H. August 23 I will be having hip replacement surgery.Mercury will be going retro on the 23th but just before 4:00pm. My surgeery will be done by then. Usually done early early am.

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